Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So many things...so little time!!!

Some of you who sit with bated breath for my next exciting installment of "As Coolred Turns" must be rather blue in the face by now...sorry for the delay but without net in the house anymore its a rather hit and miss affair when I can be online. I get down here to the library when I can but lately its been hectic with a capital H and there just hasn't been much time. Sooooo....I will do another bullet type announcement sort of thing just to catch people up...for those of you who are interested....you can let that breath out now...and relax. LOL

1. Lets see...signed lease on 3 bedroom apartment today. Will move in tomorrow probably. Its not the Ritz but its a place to call home for now until our situation improves...and its improving day by day. We will be moving in with little more than our suitcases which, up till now, have remained unpacked. This apartment has huge closets....so lots of space to hang stuff. (note to self...buy lots of hangers)

2. Oldest daughter found job and son just got news that he got a new job which is much better than the Gamestop job he currently has. Better as in salary wise but, according to him, NOT better exciting wise. Sorry son, paying bills comes before any sort of excitement can be had. That's the law of the jungle. So we are doing OK income wise, OK but always needing improvement...lol. Got an apartment to furnish and seriously need transport.

3. As soon as I move into this apartment I will no longer have use of my friends car...which means my job that was just down the street is now on the other side of town...and I have no way to get to it. Bit of a problem there. Hmmm? The only solution is to ask boss if he will move me from the store location I'm at to the one nearer to my new apartment...that's just a short walk away..doable when you don't have a car. (note to self...catch boss in good mood)

4. Oh yeah...signed up for college. I'm soooo freakin cool. College freshman at 41. Haven't decided just yet what I will study...need to look over the list of possibilities...but journalism definitely gonna be in there somewhere. Need to boost my income potential so something that will help do that obviously...writing is for fun (would be nice if it paid as well but that's another story). First thing I'm going to do is buy me a t-shirt with my college name on it...woohoo!!!...never got to go to college as my father would not pay for it and I did miss that opportunity while in the military. Something Ive always regretted.

5. Kids are settling in nicely. Had school pics done. Something Bahrain never offered which I always missed. Lots of studio pics of course but school pics are nice reminders. My son the senior is helping prepare for grad night for seniors. That is definitely something Bahrain never offered. He is making lots of friends and that is important to me...I'm glad he feels he isn't alone...friend wise that is.

6. My son, the future basketball NBA star, is doing well on his basketball team. He made an awesome steal and full court run before dropping a left handed lay up in without a hitch. All you NBA scouts can start calling from now...

7. I bought a new mobile phone...something you didn't really need to know but I mentioned simply because it has the strangest set of ring tones Ive ever heard already in a phone. Wish you could hear them....makes you scratch your head and say hmmmm?

Anyhow, that's a bit of my update for the moment. For those of you leaving comments..sorry if I dont get back to them right away...hopefully we can get the net in the apartment ASAP now that we are signed up. One can only hope with my computer obsessed teens...and me. LOL