Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Soooo I started college...yay me!!

Today was my first day of college. I was so afraid I was going to be the oldest one there but I didn't even come close by the look of some of my fellow students. Cool.
I'm working towards a degree in Journalism so registered for classes with that goal in mind. I have a Public Speaking class which I feel will benefit me a great deal because I'm rubbish at speaking in front of any gathering of people that numbers more than 2. I also signed up for Publication Productions, which is basically learning how to work on a working on the school newspaper. Something Ive always been interested in. I cant remember how many times I applied to work on Bahrain's local paper, the Gulf Daily News, but never got so much as a reply. Oh they loved my numerous letters, even told me so on more than one occasion, but never seemed interested in giving me a job there. Oh well. Their loss.
Of course I have to take math and English comp and, for some reason, they make everyone take a keyboarding class before you can take a computer class. Uhmmm? Doesn't everyone know how to type by now? Seems like a waste of time to me but what do I know.
As a health class I thought it would be fun and healthy to take circuit training. I was really getting into it in Bahrain when I was working out at Fitness figured it would be good for me and I get credit for it as well. I miss working out a great deal even though it seems I never have time for it these days. Now I have scheduled Here's to getting back in the groove of working out.
Someone forgot to mention how expensive college books are. Even the used ones are only slightly less expensive. For those of us forced to buy our own...its quite a bill at the end of the day. Unfortunately, you cant really get around NOT buying them...unless you know somebody willing to hand their old ones over. Not likely.
I think tomorrow I will enquire into taking a psychology class as well as its something Ive always been interested in. Ive got 12 credits going at the moment but I think I can manage one more class. It means more books I'm sure but this is a dream Ive had for 23 years...go to here I am going to college. Might as well make it everything Ive always wanted...LOL. Wish me luck on that.
A few observations. First of all...I don't recall the desks being quite so tight fitting. *sigh* Hopefully circuit training will take care of that. Also, the instructors emphasised again and again that college is so much different than high school as nobody is looking over your shoulder reminding you about deadlines,even though I didn't really study in high school I did like that constant I will need to "learn" how to go to college just like every new high school grad apparently. Wish me luck on that too.
One thing I would really really like to do would be to get involved with a theater production...try out for a part in a play or something. Apparently that's an option even if your not in theater classes. Only problem would be me working at night all the time...probably wouldn't help when it came to rehearsals etc...but you never know. I will definitely look into that. I'm thinking something along comedic lines...what do you all think? Can I pull off a comedy role? Lol.
Don't forget, of course, that my two oldest are also going to college right along with its a family affair for us. We are all interested in different things so not much sharing of classes etc but I can help them with their English and they can help me with math..seems only fair. My son is going to work towards computer graphics designing...and my daughter is torn between design and culinary at the moment she is just doing pre-requisites such as the math and English courses etc until she makes up her mind.
So at the moment I'm entirely chuffed at my new college endeavor. I'm fired up and ready to be educated...lets just hope I can get back into the swing of scholarly pursuits similar to my school days. Get back to me in month when homework is piled up, house is a mess and my work schedule is still 4 to midnight...ugh!!!
So far I still love it. LOL

Points of interest about WWC...there are plenty of dinosaur exhibits scattered around the campus...Mr T-Rex here is my favorite as he is so studly all by himself but back dropped by that large glass window with that mountainous scene...waaaay cool. That's the cafeteria btw.

I haven't had a chance to visit the library yet...I know!!! WTH!!! but I hear its state of the art and all sorts of impressive. Will check it out tomorrow.

One more point of two fellow college kids have been totally blown away by the mere design and decor of the college. How so much attention has gone into making it interesting to look at as well as be in. A stark difference to my daughters college in Bahrain that looked little different than a prison, no color, no design, nothing of interest to make you wanna be there. They both love it and that's the first step to being successful I believe...wanting to be there. What do you all think?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I sooooo wanna see this delicious dish in concert.

Ive never been to a concert in my life and I do believe the first one (maybe only one) is going to be of my fave singer one Mr Michael Buble'.

The man has got a voice to die for.

He will be playing in Salt Lake City, UT March 31. About the closest he will ever be to me so Im burning some brain cells wondering if I should splurge (well sell a kidney or something really) and buy 2 tickets...2 tickets because...seriously...who goes to a concert alone?

Now...only thing to decide after that...who do I take with me? Anyone?

This is the first video and first time I heard of Michael... a song called Home. From the moment I finished listening to the words in this song I felt like it was speaking to me and the feelings I had about going home. Granted he was referring to going back to his wife/girlfriend in the video...but home is home regardless of what draws you there.

I have to mention that its quite refreshing to hear music without sex and foul language in it this day and age. He's fresh, sweet, and clean...and his voice, as I mentioned, certainly soothes the savage beast....uhm...that would be me. *sigh*

My daughter bought me his latest CD recently and Ive listened to it a million times already. So much so...they prefer to walk then be made to sit in the car for one more round of Mom, with windows down (even in cold weather) music up...belting it out with all her heart. (Ive been told I actually sing pretty good...but teens just dont appreciate raw talent...go figure)/ I said...Ive never been to a concert before...maybe 2010 is my year for doing new things?

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Brand New Year

Dear Coolred,
So it looks like 2010 has snuck up on you when it seems as if 2007 just barely passed. I know what your thinking...its not fair that time is moving so swiftly now where as before it crawled along with a snail like pace...because time has a different sort of quality now then it did before. You know what I need to explain.
This year is as good as any to set in motion all those dreams you've kept locked away in your head and heart for so long. Don't tell me you don't deserve to realize your dreams Coolred...everyone deserves to experience at least one dream come true. I know I know...finally returning to America must seem like a dream come true after being away for so long. The loneliness and despair can never be forgotten but they can be put to good use...write it all down girl. People love to hear about other peoples sorrows and miseries...doesn't hurt to try and make a buck or two off your "tragedies". Something good must be found in such tragic circumstances to make it all seem worth while. All those tears and frustrations, all that anger and abuse...every single moment in which you felt alone and forgotten...don't worry weren't weren't were just off the grid for awhile. Welcome back. Also, no need to tell you how cathartic writing has always been to you. I dont understand this reluctance you have shown in writing this story down...its all there in your head will practically write itself. What are you waiting for seriously?
Remember Coolred that life can be harsh and can be corrupt and can be sneaky and controlling...but life can also be wonderful and can be warm and can be whatever you make of make it worthwhile. Forget the pain and abuse and only remember the love and was in there don't have to look too hard even though I know its not something that comes easy for you at times. Life is love...nothing else matters in the end.
One more thing Coolred...don't let anyone tell you "you cant" anymore. I realize in the past that circumstances meant you literally could not make decisions for yourself...not your fault. You were young and naive and stepped into the black without so much as a flashlight. Took you a long time to find your way out again but you the end that is what matters. You found your way out. Remind yourself Coolred how much patience that much strength that much fortitude and perseverance that took to find your way out after being lost for so long. Tell yourself that Coolred and be proud. Its something worth being proud over...don't fool yourself for a second.
I know...I know...from the inside looking out it just seems like day to day existence...or even moment by moment...but know this...every moment that you endured and got another moment bringing you closer to the light. Be proud. It was no small feat. And because you did that...YOU DID THAT...nobody can tell you "you cant" anymore....only you can do that girl. Only you.
And please don't tell yourself "you cant" too often...pretty soon your talking yourself out of everything...and that's no life.
One more thing Coolred. Love is hard to come by. We can go our whole lives and not find it...the lucky few who do usually never even realize what they have...until the lose it. Don't lose the love you found Coolred. You can never get something like that back again. Believe me girl if you don't believe anything lost is love gone forever. Between you and should be shown to the world...there's enough hate going round...hate makes the nightly news...hate makes the newspaper headlines...but hardly gets a mention except in a romantic comedy that lasts 2 hours then its over and you go home. I recommend those who love to let the world know it. Why keep love a secret? More on that later...we'll talk.
Oh yes...before I forget. I realize that you have sacrificed a great deal for your children. Since the moment you realized life grew in your belly you have thought of nothing else...made sacrifices that hurt as much as a severed limb...but you made them willingly and without regret. For your children you didn't hesitate to endure...endure...endure...for them no sacrifice was too big....but know this Coolred...children are selfish and have short memories. They are thankless and demanding. They quite often throw our sacrifices back into our faces and throw words at us like...."who asked you too"....or "why didn't you do something sooner"...things like that. Don't worry Coolred...they will understand someday...probably not for a great long while...maybe not even until they have a child of their own...but they will. Your good at being patient've already proven be patient just a little while longer. But you know they love you whats your hurry?
This is your year Coolred...I can feel it. College is waiting to be conquered. A book is waiting to be written. Life is waiting to be go live it. And you and I both know you lost something awhile back that you just haven't been able to find no matter how hard you tried. Maybe you shouldn't try so hard girl...sometimes just letting it find you is about the only thing you can do....and sometimes things aren't really lost...they just aren't where we are looking for them. Maybe you just need to stop looking and let it find you. Its an option.
So take it easy Coolred...don't be so hard on yourself if you fail at something. Just pick yourself up and try again. And try and let go of that anger...its destroying you and the one your angry at certainly isn't worth it. And it wouldn't hurt to try and let people like you...being sociable never came hard to you before...just remember what it felt like...and relax. We can never have too many friends...but sometimes we can have too few. Go out and find some friends Coolred. Laughter shared is a good thing.
Take care and be well and don't be afraid to try...the most you will do is fail...but theres always next time. Get back to me in 12 months and tell me how it went. I'm sure you will be amazed at the things you have accomplished. I already am.
Yours truly