Friday, July 31, 2009

Thought I'd give this whole questions thing a hard can it be? around the blogs there are many different sort of meme's going on asking questions about you and your life and what your wearing and whether or not you party on New Years or call it a night a 9 pm.....soooo I figured all of that sort of info just made most people (raises hand) look like a complete boring ninny....figured I would come up with some questions we REALLY want to know about people. Answer at your own risk...uhm I mean discretion.

I will make this easy and give you multiple choice answers.

You are pulling out of a parking lot and you accidentally scrape the car next to you....
1. Immediately jump out, assess the damage and look around for an owner.
2. Duck down in your seat and hit the accelerator, peeling out of the parking lot.
3. Pretend you didnt hear that squeal and sedately drive away. (helps to play the radio very loud when leaving parking lots)

You get home from shopping and discover an item has not been charged to you on your you...
1. Immediately call the shop and rectify the mistake.
2. Get on Twitter and crow about your "freebie".
3. Feel so guilty that you never use that item and re-gift it at some point. (works better if its re-gifted to someone you wont see ever again)

Your spouse/lover hurts you in the most heinous you...
1. Swallow it down and keep all the hurt pent up until you have a mental meltdown.
2. Sob on friends shoulders and plot imaginary revenge to feel better.
3. Plot REAL revenge and feel better. (just remember to destroy all evidence after the fact)

You are waiting at a stop sign and a little old lady starts across the street making you you...
1. Fiddle with the gadgets in the car while waiting patiently.
2. Curse old people and give her a few words of "encouragement" out the window.
3. Honk your horn just to see her jump...then Twitter about it. (just make sure none of the little old ladies in your family read your twitter updates)

Your teenager comes home and goes directly to his/her room with the most guilty of expressions on their you...
1. Assume whatever it is will work itself out...or wait for them to come to you to "confess" some ordinary teen drama.
2. Stand outside their door with your ear pressed up against it trying to eavesdrop on his/her confession to best friend.
3. Blow the door open with the power of your wrath and pin them with your X-ray vision eyes, then hold them hostage from all sources of entertainment until a confession is had. (just remember, only they can show you how to download music and use Facebook apps like a go easy)

Your invited to a party at a friends house and realize they have prepared a feast...of all the foods you you...
1. Go on a spur of the moment diet.
2. Proclaim an upset stomach and stick to water.
3. Pretend to eat then sneak into the kitchen and eat all the Twinkies and Fritos you find in the cupboard. (if caught pretend you got lost on the way to the bathroom)

You are caught speeding and when the cop asks you know why I pulled you you...
1. Gulp guiltily and answer in the affirmative.
2. Put on your most innocent of expressions and play dumb.
3. Answer with the excuse that one of your children is having an appendix attack and your on the way to the hosp. (more believable if at least one child is actually with you at the time)

Your out and about and suddenly come across a celebrity (doesnt matter which one as we would be star struck by the most minor of celebrities Im sure) you...
1. Gush and stammer and search frantically for something to get his/her autograph on.
2. Act completely nonchalant while trying to make some serious eye have secret dreams of "being discovered".
3. Wait until they are not looking and take a seriously unflattering pic of them to post on your blog, twitter, facebook and myspace accounts. (we all like to have our moments in the sun and feel better than celebrities)

You see on the news that theres a political demonstration nearby and half the city is you...
1. Grab your placard and pens and head out the door shouting Power to the People
2. Turn the channel and find some Desperate Housewives
3. Take the opportunity to run some errands considering the other half of the city will be empty most likely. (good chance to possibly get some first hand knowledge about "5 finger discounts" that always seem to happen the same time as city wide demonstrations)

By some miracle of the time space continuum you have the opportunity to meet the religious leader/founder/prophet etc of your chosen you...
1. Fall at their feet in absolute piety and have your faith reaffirmed through a confirmed sighting.
2. Have a serious heart to heart and come to the conclusion that history sucks and "facts" arent always what they appear to be but this religion is still pretty good compared to others.
3. Discover your religion was founded merely on one mans quest for immortality then change religions or become an atheist.

So there you have it folks. My 10 multiple choice questions. Have fun...and it was done in fun so if anyone gets their knickers in a twist over any of my questions or answers...feel free to sulk or unbunch said knickers with a rant of some kind.

p.s. the rules say I do not have to answer my own questions (dont ask me I dont make the rules)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Know Your All Just Dying to Know This Shit About Me!!

So theres a "47 things about me" thingy going round the blogs like an unvaccinated of course I have to give it a go. Why 47 and not 50 or 40...? Who knows...but you will all feel so much better and definitely get a much deserved night of blissful sleep once you have learned these 47 things about me.

I promise to be honest...ish!!!

1. Do you like blue cheese? I prefer my cheese orange...or maybe not so much.

2. Have you ever smoked heroin? Only thing I have ever smoked were my tires on some very hot tarmac.

3. Do you own a gun? No...and theres a certain person who is, no doubt, very thankful about that.

4. What flavour do you add to your drink at Sonic? No Sonic here in Bahrain but when in Texas I get ice I add ice tea flavour.

5. Do you get nervous before doctors visits? Nervous along with manic will writing...can never be too careful in Bahrain with doctors.

6. What do you think of hotdogs? I think you should open a window and let them get some air...oh you mean the kind you eat...well then...has there ever been a more unhealthily evil food on the planet that tasted so good?

7. Favorite Christmas movie? Old Yeller? damn! thats not a Christmas movie. How about Parent Trap? Crap! thats not even close...its been years since I seen Christmas movies...I dont even know what constitutes one anymore...but I did like Gettin Jiggy With It...oh hell thats a Will Smith song...sigh.

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Diet pepsi on ice...dont ask.

9. Can you do pushups? A what?

10. Whats your favorite piece of jewellery? Pearl necklace given to me by bestest best friend.

11. Favorite hobby? Reading...writing...sometimes at the same time. Im flexible like that.

12. Whats one trait you hate about yourself? I dont have enough faith in my capabilities.

13. Middle name? yup...I got one

14. Name 3 thoughts at this moment. I'm starting to get a headache. My nose hurts and I wonder what I will watch at the cinema tonight.

15. Name 3 things you bought yesterday? Credit for my phone, gas, and more time on my life by going to the gym (heres hoping anyhow)

16. Name 4 drinks you regularly drink? 4? damn! diet pepsi, water, milk, and diet pepsi...oh said that already...uhm...sometimes ice tea.

17. Current worry? Getting my 11 year old back home to me. Need money for airplane ticket. I seriously miss that boy.

18. Do you have A.D.D.? Im the wrong person to ask that I guess...but Im thinking no.

19. Current hate right now? Cant find a job and take care of my kids properly.

20. Favorite place to be? Any place Im having a good time...but I love the mountains and nature. Ironic that I ended up in Bahrain...sheesh!!

21. How did you bring in the New Year? same as every year...asleep...Im boring like that...sigh!

22. Where would you like to go? Home...after that...Ireland and Scotland. New Zealand..and Japan.

23. Name two people who will complete this? If I could know such things I would be playing the lottery.

24. Do you own slippers? I wear them?...I generally forget I have them so thanks for reminding me.

25. What shirt are you wearing? An over sized white t shirt for men...for sleeping in. (man with shirt was optional I guess)

26. Do you like sleeping in satin sheets? never have so have no clue

27. Can you whistle? why yes

28. Favorite color? red

29. Would you be a pirate? not my thing

30. What songs do you sing in the shower? dont think I sing in the shower...concentrating too hard on not dropping the soap (small shower)

31. Favorite girls name? uhm...why?

32. Favorite boys name? same as above

33. Whats in your pocket right now? In my jammies so no pockets.

34. Last thing that made you laugh? the poodles

35. Best bed sheets as a child? definitely the flannel sheets...spent some quality time making lightning under the covers...good times

36. Worst injury you ever had? mental meltdown...havent recovered fully yet. Physically I broke my entire toenail off once...the big hurt...I required a band aid.....and several kisses from my mother.

37. Do you love where you live? not even close

38. How many tv's do you have in your house? one but its not on very often

39. Whose your loudest friend? bestest best friend Maryam (dont get mad know its true)

40. How many dogs do you have? 2 poodles Jack and Candy

41. Does someone have a crush on you? If you do...dont be shy...come on and tell me. ...uh...probably not.

42. What are your favorite books? That is just too hard to answer. Im eclectic and read everything. I did love the All Creatures Great and Small series as a child and Watership Down and Dantes Inferno are a few that come to mind.

43. What is your favorite candy? toss up between peanut M&M's and Reecee cups

44. Favorite sport team? I like watching sport in general but dont have a favorite.

45. What song do you want played at your funeral? are you saying Im going to die someday? why you have to be so I know why I have a headache....people like you are such downers...damn!!!

46. What were you doing at 12 am last night? Facebooking...told you I was boring.

47. What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? Wonder if the dogs made a mess...sigh.

So there you have it folks...47 amazing facts about me that gives you a more rounded picture of yours truly. Your heartfelt sighs of content can be heard through the computer...your welcome.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lets Talk About S*E*X!!!..and why some of us just cant say NO!!!

In an ideal world everyone would wait until they are married to have s.e.x. All s.e.x would be govt approved and God sanctified and everyone who wasnt married wouldnt even think about s.e.x...much less engage in it.
Yeah....right...this isnt an ideal world by far.
When it comes to unmarried s.e.x Im torn between not wanting my kids to engage in it of course...but knowing full well that they are human, after all, and no ones's perfect. The most I can do is advise them of all the pitfalls and potential for harm...and watch them walk out the door hoping some of what I said sunk in.
I have to admit though that when it comes to s.e.x in and of itself Im not one to judge a person who has led a sexual life before marriage as ruined or promiscuous etc...s.e.x is one of our basic needs along with food and water and to deny it to ourselves when the urge hits is quite difficult as anyone who has possibly been "caught up in the moment" can attest to. Of course it would be better for us not to even approach a situation in which s/e/x could possibly happen...but thats not always something we leave the house thinking about but possibly find ourselves facing before the day is over....for whatever reason. Ive done many things in my life Im not proud of and wish I hadnt Im in no position to point a finger at someone else and call them immoral...weak...whatever.
Some people do find ways to get past the moment without "failing morally" while others dont even try....and some just arent capable of making that choice...the choice to say NO!!! because of how they were raised or the things they have suffered in their lives. Victims are routinely silenced and held accountable for what happens to them...consequently if the situation arises again in which they are about to be made a victim...quite often they can no more open their mouths and say NO this time when they DO have a choice...then when they didnt...understand?
I will give you a "for instance" just so you get where Im coming from.
I was raised by my father to never question his authority. Besides the abuse he rained down on my head on a daily basis...he also had me do some very dangerous things (another post Im sure)...things no young girl (or I dare say young boy) would ever engage in on her own free will...but of which I did without questioning my own safety...merely because my father left me no choice. I literally did NOT have a choice as to whether I would do it or in...
My whole family went camping one summer in the Rocky Mountains. I was about 11 at the time. My father was fishing in a fast moving river and his line got stuck. He was in the habit of using very expensive lures etc in hopes of catching a fish (he was a very bad fisherman) and when his line got stuck he was thoroughly pissed off at the thought of losing he did what any father would do...ordered his 11 year old daughter into the fast moving river to retrieve his line. Not only was the water extremely cold (Summer had just started) but the rocks were slimy and slippery and the water was chest high...but I didnt even hesitate and in I plunged. To NOT go into the water never even crossed my mind because to refuse would have just resulted in father hitting me to some degree...then picking me up and throwing me in the water where was my choice? I had I went. Needless to say I was nearly swept away in the fast moving water time and again...and yet my fathers only concern was that I had "better not drop the lure" or dont even think about coming out of the water...sigh!
This is only one of many many incidents in which he endangered my life and in which I had no say whatsoever in my own fact, the ability to say NO never even occurred to me...not even in my head. I was trained from an early age to just DO...and dont think or hesitate. That "dont question authority" is pretty much how I ended up married to the abusive man I did...simply because I felt I had no awareness of my own right to say ...NO!...I dont want to marry you. A man was telling me "lets get married" get married we did...the end.
So I have complete sympathy for people who say "I couldnt say NO" cause Ive been there...I understand. Sometimes we can sit back and say we would have done it differently...we would have said this or acted like that or whatever...but unless you have been a victim...unless you can stand in his or her shoes and say "I know what you mean...I understand how you feel"...then you cant stand there and point a finger at him or her and say "how could you do that...why didnt you just say NO?".
Some of us just cant say NO...instinctively we KNOW its wrong..or that we can be hurt...or that others will make us feel ashamed...or nobody will ever understand or care or listen or sympathize or forgive us....we know all that...and yet we still cannot say NO...
It takes a very strong person to overcome childhood conditioning...believe me I have walked that path myself. Much of the troubles I have had in my life I have brought upon myself simply because I could not say NO...and people took advantage of that fact...and I let them. It took me 40 years to reach this point where I do have the ability to look someone in the eye and say NO...I wont do that...and its my right to refuse to...and then walk away. Ofcourse this doesnt just pertain to s.e.x...the inability to say NO refers to anything that you dont really want to do but feel you have no choice in...even if it means a co-worker asking you to do a job thats not yours...or a neighbor asking you to watch her pet while she's gone and you feel you cant say no...or your spouse telling you to do something you dont feel comfortable doing but dont believe you can refuse. We all have the right to shake our head in the say firmly and loudly...NO!!! but not all of us are capable of doing it for various reasons.
For those that havent yet found their voice...their strength...their right to sympathies are with you...and I will support you...and will never judge you or turn my back on you. People have used and abused each other since the dawn of man and we suffer physically, mentally and spiritually because of it...because of that why do we compound that misery and suffering by throwing recriminations, accusations and judgment into the face of those that have suffered from abuse?
Why do we finger point and name call when it could very well be one of us some day...forced to be a victim in some way...having that complete and utter feeling of helplessness and complete loss of control wash over us as someone else takes our self respect and self esteem and tramples it in the dust...without so much as an apology or a look back in regret?
As a former victim....Ive been there...I understand. I sympathize and support you...just give me a chance to prove it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Everyone do me a favor...would ya?

Hey you all...I have a question. I need some honest answers please...dont worry about my feelings...on some things Im fairly easy

See that picture of me over on the right side of the profile pic...tell me I look like a guy in any way shape or form?

The reason I ask is because I get referred to as "Mr" or "Sir" quite a lot when being addressed...generally by salespeople etc. Now I dont want to be all racist or anything but I have noticed that its generally Filipino women that call me as such...before they take a second closer look and realize their mistake. I can only surmise that happens when they notice Mr has a nice set of breasts...sigh.

Anyhow, I pretty much look like that, my picture seen there, all the time. I dont wear makeup...I do have my bad hair days...and I do wear glasses, which Im not wearing in that pic purely for reasons of vanity....but still...I dont get why Im mistaken for a man so often....anyone?

Do I look like a guy to you all?....dont worry...I can take it like a man...ha ha!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

10 Things About Me

Not in the mood to really think up a post these days so will fill out this tag by CM 10 Things About Me others might not know. Enjoy...or

1. I was born in the elevator in the hospital...incidentally I HATE elevators. Will avoid if I can. This hate is tempered if my floor is above

2. Was considered having a higher than average intelligence when young...I skipped a grade of school and was going to skip another but my Mother hesitated. She didnt want me to be picked on by big kids...or at least bigger than the ones that already picked on me. My intelligence seemed to antagonize people...I dont know why. 20 years of forced inertia has pretty much kept all that intelligence under wraps...sigh.

3. I use to be fairly outgoing and was considered the class clown (dont laugh I was quite the funny girl) people tend to view me with caution and approach on high alert. I find very little funny anymore and I tolerate people less and less. Consequently I have few friends and no desire to make more for the most part.

4. I use to get massive ear aches and ear infections when young. I experienced both ear drums being blown out...consequently I dont hear very well. I tend to use that as an excuse not to hear people sometimes.

5. I wrote a short story in high school. My teacher stole it...I mean said he lost it. I happened to see it printed in a magazine a few years later after I had left home. He had changed it somewhat but I recognized it as mine

6. I generally read several books at once. I keep one in the car as well for when Im waiting in a shop etc.

7. I had a crush on a high school teacher...and said teacher overheard me say this to my friend one day. He managed to finish the year without running the other way every time he seen me...he was also my favorite teacher. I might do a post about him..ha ha.

8. I contemplate murder at least once a day.

9. There is very little in my life I feel satisfied about. If I could do it all again...I wouldnt know where to start. I have a list of people I am so angry at I cant sleep at night sometimes...and my name is at the top of that list.

10. I no longer feel religion has power in my least not the type of religion so many choose to follow. I feel adrift and alone....but thats ok for now.

I dont think I will tag anyone as I feel its putting an obligation on them they might not I will leave it for anyone that chooses to do so...let us know so we can check you out though.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jimmy Carter...a voice of reason

In my search for some information on another topic I came across this by Jimmy Carter regarding men using religious speak to subjugate and oppress women...then declare that God orders it to be so. Its an interesting read and I advise others to give it a look.

"This view that women are somehow inferior to men is not restricted to one religion or belief. It is widespread. Women are prevented from playing a full and equal role in many faiths."

He speaks from a Christian perspective but of course you can insert any religion, including Islam, into the space and have the same result.

"Nor, tragically, does its influence stop at the walls of the church, mosque, synagogue or temple. This discrimination, unjustifiably attributed to a Higher Authority, has provided a reason or excuse for the deprivation of women's equal rights across the world for centuries. The male interpretations of religious texts and the way they interact with, and reinforce, traditional practices justify some of the most pervasive, persistent, flagrant and damaging examples of human rights abuses."

In case anyone hasnt figured it out yet...I havent a clue how to make a link...tried tried and tried luck. I apologize for my ineptitude in all things bloggy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My apologies

I apologize for all regular family is going through a very tough time at the moment and I cant be bothered to string a few words together and call it a post.

We have had a bomb of monumental proportions dropped on this family...and of all places to be for it to happen....Bahrain is right down there on the list of the absolute wrong place to be...sigh.

Will post something as soon as things work out one way or the other...I hope sooner rather than later.

Come back soon and take care.

Sunday, July 12, 2009 and cold. pt 2

The relationship I had with my grandfather was something else all together when compared with the one I had (or didnt have) with my grandmother. He and I were pals and we got along great.
As I mentioned in the last post you could usually find him sitting on the porch in his broken down chair drinking beer and telling stories of his life...usually his younger years. I was never able to learn whether he was telling the truth or just wishful thinking...but I loved his stories anyhow. They were colorful (language as well as use of adjectives) and I never got tired of hearing them.
Because my grandad was an alcoholic most of his life there are only a few occasions when I can remember going anywhere with him. My mother was very careful about that and made absolutely sure he hadnt been drinking before allowing me to go off with him. We'd get into his late model car, roll down the windows and head off down the road...generally keeping traffic backed up for miles as he never seemed to go much faster than 30 mph and for some reason never remembered to turn off the turn indicator. We'd have cars horning behind us in impatient outrage and he'd seemingly be completely oblivious to the road rage he was instigating behind him. While people were anxious to horn in frustration I dont personally remember anyone actually taking him on or gunning the engine and making a dangerous move to get around they are so quick to do these days. We always had a good time together and I do sorely miss them.
I spent quite a lot of our vacation time on the porch with my his garden (while still able to get around he loved his garden) or just shuffling down the road going nowhere in particular....and always talking. When he'd been drinking more than usual I never really understood the things that might come out of his mouth...but now when I think about it I realize he was just as bitter and angry as my grandmother about his "wasted" life and failure to make something of it....but that anger only seemed to come out with the helping hand of alcoholic lubrication. I didnt see it often when I was with him.
Gramps loved to go fishing and we loved going fishing with him. Oklahoma has some pretty fishing holes and plenty of wildlife to look at while your busy not catching anything. I remember once sitting on a small out crop of rocks and was surprised and scared silly to see a cottonmouth snake come slithering out into the water. We all knew the dangers of snakes in that area and this was a bad one as far as snakes imagine my amazement to see gramps calmly stride over, grab the thing matter of factly and hurl it off across the water...then calmly walk back to his fishing. Most people dont believe me when I tell that story but all I can do is tell it the way I saw it...believe it or not. Mom said he was probably drunk and didnt know what he was doing, didnt realize the dangers, but I dont recall seeing gramps drinking that day as he usually didnt when out with us...only at home while sitting on the porch for the most part. I prefer to think of him as my non-drunk hero...sigh.
One thing that stands out more clear than anything else in my childhood was grampas choice of clothing. As you can see from the pic he nearly always wore overalls...I can hardly remember a day that he didnt have them on. He'd get holes in them and demand my grandmother mend was one thing he seemed adamant about her doing despite her protests. He wanted his overalls mended and that was that. She usually did it...complaining the whole time.
Ive loved writing stories my whole life...started when I was old enough to know I could...and I wrote a story about gramps and his overalls while in my senior year of school writing class. I got an A on that paper and my teacher read it out loud to the class...something she hadnt done with other stories up to that point. In my high school year book she signed it saying..."I will always remember your Old Overalls"...which was the name of the story.
As I mentioned in the last post...the last time I seen gramps he was nearly in tears about us leaving early due to grammas constant complaints about everything....mostly me. He tried to talk mom into staying...followed us out into the driveway promising everything would be ignore her cause she was "crazy" and not let the vacation be ruined cause of it. Mom wasnt listening in her intent to get away. She had had enough and we were gone with barely a hug and whispers of goodbye. I still remember gramps scratchy beard and extra hard hug...promising to see me next time.
I never seen gramps again. I left home and went into the military a few months later...then came to Bahrain. He died the first year I was here and of course I couldnt go to his funeral. When my mother called me and told me gramps had passed it was a feeling like no other. I already felt lonely and isolated here in Bahrain. I felt cut off from the family and all that was going on with them...and cause gramps and I had been so close...I was especially hard hit to have to suffer this grief alone.
A few weeks later I received a package from my mom. Inside was a cassette tape with grampa's funeral written on it. I listened to the tape and was completely overcome with emotion to realize mom had taped pertinent parts of the funeral for me. Gramps favorite song was playing in the back ground. People stood up and said their piece about him....and then something familiar came on...something that I had no idea had even made the trip to OK much less to gramps funeral. My cousin Diane was reading my story...the one I had written about gramps and his old overalls. She started out well enough but before too long she could barely get the words out...and I could hear everyone in the room crying or commenting in some way.
I was completely gutted...
My mom knew I was upset about his death and that I couldnt be she had made sure I was there at least in some fashion....and it was the absolute right thing to do...I was both eternally grateful and overcome with emotion...both incredibly sad and insanely happy at the same time. That cassette was one of my most prized possessions for years...until in a fit of rage my (ex)husband shattered it and threw it away...calling it morbid to listen to a funeral again and again. Why do some people have absolutely no compunction to hurt in this way for no reason what so ever?
I find it strange that my gramps died back in 1988 and so had been gone for many years...but up until I was able to visit OK 6 years ago (before grammas death) knowing he was gone and believing it were two different things. Until I was able to visit his graveside and see his name written on a headstone was I able to finally believe in my heart that he was gone. It was a peaceful day for me somehow.
When my grandmother passed away after suffering a year and a half with Alzheimer's in which my mother cared for her up until her passing...I can honestly say that I didnt feel sad...I wasnt really meant nothing to me. I feel like an ogre for saying that but its the truth. I was very sad for my mother for losing HER mother...but for me it had no affect. This upset my mother to some degree...she WAS my grandmother after all...but we cannot manufacture grief if it isnt there...and it wasnt there for me.
Incidentally mom says that the last year of grammas life in which she suffered through the destructive deterioration of Alzheimer's gave her an insight into what her mother might have been like if life hadnt kicked her down so hard and made her an angry bitter woman. All though I never seen her myself Mom tells me that gramma died a sweet compliant woman that never complained or got upset with anything. Obviously it was the disease that had made her forget her life and her reasons for the anger etc...but my Mother was very happy that she had got to see what she hopes was her "real" mother. Im glad she was able to see that for her own peace of mind.
I miss my gramps and wish I had that funeral tape still...but I do have my memories...and those will do me just fine.

Thursday, July 9, 2009 and cold.

* a rare pic of my grandparents together

As a lot of people who read this blog might know...I grew up with a crazy father who kept us fairly isolated from people specifically and the world in general as much as he could. Most of the places we lived when I was young were either very small towns or isolated areas in which there were few neighbors. It was rare for people to come visit us...and rarer still for us to go visit them...or to spend the night with friends etc. Most of our friends were too scared to even come to our house for the most we didnt do a lot of asking for slumber parties any how...but it would have been nice to have those sorts of memories.

My Mothers family never came to see us for the most part during my childhood...any visiting that was done was by us going to see them. It didnt happen a lot but enough so that us kids knew our grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. (they all lived in pretty much the same area in OK) When we went down to visit we usually stayed with my grandparents...and counted the days until we were ran out of the house and headed back home. It went something like this....

My grandmother was about the most anti social person Ive ever personally known in my life. She suffered a lot in her life so I figure that had a lot to do with it...but I also assume she had personal issues and personality hangups that made her who she was....a person that rarely smiled...never laughed...and had nothing good to say about anything. All my childhood all I can remember from her was a constant babble of complaints about everything and anything under the sun. Whenever we came to visit my mother braced herself for a constant onslaught of finger pointing and nagging from sun up to sun down...and late into the night. Grandma never seemed to run out of things to complain about...and didnt sleep much either...sigh.

Grandpa, on the other hand, dealt with life (and maybe his wife) by drinking...a lot. While she sat at the kitchen table (I rarely saw her anywhere else in her house other than the bedroom for sleeping...and she only went in there when she wanted to sleep) he would sit outside on the porch in his broken down chair sipping on beer and ignoring the complaints that were constantly being thrown out the screen door at him. They very rarely spent time in the same room together other than when passing through...and I never heard a single word between them that could in any way be considered civil...Mom says its because of the hard life they spent together and the era they grew up in. They were like enemies that couldnt live together...but wouldnt even think of living life apart.

Now I had two very different relationships with these two people. Like night and day...or hot and cold depending on how you look at it. As I sit here and think about the both of them (both have since passed on) I only have negative memories with my grandmother and only positive memories of my grandfather. Its possible because I was a child my memories are somewhat distorted but I will explain and you tell me...what was going on with those two?

As I mentioned, my grandmother was a bitter and angry woman...this was her personality and she pretty much treated everyone to a tongue lashing if they dared come too close. Most of the family had learned that a quick visit was just about all that could be had if you didnt want to get dragged into a tirade that lasted hours. Whenever we stayed there for more than a day...Mom would make frequent "trips to the store" just to give herself (and us) a chance to regroup and calm down. I was usually the first one in the car when she suggested we needed something...I couldnt get away fast enough. You see, my grandmother hated me...we all knew this...including my Mother...but none of us knew why.

Picture this. My grandmother rarely showed affection to anyone...even her own a hug from her or even her reaching out and touching someone on purpose was just something so rare that it caused heads to turn and eyebrows to raise when it happened....and something remembered for a very long time. Growing up my older sister Tammy was favored by grandma, which was ironic considering Tammys rebellious streak and penchant for trouble making. I can remember on several occasions when gramma would call her over and pull her onto her lap...for just a few seconds but thats all it took...that contact was a signal that Tammy was about to get a treat (money, a trinket of grammas etc) and Tammy knew it..and soaked it up. Throwing me a look of such superiority that ordinarily I would be jealous...but I wasnt...I knew how she felt about me and knew I would never be asked to sit on her lap. I didnt miss it.

Years later after Tammy was gone little sis took over her spot and could be seen sitting on grammas lap now and then...and receiving some token or bit of money. In all my life I do not recall gramma ever touching me...nor do I remember her ever saying my name. She completely ignored my presence in her house for the most part....except for three occasions that stand out in my mind.

One time I was very bored...there is nothing much to do in a house in which two old people live...and this neighborhood had no children in it...and so I was searching for something to do. Grammas living room (a room she NEVER spent time in except to dust once a week) was like blast from the past. Every bit of furniture and collection of knick knacks in that room remained in exactly the same position for as long as I could remember. Nothing ever changed...nothing was ever thrown out or moved. The same furniture...the same books on the shelf...the same picture of JFK was on the wall for as long as I could remember. Nobody ever really sat in there except to watch TV...and she didnt like the TV to be on all that much so it was off most of the time as well. You learned quick when being in grammas house not to touch things...move things...or even show interest in things...she had her eye on every last object in her house and took inventory often.

Out of extreme boredom and in an act of desperation (mom had gone out with my aunt for several hours...I was alone with gramma that day) I entered the sitting room and pulled a book from her shelf. It was a very old copy of Tom Sawyer. I sat in a chair and read the whole thing in about 2 hours (I have always been a quick reader). When I finished I placed the book back on the shelf and went about my day. Unknown to me gramma had quickly noticed me entering the sitting room and had been complaining the whole time (most of her complaining was done as if she were talking to herself...not necessarily directed at anyone...but loud enough so we knew she was hot about something). As soon as my mother arrived she was hit with an onslaught of accusations that I had "tore up" the sitting room...I had "gotten into everything"...and I had probably "damaged" her book. Mom defended me telling gramma that I was very respectful and wouldnt hurt anything etc...but later on she kicked my butt telling me I knew better than to antagonize gramma over her things. Its just the way things were...sigh. I never touched anything in grammas house again if I could help it.

Another time Mom, gramma, grandpa and I went somewhere (a very rare occasion for them to both be in the same car as I recall) and I sat in the backseat with grandpa. When we arrived I chose to stay outside in the car with grandpa rather than go inside the house and visit some "old lady" who was sick. The entire time they were in the house...gramma stood near the door and kept her eye on the both of us outside (I didnt realize this at the time of course)...and on the way home she complained loud and long about me (in an indirect fashion)...wondering why I preferred sitting in the car with HIM...what did I do while sitting could mom just let me sit went on and on until we reached home. Her complaining from one and grandpa telling her to shut up from the other...I never said a word because I didnt understand why she was so mad at me. I hadnt done anything but sit in the car and talk with grandpa to pass the time...sigh.

The last incident was actually the last time I visited my grandparents home as a teen. I had been suffering an incredibly bad headache for much of the day. I had gone to Mom asking if she had any Tylenol...she told me to go ask gramma as she had a bottle somewhere. Of course I didnt. I couldnt bring myself to ask her for anything...I could barely bring myself to speak to her since she had spent my entire life either ignoring me or complaining about me. I suffered a few more hours hoping it would go on its own. It didnt.

I went back to mom, who at this point was in a very bad mood (I dont recall what was going on but do remember she was very mad about something)...and when I asked her she exploded at me to just "go and ask YOUR GRAMMA" I went...with a heavy heart and trepidation. Of course it didnt go well. I do believe it was the first time in my life that I directed a request to her...asked her for something...wanted something from her...she didnt take it well. From the moment I asked for some Tylenol she went on a rant about how I was "using up her medication" and she would be "left with nothing and she was an old woman" and how I was "inconsiderate to take her medication when I could get my own"...and similar complaints.

I slunk away to a dark room and laid down hoping the headache would go away with some rest. It didnt. Mom found me an hour later in tears, grabbing my head and unable to open my eyes the pain was so severe. She asked me if I had taken any pain pills. I hesitated...then told her gramma had not given me any.

All Hell broke loose that day. Before an hour had passed our bags were packed and we were headed back home....but not before mom had let gramma have it about making me suffer rather than give me 2 little Tylenol...gramma went on her rant and they went round and round until we were slamming doors and headed down the driveway. I didnt see gramma again until 6 years ago while visiting my family in Texas (she and my older sis passed away a year later within weeks of each other...a double blow for my mother)...I never seen my grandpa again. He passed away the first year I was in Bahrain. The last image of my grandpa was him standing in the driveway with tears in his eyes waving goodbye...because he felt as if this would be our last visit for awhile considering gramma had done her best to run us off for good this time. 2 years later I was in Bahrain and he passed away.

*to be continued. I will talk about my grandpa and our relationship.

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Make Over Contest...Everyone Take a Look

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