Monday, January 19, 2009

The God of Football...hear my prayers?

There are several topics that I feel a need to post about this week but they will all have to wait because this particular topic has got me burning up at the moment. Maybe Im just being sensitive and pissy but I have to say it goes.

I was sitting in the bank reception 2 days ago waiting for my turn while casually watching a big screen t.v....something about football but I wasnt giving it my full attention because I care nothing at all for football (or soccer as we Americans call it). Eventually though the wait for my number to be called stretched out into days if not weeks and so the t.v. eventually grabbed my attention.

It would seem that Oman beat Saudi in some cup or another and so celebrations were in full swing...there was much jumping up and down...much shouting and kissing of a trophy...and much car horn honking and flags big deal there...I for one cant really get all worked up over sporting events but I understand some people need to find their release somewhere so who am I to judge...but I did find something to tease my temper into furnace mode...not sure you will agree with me...but here goes.

All though I know nothing of the Omani football team...Im sure we can safely assume they are all Muslims..and as Muslims they were giving much praise to parents and family etc in supporting them "all the way" etc...but they had one particular praise that was repeated over and over again that just really irked me...and made me want to scream at the t.v. right in the middle of the bank reception audience and all...bear with me.

It would seem that much thanks and appreciation for having won the football championship was due to God "answering prayers"....the football game was won by hardwork...much determination...and because apparently God really cares about the outcome of sporting events...especially the ones that have Muslims participating.

Im assuming at some point these same Muslims, these Omani football players...might possibly have sent prayers out asking for God to save Palestine...hmmmm? Asked God to "destroy Israel"....or at least send the aggressors packing? You think so? Im sure we can safely assume that at some point or another while bowed in prayer one, some, or all of those football players sent some form of prayer to God concerning Palestine...Im willing to bet money on that (and Im not a betting person by nature) but it sounds like a sure thing from what I know of Arabs and their strong animosity towards all things heres my question...

In your it safe to assume...that the millions of prayers sent to God by Muslims asking for Palestinians to be saved and for the genocide to stop once and for all have fallen on deaf ears...but prayers sent out with hopes of scoring a hat trick or at least an overtime winner...were heard and answered and all praise is due to God...the God of football apparently as the God of humanity seems to have taken a raincheck as far as Palestine is least it would seem so due to the complete lack of prayers being answered on that front.

Football we can count on...human lives...not so sure....hmmm?

*before anyone starts bombarding me with astagfirallahs...screw you...I care nothing for football and could careless about its results...but I do care for human beings...and to praise God because a football match was won with cries of "God answered our prayers"...seems a right hard slap in the face towards all those dying in Palestine whose prayers for salvation seem not nearly so important as whether or not a little round ball makes it between a goalpost or not...or maybe thats just me.


Chiara said...

Well, there you go.
Personally I always find my born again Christian friend's belief that God is intervening in the most picayune matters of her existence irksome. Especially when He seems to be acting in such mundane, pedestrian ways to effect her desired outcome. I like to think God is working on bigger topics in bigger ways--but then there is every possibility that I am wrong, and in the interest of friendship I stay (mostly) silent. :-)

off to explore the more nuanced meanings of "astigfirallah"--or is is just "Allah forgive me for what I am about to say, but..."?

Susanne said...

Enjoyed this...thanks for sharing! Makes much sense.

Suroor said...

Have you thought that maybe since God loves everything Arab, he also loves football? :D

Bad joke.

I know what you mean and what I am imagining right now is a row of footies sitting cross legged after a joint isha prayer praying for a win (while thousands of people are bleeding to death in Palestine but that is another matter, no?)

Wardat_il'7leej said...

Just to clarify and not provoke you in anyway that as Muslims we regard God in all things big and small in life.

If you can twist your mind around this example; a thief when wanting to steal prays to Allah that he is successful.

You need to understand that in Islam Allah is vast and does not ‘filter’ through prayers regardless of circumstances.

The player’s gratification (Oman have been runners up to win the cup since 2005) has been fulfilled by the grace of Allah and it doesn’t in anyway undermine the mascara that is occurring in Gaza.

If you have been following the Guld Cup games you would have known that one of the players removed his shirt to show a slogan of support for Gaza, and that the audience have been carrying banners of support to both the game and reminder of what is going on in Gaza.

Anonymous said...

Well, to me GOD is a power which we cant comprehend..

I can understand your add further..both the teams shuld be praying to the same GOD..does that mean he let one down? well only one team can win and the team deserved to win , won ..thats all..

Wardat_il'7leej said...

Do all prayers get answered?

The prayer/thanfulness said was in terms of being grateful for their success in winning.

Translate to "By the Grace of God"

coolred38 said...

I was aware of the player that had Palestine painted on his body...of course they showed that many times on tv...I guess my point was that it all sounded very hypocritical...I mean...many Arab govt cancelled New Years celebrations in "support" of Palestine...but football championships get the go ahead...and of course God seemingly supports this scenario too since Palestines prayers have not been "heard" despite the millions of praying for that...but a football game prayers are...I dont get it...seems like there is "filtering" going on from where Im standing...hmmm

Anonymous said...

I just came by ur blog by coincidence, and I'm truly sorry that I've wasted 3 precious minutes of my time reading this, and i'm not even going to bother myself by explaining why....

again really really sorry

coolred38 said...

Anon....I would give you your 3 min back if I could...alas...Im rather selfish and like the idea that you spent 3 min here instead of somewhere else which could have resulted in you learning some manners...cant have that can we? Have a nice day.

Wardat_il'7leej said...

I was at a lecture yesterday where the audience was questioned on religion and their true interpretation of its teachings. The conclusion being that we would not have Gaza if all people were truly honest, charitable, pray, have faith, fear God and remember his prophets etc etc.

It just goes to show that even as Muslims we are lacking in our self to justify the defence of our peers

coolred38 said...

Wardat...I couldnt agree more.

Anonymous said...

It's sad that prayers for peace in Gaza is not answered but that doesn't mean the Omani players can't rejoice their win.But surely it would have been better if they had shown more sentivity.It's shows how passionate you're for those suffering in Gaza.

Berend said...

Strangely, or perhaps not, I had exactly the same feeling when the Cards beat the Eagles (I am somewhat of a American football fan). The Cards' quarterback, Kurt Warner, had to scream: "Thank you JESUS!" (or was that during the superbowl?) Reggie White (of the Green bay packers, my sentimental favorite) Also thanked God for a win, does this mean God is a huge Green Bay Packers fan? did he swith to the St. Louis Rams and finally decide to just support Kurt Warner? When Europe went to war in WW1, god was on their side; when Islam goes to war (Shi'ite vs. Sunni) Allah is on their side.

"The more times change, the more stays the same......sadly")


marahm said...

coolred, I agree wholeheartedly with the last paragraph of this post.

God is not a football fan any more than He is a supporter of Gaza-- well, I hope not. However, humans tend to be grateful when their wishes are fulfilled, so to thank God is a natural response, no matter what their religion. It's a variation of anthropomorphism.

And what's this "support" that people like to show by performing insipid acts that have no bearing whatsoever upon the subject they want other people to think they support?

Aafke said...

So, actually, God loves Oman more than the holier-than-thou-saudis???
This puts a whole new look on Saudi Arabia as the all-knowing superior muslims of the ummah.

Anonimous, why waste our time reading your crap??? Woehahahaha! You must be pretty dumb if you think you're going to like every blog you just happen to stumble upon!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG all the woman here so smart ... Aafke good one sister he he he *wink*

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