Friday, May 29, 2009

VIP Look From Top of World Trade Tower

My friend and I were meeting a potential business partner at the World Trade Tower here in Bahrain and he took us up to the top for a special viewing. Its not complete at the top yet so we had to step around construction work etc...but well worth it for the view.

My ears were popping as I believe there are 44 floors to this building. Thats the British Embassy down there...once of the oldest buildings in Bahrain. And the only bit of green that adds up to much.

My phone cam takes some pretty awesome pics ...for a phone cam. Nokia E66

Its hard to open your eyes up there as the sun is soooo damn bright...and everything is blinding. Thats the Sheraton Complex down there. Pool looks refreshing.

The cars look like matchbox cute!!!

Water looks refreshing from up here...down there its just dirty and not at all inviting...ugh!! And so much garbage along the beaches generally.

Swan dive time!!!

Sort of like looking out of a huge fishbowl. We are only one floor under the roof. A tiny little office not big enough for much considering the crazy rent Im sure they will have to pay. Very cool anyhow.

I sure didnt expect to be "on top of the world" or at least Bahrain when I woke up that morning. Something interesting to


janice said...

WOW CoolRed, those are excellent pictures for a cell phone camera.

I hope this business meeting was fruitful, did you receive a job offer?

Mr. Condescending said...

thats awesome! maybe you could sell those pics in exchange for an AC unit?

Chiara said...

Great pics! I hope your business venture comes through and is a success.

off topic: email on swine flu sent (cough, cough)

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I think I have vertigo just from looking at the pictures. I don't do well with tall buildings. Even though you can't really feel it, just the thought of a massive structure rocking back and forth in the wind ever so slightly is very unsettling.

But, all in all, very cool views.

coolred38 said...

Janice...yeah my phone cam is pretty awesome. It wasnt so much a job offer as a "lets go into business together" offer...needs detailing tho.

Mr Condescending...good idea but I guess you didnt hear that I finally got my ac...yup...Im freezing to death at night

Chiara...the business venture could be just what Ive been looking for. Looks good so far. Email was cute...ty.

Mjenks...oh Ive never had a problem with heights...the higher the Now elevators...those I DO NOT like...not even a little bit. Especially the little tiny rickety ones...barf!!!

coolred38 said...

I just noticed something interesting...if you click on the first pic and make it the upper right corner seriously looks like a dinosaur stomping through the city.

Cool...Im calling Enquirer...I need the

Jennifer Kabir, "The Creative Muslimah" said...

Those are amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing!

The Queen said...

I got a little dizzy looking at these pictures too! lol

They have that new balcony off of the Grand Canyon that has a glass bottom. It made me sick to my stomach just to look at those pictures (taken from an airplane or helicopter). I can't imagine actually walking out on it!

See, now I went and made myself nauseous again just thinking about it. LOL

Eastern Reflections said...

Awesome! When is the building going to be completed? I heard the Burj Dubai won't be finished until later this year. When I was there in 2007, it looked TALL even then. Can't imagine what it's like now.

Anonymous said...

Wow! great shots! Love the views.Sometimes it makes us feel how small we all are....literally!
Also not all tall buildings are not that cozy and comfy like small ones are.I'm probably saying this cause I've got phobia of heights :D

coolred38 said... problem. I would love to stand on that glass box. Only ever flew over the canyon years back...would be awesome.

Eastern...I went to Duabi last summer and seen the Burj...and can barely see the top from the ground. Very cool. I dont know when this building will be complete as few things in Bahrain are finished on

Lat...Im on the first floor of a building of flats and when the wind blows hard (which it has been doing of late) it feels like we are going to be flying before to long. I guess it depends on how well the building is made.

Cindi said...

What a view from that tiny little office!

coolred38 said...

Cindi...I regret I didnt take pics of the office itself but since it was still under construction I didnt think it would be very interesting. It was pretty small tho.

Anonymous said...

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