Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I sooooo wanna see this delicious dish in concert.

Ive never been to a concert in my life and I do believe the first one (maybe only one) is going to be of my fave singer one Mr Michael Buble'.

The man has got a voice to die for.

He will be playing in Salt Lake City, UT March 31. About the closest he will ever be to me so Im burning some brain cells wondering if I should splurge (well sell a kidney or something really) and buy 2 tickets...2 tickets because...seriously...who goes to a concert alone?

Now...only thing to decide after that...who do I take with me? Anyone?

This is the first video and first time I heard of Michael... a song called Home. From the moment I finished listening to the words in this song I felt like it was speaking to me and the feelings I had about going home. Granted he was referring to going back to his wife/girlfriend in the video...but home is home regardless of what draws you there.

I have to mention that its quite refreshing to hear music without sex and foul language in it this day and age. He's fresh, sweet, and clean...and his voice, as I mentioned, certainly soothes the savage beast....uhm...that would be me. *sigh*

My daughter bought me his latest CD recently and Ive listened to it a million times already. So much so...they prefer to walk then be made to sit in the car for one more round of Mom, with windows down (even in cold weather) music up...belting it out with all her heart. (Ive been told I actually sing pretty good...but teens just dont appreciate raw talent...go figure)/ I said...Ive never been to a concert before...maybe 2010 is my year for doing new things?


Chiara said...

WHY didn't you say before that he is the one who sings "Home"? It would have better explained your passion for all things Michael! Now I'm a fan, not a FAN like you but still a fan.

Hmmmm, any local radio contests for tickets? Assign all children to radio contest competition 24/7, and then take...hmmm one of your gentleman callers at work? No, probably not. Hold a draw among your 3 oldest children. Maybe the concert experience will outweigh your "raw talent" in their minds. LOL :)

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

He sounds great! Are tickets really expensive? If they're not too bad then I say splurge!

Suroor said...

Oh my God! He is yummy :D

AlabasterMuslim said...

I like the songs, fly away (something like that), sway, and moondance.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! delicious dish? I can eat him up too! :)
His voice is so soothing and beautiful!
I really hope you can make it to the concert and see him for real!

Gardens of Sand said...

Went to see him earlier this year. Drove 1.5 hrs each way. Totally worth it. Not a kid friendly concert though. Bon Jovi was more kid friendly, lol. Michael was much much better than what I hoped for. He sounded so good, was funny and charming. Even hubby liked his concert. The opening act, Naturally 7 were suberb.

Go CoolRed treat yourself. God knows you deserve it.

coolred38 said...

Chiara...yes its THATS Micheal. I tried to put his latest video...I Just Havent Met You Yet...but I havent a clue how to do that. Go check it out...its excellentay.

Cairo...Ive read tons of reviews on his concerts...all favorable. They are only expensive if you dont have

Suroor..I know right!!!

Alabaster...I love How Do You Mend a Broken Heart...Home...and the one I mentioned above.

Lat...his lips just look like they were made for kissing. Im seriously jealous of whomever has that pleasure....grrrr!!!

Gardens...Im glad someone I "know" has seen him...least then I know Im getting an honest critiqe.

Cant wait....if I go that is.

Hubby said...

After calling him a "delicious dish" you better have a chaperone, so 2 tickets would be expected and the second one has to be someone who isn’t gaga over him. ;-)

Angel Darling said...

I say go for it! Lost time can never be made up, so live it up and hold on to the memories!

oby said...

Good for you!!! It's a new start. Any idea what you are interested in?

Emoo said...

I just downloaded Home yesterday--I've listened to it a million times on youtube. And posted it on my blog. I want to go HOME!!!!