Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Soooo I started college...yay me!!

Today was my first day of college. I was so afraid I was going to be the oldest one there but I didn't even come close by the look of some of my fellow students. Cool.
I'm working towards a degree in Journalism so registered for classes with that goal in mind. I have a Public Speaking class which I feel will benefit me a great deal because I'm rubbish at speaking in front of any gathering of people that numbers more than 2. I also signed up for Publication Productions, which is basically learning how to work on a working on the school newspaper. Something Ive always been interested in. I cant remember how many times I applied to work on Bahrain's local paper, the Gulf Daily News, but never got so much as a reply. Oh they loved my numerous letters, even told me so on more than one occasion, but never seemed interested in giving me a job there. Oh well. Their loss.
Of course I have to take math and English comp and, for some reason, they make everyone take a keyboarding class before you can take a computer class. Uhmmm? Doesn't everyone know how to type by now? Seems like a waste of time to me but what do I know.
As a health class I thought it would be fun and healthy to take circuit training. I was really getting into it in Bahrain when I was working out at Fitness figured it would be good for me and I get credit for it as well. I miss working out a great deal even though it seems I never have time for it these days. Now I have scheduled Here's to getting back in the groove of working out.
Someone forgot to mention how expensive college books are. Even the used ones are only slightly less expensive. For those of us forced to buy our own...its quite a bill at the end of the day. Unfortunately, you cant really get around NOT buying them...unless you know somebody willing to hand their old ones over. Not likely.
I think tomorrow I will enquire into taking a psychology class as well as its something Ive always been interested in. Ive got 12 credits going at the moment but I think I can manage one more class. It means more books I'm sure but this is a dream Ive had for 23 years...go to here I am going to college. Might as well make it everything Ive always wanted...LOL. Wish me luck on that.
A few observations. First of all...I don't recall the desks being quite so tight fitting. *sigh* Hopefully circuit training will take care of that. Also, the instructors emphasised again and again that college is so much different than high school as nobody is looking over your shoulder reminding you about deadlines,even though I didn't really study in high school I did like that constant I will need to "learn" how to go to college just like every new high school grad apparently. Wish me luck on that too.
One thing I would really really like to do would be to get involved with a theater production...try out for a part in a play or something. Apparently that's an option even if your not in theater classes. Only problem would be me working at night all the time...probably wouldn't help when it came to rehearsals etc...but you never know. I will definitely look into that. I'm thinking something along comedic lines...what do you all think? Can I pull off a comedy role? Lol.
Don't forget, of course, that my two oldest are also going to college right along with its a family affair for us. We are all interested in different things so not much sharing of classes etc but I can help them with their English and they can help me with math..seems only fair. My son is going to work towards computer graphics designing...and my daughter is torn between design and culinary at the moment she is just doing pre-requisites such as the math and English courses etc until she makes up her mind.
So at the moment I'm entirely chuffed at my new college endeavor. I'm fired up and ready to be educated...lets just hope I can get back into the swing of scholarly pursuits similar to my school days. Get back to me in month when homework is piled up, house is a mess and my work schedule is still 4 to midnight...ugh!!!
So far I still love it. LOL

Points of interest about WWC...there are plenty of dinosaur exhibits scattered around the campus...Mr T-Rex here is my favorite as he is so studly all by himself but back dropped by that large glass window with that mountainous scene...waaaay cool. That's the cafeteria btw.

I haven't had a chance to visit the library yet...I know!!! WTH!!! but I hear its state of the art and all sorts of impressive. Will check it out tomorrow.

One more point of two fellow college kids have been totally blown away by the mere design and decor of the college. How so much attention has gone into making it interesting to look at as well as be in. A stark difference to my daughters college in Bahrain that looked little different than a prison, no color, no design, nothing of interest to make you wanna be there. They both love it and that's the first step to being successful I believe...wanting to be there. What do you all think?


Chiara said...

Congratulations! This is such a wonderful realization of one of your dreams! In some ways it is even nicer to do it now as you wish, and with your children. My mother finished her degree at 40ish and went back for a year full-time after doing part-time and full-time work. She thoroughly enjoyed all of her campus life, and met people of all ages and walks of life including "regular students". I went to the same uni 3 years after she graduated and had a tip off about certain profs and campus resources.

You will love the library I am sure. Any college with a cafeteria like that is bound to have a great library. The internet with the uni access to electronic journals and books, and interlibrary loan can bring the world to you where ever you are.

I'm thinking you can pull off a drama roll, or if your work life interferes with rehearsal time, join in as one of the none performing members of the drama club, eg makeup, scenery, costuming, ticket sales, box office, etc

Nice use of pics in this post! ;)

Study well! (your instructors are 100% right about the need for discipline and keeping up as you go: read for class, attend class, review class notes EVERY class; and then plan time ahead for assignments).

janice said...

Wishing you (and your classmate kids) all the best! Good luck, CoolRed.

janice said...

Also, you and yours may want to look on for used textbooks. Much less expensive. Good luck

Anonymous said...

College! Congrats!

Books - the recession does have an upside. Keep a look out at closing down sales at bookstores. Trust me, very little beats the euphoria you get from buying a textbook for a 1/4 of the price you would have got it for otherwise. Plus, you can sell it for a profit the next year!

And discipline yes - very important! One important difference between High School and College though, is the fact that you're being taught subjects that (in theory) you're interested in. Studying should no longer be a chore.

Some more advice from a student's perspective - Wikipedia is a godsend, despite lecturers recommending that you don't use it. It's a good place to start researching any topic that you don't understand and has links to lots of relevant books/articles and other topics. Don't reference Wikipedia directly though - bad, very bad.

Like Chiara said, use the internet. It's a lot easier to look up something in an electronic journal than to trot to the library the night before your assignment needs to be handed in (though obviously, I would never recommend putting yourself in such a situation :p).

Most colleges put on several shows during an academic year, so you'll have lots of options.

Finally, Good Luck and remember to have fun!

A long-time lurker said...

Congratulations! I have lurked at your site for a long time.

I thought that you might like to know that you can get really cheap 2nd hand college books online. I tell my students to go to and
Very often you find books that are prices less than the shipping (assuming you can do with an older edition of the book; 2nd-hand copies of the newer editions are not that discounted).

Good luck with your endeavor.

Chiara said...

Shafiq--LOL :) at the last minute library adventures of others! I have been there when a student is getting frantic help from a friend to research a topic due the same day--bad idea!

Also, not that anyone here would be tempted, but NO the film versions of Shakespeare's plays are not reliable substitutes for the plays themselves. Liberties have been taken, sections left out, characters gone missing! Reading along to a reputable audio recording may ease your pain but read along and read you must!

Monica said...

I think its fabulous- GOOD FOR YOU!!! As for books- Amazon like someone said but there is also Its through ebay and I bought all my books last year from there. Also sold them after I was finished because the school bookstore barely gives you ANYTHING for them, and then resells for just less than the original cost.

Anyway good luck to you and of course your kids. This is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

I am so very happy for you and your family. Sounds like you are all on a very good track for the future. You've come a long way Kid. Betty

Wafa' said...

it's always great when dreams come true. wish you the best of luck and great time at college :)

Anthrogeek10 said...

Fabulous!! I am proud of you. I finally went back for my Anthropology degree at uhumm...too old and still hope to get a graduate degree. lol

You sound like you are enjoying it all. I am all ready to GET OUT. :) Even with my grad class I am taking. Graduate school is a whole different world. It is the first class that has challenged me so far at this school.

get a copy of "Getting Straight A's". Saved my ass. :)


The Queen said...

Good Luck! I know you will do very well. Congrats at getting your life back! Just enjoy the heck out of it all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

Forgot to mention how much I like the pictures. We all enjoy pictures. We look forward to seeing the proud student and her clan in mortar boards one day.

And very good luck to you with the return to fitness plan. I had some personal set backs (entirely my own fault)over the holdays but I am trying to get back to my slow and steady amble towards good health.

I know you are very busy but hope you will stay in touch with your on line friends.


Anonymous said...

@ Chiara, students will never learn, lol.

I was going to say that college is as close to utopia as you can get. But then I had an exam this morning and realised that college does have a downside too.

Chiara said...

Shafiq--Indeed! I meant to second your suggestions on the appropriate use of wikipedia: a good starting place, often excellent references, and NEVER cite wikipedia directly (unless your research topic is wikipedia itself) LOL :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Check for deals on books.

Susanne said...

How exciting!! I enjoyed the picture of your school and hearing about your children's excitement in starting classes there. Eager to read more as time progresses. And, yes, you would do great in a comedy!

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Good luck all the best

Mel said...

Beautiful college, Coolred! Congrats and I hope it will be a wonderful time for you there :) My university has some wonderful old buildings I love to look at, but they ruined it by placing concrete bunker-type buildings right beside them.. :(

As for books, I don't know if this is just something my school does or not, but many profs here will put the textbook on reserve in the library. This means that only people in your class can use it, and you can only take it out for two hours at a time. I had one class with a $250 textbook, and I refused to buy even the $200 used version, so I asked if the prof had the book on reserve. She did, and I made time in my weekly schedule to go read it. Maybe a small inconvenience, but I didn't have to pay for the book, and it also forced me to study :)

Long story short - Check to see if your school allows profs to put books on reserve for you!

Diane Laney Fitzpatrick said...

Congratulations! You're going to love higher learning. Be careful you don't load up on TOO many classes. Leave time to enjoy the process with the ones you have. Happy learning! :)

Angel Darling said...

How exciting! I loved my college years and I still love learning. I dream about going back to college, but how many degrees can one have? I guess you can never have too many, huh?

Good luck and enjoy!

Anonymous said...
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coolred38 said...

Chiara...thank you..your continued advice is always appreciated and sought after.

Janice..thank and will do.

Shafiq...thank you and will definitely be checking out the college scene...soon as I have time...LOL. Shakespeare movies...say it isnt soooo!!!

long time lurker...thank you for coming out of lurkdom for that helpful bit of advice.

Monica...thanks...but how do u buy the books if u need them RIGHT time to wait for shipping etc...right?

Betty...thank you. Its been a hell of a ride...not over yet but boy am I tired already. LOL. Fun all the same.

Wafa...thank you...dream is updated finish and graduate. LOL

Anthrogeek...thank and will do that soon as I have a chance to breath. ha ha

Queen...thank you. One question...Im supposed to be enjoying this? LOL. too much going on right now...will let you know if theres any joy going on.

Betty...left my camera computer wire in Bahrain and so not many pics these days. Need to get a new one. I too fell off the exercise wagon...but hope to be back on very soon here. Good luck to u with that.

Shafiq...there are exams? oh noooo!!!

marianne...thank you.

Susanne...thank you...and I think so too.

Mel....thank you and will check into it.

Diane...thank you and I hope I didnt..and hope I do...LOL

Angel...thank you and I say do only live with no regrets as much as possible.

Monica said...

I guess I usually sign up a couple weeks prior to start of classes, so I do have time to order. Maybe for next semester you'll have the time. Also I don't know how that school does it but for my local comm college, when you sign up the books needed are already listed. I'm sure you'll figure it out but definitely try to sell your used books online so you can get more money back.

Anonymous said...

Knew you would do OK...
but it sounds almost like you're having too much fun.
Your blog was an important step for what you are doing now.

getreal said...

JUST A TIP, For classes that are a requirement, are basic level and you are proficient in you can opt out by talking to the head of department and taking the placement test for it. this generally saves time and tuition.