Saturday, January 31, 2009

Incident with a Porche and Pepsi

After 22 years living here in the Middle East...Ive sort of gotten use to the idea that everyone feels the road belongs to them. Crazy driving...parking...when it comes to cars...just make sure you buckle up. You never know whats waiting around the corner.

Well, yesterday waiting around the corner for me was a Porche conveniently parked right on the curve in the Diplomat area...Mr Porche was kind enough to put his hazard lights on...fat lot of good they did considering he was far enough around the bend to hide his little speedster right up until I was behind it. Too suddenly be faced with a ton or so of solid metal just when you least expect it...does not give your heart much time to catch up to the scene...I very nearly caused another accident while trying to avoid rear ending little Porche...can you blame me if my temper was stirred up ever so slightly?

I cant for the life of me understand this thinking that "I can damn well park my car anywhere and who cares if it causes problems for other people. My wants and needs are the important thing here." I have lost count of the number of times I have been blocked in by some driver who was too lazy to drive a little further and park properly...most of the time they dont even apologize when they come back and see your fuming face. Just a la de dah as they drive away...happy they accomplished their worries about me and mine...arggghhh! day wasnt going too well anyhow so Mr Porche was in the wrong place at the wrong to speak. I showed Mr Porche my ire by having my son roll down the window and pour my newly opened bottle of Pepsi on his lovely little machine. If it would have been easier I might of had him piss on it...thats how angry and fed up I was...anyhow...I squeezed by with much caution and sped off.

Not the end of the story...keep reading.

It seems Mr Porche was witness to our little Pepsi annointing and came speeding after us through traffic...he finally caught up to us (I wasnt even aware he was risking life and limb to do so..not concerned with such crazy driving unless its around me)...and preceded to try and drag my son from the car. Luckily I had the foresight to lock the doors before hand...intuitively knowing he would try something like that. He was shouting and going on...speaking broken english and throwing some colorful words in there just to spice it all up. He looked like Kojak...but without the lollipop. I chose to ignore Mr Porche...and wondered just how long the red light was going to keep us waiting... Mr Porche was doing his little dance in the middle of the 3 lane highway and seemed little concerned with his own personal safety...wheres the cops when you need one? Im wondering...if the doors hadnt been locked...would he actually have dragged my teenage son from the car and ...what?....beat him?...over some spilled Pepsi on his car that can easily be washed off? Would our blood have so easily have washed off the road if the worst would have happened? Was his little car with some Pepsi spilled on it more offensive then us nearly crashing into his illegally and dangerously parked Porche? Was he prepared to escalate the episode just for the sake of what exactly....his pride? Well I understand that men see their vehicle as an extention of I assume Mr Porche felt as if he himself got the Pepsi in the to speak....if only!!

Anyhow, he decided the best he could do is call someone...not sure who...could be those errant cops...or maybe just the wife to bitch and moan about "crazy American ladies"...hmmm? Light turned green so off I sped...he didnt follow...but a bit further down the road he gave us a little middle finger salute...whatever....Im over it.

Im totally pissed off about this though...ok ok Im sure some of you are out there saying..."you didnt have to pour Pepsi on his lovely Porche"...which indicates to me that you feel his right to park there supercedes my right to not die in a traffic accident because of his illegally and dangerously parked car...and further...I have no right to express my irritation at his audacity to believe he owns the road and can park anywhere he damn well pleases...and people can just wait and suffer until he finishes his business?...well all I can say to that is this...

park where you want...but next time it might not be Pepsi is all Im saying.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

In a heart beat....! exactly 1:52 pm...I nearly ended the lives of two little boys riding a bike in the streets in my neighborhood. I know what the time was because I looked at my watch to see exactly when my life and the lives of those children had almost been changed forever. It was so damn close I very nearly rediscovered my lunch from the shock.

I have often wondered through the years just how mothers can allow such small children free reign in the streets of Bahrain. I noticed this odd phenomenon when I first arrived on these shores 22 years ago...the astounding number of very small children that just run, from early morning until mahgreb, in the streets...without supervision of any kind. We are talking 3 and 4 year olds...I wouldnt allow my 3 and 4 year olds to be on a separate floor from me in our two floor govt house years back...much less let them play outside...I dont get this blase' approach to childcare over here that completely lacks that "OMG wheres my child?" awareness that I felt a million times every day of their young lives (and still do even though they are mostly grown). It just doesnt seem to be apparent here. (for some)

I realize that mothers love their children here no less than anywhere else in the world...Im not saying there is no love...Im saying there just doesnt seem to be concern...which is a very different thing.

I often read of children dying through "accidents" and when I read how they died the first thing Im thinking is..."where were the parents....the mom?". Those two little boys that drowned last year is case in point. They were 7 and 8 if I recall and drowned while swimming alone...the parents and the whole neighborhood was up in arms blaming sand robbers for making pits in the beach that its believed the boys fell into and drowned. I understand her anguish and loss but I want to know...why were a 7 and 8 year old allowed to swim alone in the first place? And apparently it was common practice for them to do it wasnt a one off that we can excuse the mom and say she really didnt know what they were up to. I just dont get it.

I do realize that even with the closest of supervision accidents can and do happen with small having said can we even for a moment allow them to walk blind into the jaws of danger by opening the front door and letting them face the dangers alone....I just dont get it.

The mother of those two little boys I nearly ran over would have cried for the rest of her life if the worst had happened...and for sure she would have blamed me and maybe even cursed me for the breaking of her I would blame myself no doubt...but would she ever consider that there is some blame on her part as well? Why would she allow her 2 very small children to play in a busy street without her there watching over them...why allow them to worry about their own safety when they cant even wipe their own noses when needed?

I almost ran over and possibly killed two little boys yesterday that had no business being where they were...and yet as I drove away, heart pounding in my throat, sweat dripping from my brow, and my lunch deciding whether it was staying put or not...all I could think about was this...

This time they were lucky.

I just dont get it.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The God of Football...hear my prayers?

There are several topics that I feel a need to post about this week but they will all have to wait because this particular topic has got me burning up at the moment. Maybe Im just being sensitive and pissy but I have to say it goes.

I was sitting in the bank reception 2 days ago waiting for my turn while casually watching a big screen t.v....something about football but I wasnt giving it my full attention because I care nothing at all for football (or soccer as we Americans call it). Eventually though the wait for my number to be called stretched out into days if not weeks and so the t.v. eventually grabbed my attention.

It would seem that Oman beat Saudi in some cup or another and so celebrations were in full swing...there was much jumping up and down...much shouting and kissing of a trophy...and much car horn honking and flags big deal there...I for one cant really get all worked up over sporting events but I understand some people need to find their release somewhere so who am I to judge...but I did find something to tease my temper into furnace mode...not sure you will agree with me...but here goes.

All though I know nothing of the Omani football team...Im sure we can safely assume they are all Muslims..and as Muslims they were giving much praise to parents and family etc in supporting them "all the way" etc...but they had one particular praise that was repeated over and over again that just really irked me...and made me want to scream at the t.v. right in the middle of the bank reception audience and all...bear with me.

It would seem that much thanks and appreciation for having won the football championship was due to God "answering prayers"....the football game was won by hardwork...much determination...and because apparently God really cares about the outcome of sporting events...especially the ones that have Muslims participating.

Im assuming at some point these same Muslims, these Omani football players...might possibly have sent prayers out asking for God to save Palestine...hmmmm? Asked God to "destroy Israel"....or at least send the aggressors packing? You think so? Im sure we can safely assume that at some point or another while bowed in prayer one, some, or all of those football players sent some form of prayer to God concerning Palestine...Im willing to bet money on that (and Im not a betting person by nature) but it sounds like a sure thing from what I know of Arabs and their strong animosity towards all things heres my question...

In your it safe to assume...that the millions of prayers sent to God by Muslims asking for Palestinians to be saved and for the genocide to stop once and for all have fallen on deaf ears...but prayers sent out with hopes of scoring a hat trick or at least an overtime winner...were heard and answered and all praise is due to God...the God of football apparently as the God of humanity seems to have taken a raincheck as far as Palestine is least it would seem so due to the complete lack of prayers being answered on that front.

Football we can count on...human lives...not so sure....hmmm?

*before anyone starts bombarding me with astagfirallahs...screw you...I care nothing for football and could careless about its results...but I do care for human beings...and to praise God because a football match was won with cries of "God answered our prayers"...seems a right hard slap in the face towards all those dying in Palestine whose prayers for salvation seem not nearly so important as whether or not a little round ball makes it between a goalpost or not...or maybe thats just me.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We never know what tomorrow might bring do we?

Sorry to any regular readers for lack of posting this past few weeks...personal drama has kept me busy for the most part other than the odd comment on other blogs etc. The adage that we never know what tomorrow has instore for us has never been truer for me then this past few weeks.

After waiting so patiently to leave this little island that has been the bane of my existence for so long...and relishing the freedoms and feelings of release that treading American soil has afforded me for the past two months...due to unforseen circumstances (all though in reality they were not that unforseen..but you always have hope that people will surprise you...they rarely change who they are do they) I find myself once again on the sandy shores of Bahrain.

Quite interesting how only a 2 month "sabbatical" has opened my eyes to even more changes that I hadnt noticed as we quite often cant see the forest for the trees...but thats another post. Suffice to say that the animal masquerading as a man that also pretended to be a father and husband...reared his ugly head against my sons from the moment I shook the dust from my heels and boarded the plane...and so I had no choice but to come and take back what he apparently thought was his right to regain simply because I was gone...I might also add that I received a certain satisfaction to hear the "look" of surprise in his face when he realized I was indeed calling from "this side of the moon"...his excuse for a sister was no less surprised when I showed up at her door with the boys to give her an earful for her little part in all this say they were left opened mouthed hardly described it...for sure they assumed I wouldnt come back simply because I was clear of this place "once and for all". Just more proof that they have no idea what being a parent means...because it matters little that I truly do not find joy in Bahrain...that I do not feel welcome or content here because the culture and I just do not play well together...I would just as soon forget I ever knew of such a place and be happy with the forgetting...unfortunately...while I cannot stand the fact that I have ties to this place through the blood that courses through my childrens remains a fact that it does indeed course through them...and so I will never truly be rid of Bahrain. Also...because my boys were still here...well hell...the strings that bind can stretch pretty far indeed...but they always pull you back.

So for now...Im back on this little island in the sun...I have some serious ass to kick...and will relish the kicking since those that deserve it...pretty much brought it upon themselves...why couldnt they just leave well enough alone and forget they even knew of my they had been doing for the last 2 years with exceptional skill and acumen?

At any rate...a regular post will be up as soon as I get situated once again and get some back child support that was some how "mislaid" in the 2 months I was gone...until when these poor excused for human beings (husband and sister in law) will realize that I am not the same "greenhorn" that they always delighted in calling me? Those days are long gone and good riddance to them...but new days are here...let the show begin.