Monday, May 11, 2009

So I Googled His Name...

So I had this boyfriend in high school way back in the day. His name was R.K. (initials). He was my first serious (really my only) boyfriend during high school and we didnt go on dates or even really hang out together much outside of school...because my father didnt allow me to date. I wasnt allowed to date because my older sister had travelled that path before me and pretty much screwed up all my chances of ever having fun as a teen with her constant desire to push the limits and break the rules (future post Im sure) oh the joys of being the middle child. Older sibling breaks all the rules so parents are more strict with you figuring they made a mistake being too lenient with older sibling. So you essentially get to do nothing with your teen years...then when younger sibling reaches teen years...they feel guilty for not letting you do stuff and have are more lenient with younger sibling. were still left with nothing to remember of your teen years...anyhow...I digress.

I must admit I have googled my own name on occasion...just to see if I matter out there to anyone. Considering Ive basically had no life worth googling I never expected to find much...but I was surprised to find some of my blog posts scattered here and there on other peoples sites...some of them translated into languages I dont even recognize (hey should I get royalties or something...sigh). I even came across a few of my letters to the local newspapers highlighted and discussions taking place about their contents....very cool.

But I never googled his name before...for some reason. He has been on my mind through out the years simply because I felt at the time that he was the first person outside family that I had feelings for but it never occurred to me to do a google search...just to see what turned up...but now I have....lets see what we found.

Now of course I wont post pics or personal info etc...its his life not mine...but I will mention some things just for chuckles sake (my chuckles that is...Im sure you dont care either way).

First some back story....

When he and I were boyfriend/girlfriend he actually asked me to marry him (my mother hated him but wishes to this day that I had married him instead of the pervert I did eventually marry...oh hindsight mother...what to do)...but he apparently forgot that fact somewhere along the way (I think it was right after my mother showed her intense dislike by trying to run him over in a grocery store parking lot...nearly made it mom...better luck next time) because I was shocked one day to see him walking rather cozily along with another girl...when he was supposed to be my boyfriend....oh the heartbreaks of young love (I could cheerfully have stabbed him in the neck that day...but I took the high road and kept my pride and anger in check)....but I called him and gave him an ear full...then called it day on that relationship.

Now funny enough...the young lady he hooked up with turned out to be somewhat of a psychopathic nut job (and thats not my jealousy and anger speaking people...swears)...apparently she had lingering suspicions that because he easily turned his head from her...that he could just as easily turn it back again...or something like anytime I happen to be in the store where he worked (local grocery store) or out and about and she seen me...she threw me some very hostile looks of jealous outrage and occasionally shouted some rather unladylike dare I come within one city block of her boyfriend (my boyfriend missy!)....whatever.

Now hostile stares I can handle...physical threats to my body I cannot without serious repercussions. Turns out New Girlfriend had some serious psychological I mentioned.

I remember one time I was with my sis in her car...some of our toddlers in the back seat...when we realized a car was following us....or to be more precise...tailgating us like mad. My sis did not take kindly to people invading her space and hit the some miracle that car narrowly missed ploughing into us. As the driver backed up and sped away I realized it was New Girlfriend...couldnt figure out why she was acting all territorial and all...not like she owned the street or something. We let it go that time.

Another time when I was actually pregnant (and by which time New Girlfriend had become New Wife) and I was walking down the street...she came driving up onto the sidewalk nearly running me out and went to town screaming at me to "leave her man alone" (dont know what that was about..I was married myself by this time...and pregnant)...and that she could "kick my ass and didnt give a shit that I was pregnant (nice)". I must admit she made quite an imposing figure considering she was quite tall in a Jolly Green Giant sort of way (minus the jolly) and ready to do battle against my short 7 month pregnant body...however...Im was not without my abilities...such as they were.

I calmly told her that its possible she could kick the ass of a 7 month pregnant lady (and who wouldnt be proud of that fact)...but considering I had been in the military she might want to entertain the thought that I might have learned some self defense techniques that would and could deal with her in a timely fashion...pregnant or not.

She hesitated as apparently this thought took hold....then started back stepping her way out of her bravado with more threats and warnings to "watch my back"...yeah...I'll do that....anyways. She left.

I must say I was just a tad pissed off. After all...I had never done a thing to her in my life...if anyone should be all jealous and crazy mental it should be me considering she "stole my man"...and the fact that she was seemingly quite happy to "take me on" regardless of my pregnant state meant she was happy to possibly hurt my unborn she had crossed the line...time to reel this lunatic in.

I went to the nearest payphone (showing my mobiles back then..ouch) and called his work (taking the chance he was there) and waited fuming for him to reach the phone. He came on all chipper and totally annoying...but not so much when he realized who it was.

I calmly told him that if he didnt keep his psycho mental crazy wife away from me then he had nobody to blame but himself if she ended up hurt...because she was definitely going to end up hurt if she kept at this crazy shit. I realized I dodged a whiny mommas boy bullet when he replied..."what do you expect me to do about it?" Well...lets to her...tell her to calm the f**k down and get on with her life and leave me the hell alone. Something like that...anything to call of the dog that was itching to bite and get put down for it. Seriously.

He simpered a bit on the phone until I hung up. Never realized he was such a wimp. Obviously she wore the pants in that family.

Shortly thereafter I left for Bahrain and never heard about them again...other than the odd comment about them from a friend who still lives there...anyways...good riddance.

So back to the point of my post. I googled his name to see what I could see. Well...they are still married...two cute little kids (darn!!)..he is into computers and IT stuff...certified with Microsoft for repair work or something. Travels a lot for his small personal business and misses his kids and wife when hes gone. How domestic!!

Likes to garden and collect matchbox cars as well. Quaint.

Now heres the best part (ok kick my ass about this later)...the both of them are about twice as big as the last time I seen them (he was big even in high school...she was getting there)...they are/were considering trying out for The Biggest Loser as a husband and wife team apparently. Sweet!!!

Ok my sadistic chortling over other peoples misfortunes is beneath me...but those two sorely did me emotional...and almost physical I feel I have a little bit of room to be gleeful. So leave me to it. Bah!!

btw from the way he writes about his wife...she still wears the pants...and big pants they are...ok ok Im done.

*Ive had a crappy week...need to find my chuckles where I


San Antonio Cicily said...

This is bad but it's nice to know that the jerks in your life turned out to have some mis-fortune or massive weight gain in your situation! (evil laugh)!!!

San Antonio Cicily said...

I have an ex-boyfriend who just got married for the first time 2 years ago and his wife rules his world lol and they fight all the time!!! They pretend to be so Happy!!! but I talk to his brother whom I found a year ago on the internet and he tells me otherwise. I know she hates me so I leave a comment on every blog she posts, they are always really nice comments to and this really pisses her off. She turned on comment moderation but I still leave them anyway. She started dating him a week after we broke up. I had tried to break up with this guy for years but he held me emotional hostage for years and even threatened to kill himself. On top of it all he was a momma's boy and I hated his mom, as she had her head up our asses all the time! She died a few years back and I can't say I miss in her!!! I'm just glad to find out that they have a "WONDERFUL LIFE" HAHAHAHAHA! His brother showed her my pics and she got really mad! Apparently she was not too happy that I had found them! I don't know why I dated him anyway he was totally not my type I think everyone here knows what my type is by now. "the jar of juice guy"! LOL

San Antonio Cicily said...

Oh and thats not his kid its hers from a previous marriage! Ok I'll stop now lol!

coolred38 said...

San Antonio...thanks for the support. Your guy looks just a tad like mine...seriously...brothers. Nice when old boyfriends turn into bald portly boring

The meanest thing you can do to a girl that wants to be bitchy with to smile and act sweet...burns them to cinders. Love it!!!

Majda said...

That's really creepy/annoying. :/

My sister-in-law has a habit of myspace stalking all of my brother's ex girlfriends (who all seem to be strippers/models now). I don't know if it's bad self esteem or what but she knows everything they're all doing. She knows everything about them. Who they're dating. Where they're living. What they do for a living, what they did last saturday.

And they have no clue she exists.

Gotta love the internet.

Susanne said...

Ha, ha! What are the odds that your ex-bf tried out for that show? That is really amusing. Thanks for sharing your google finds with us. :-D

Caps Fan said...

Wow- is she Filipina? Sorry, maybe that is wrong but sounds a lot like my ex boyfriend's current girlfriend/fiance whatever who is Filipina and will, most unfortunately, be in the US by September. If she comes near me, she is toast. I wrote a short post about my fun with her over the past 5 years... or 6, can't remember.

Ex and I have a lot of the same friends so its inevitable.

Tanya said...

haha - Coolred, the funniest part of this post is the secret symbolism you probably didn't even know about, but actually would really love! Do you know what your google picture really refers to? It is perfect for you! The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

eyes serene said...

I've been occasionally a bit curious about different people from my past but they either are not online, or I'm no good at looking for them. No biggie, really. Just desserts is always rewarding though, isn't it?

coolred38 said...

Majda...your SIL...obsessed much!! lol

Susanne...would have been embarrasing if we had turned up on the same show...sigh.

Tanya...oh I love symbolism...shall have to investigate now. Always interesting when my subconcious makes an attempt to get in touch with me.

Eyes serene...yes it is.

Suroor said...

This was interesting! Thanks for sharing!

Mel said...

I've googled exes. I'm sure many have. I had a guy who wouldn't let go, and was actually scaring me at one point in this regard. Turns out he has a new girlfriend, and is in grad school and sounds like he is on the way to becoming quite successful. I'm happy for him, and I do hope that he may have learned valuable lessons from our relationship and he is treating his new lady well. He avoids me like the bloody plague whenever he sees me though! (thinking about a seriously awkward moment on the train platform about a year ago...he ran towards a train to get away from me when I said hi and he sat with a bunch of people even though there were empty seats, lol).

Nikki said...

hahahaha sometimes it feels good to see the people u have known since long and who have made those years miserable for u, in such a condition :P

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

I once googled my ex-fiancee and found a name listed on a Scientology website as being one of the higher-ups (or something).

I can't be 100% sure if it's her or not, but it was a very unique name, and the whole name was there with a middle initial, and I'm thinking, Hmmm...bullet successfully dodged.

coolred38 said... girl.

Mel...from my experience men dont learn lessons...what a less chaotic world it would be if they did.

Nikki...too true...Ive got a few more names I can google on a rainy day...can always use the pick me up.

Mjenks...dodged a bullet? You or her? Hahahahahhhahha!!!!

*~Ange~* said...

well im glad they both turned into heart attacks waiting to happen.

coolred38 said... sure Im "glad" but the tendency to chuckle does take over now and then in my darker moments.

Mel said...

Coolred - true enough!! Perhaps I should reword that and say hopefully his new lady is better able to put up with his quirks than I was!!

أم ترافيس said...

Oh, I wouldnt even want to open that box of worms... well... hmmm... ok, gotta run, have sumthin to check on

coolred38 said...

umtravis...have fun...hope you find some "good" news too. lol

starfish said...

why does it matter what happened so long? does that affect the choices u are making today?or are you being a jealous witch. it sounds to me that you are extremely jealous and small minded and regretting the choices u have made. why if he asked to marry him did u say no. that was your choice so i think u need to quit worrying about his life and concentrate on fixing yours in other words get your own life and deal with it

Anonymous said...

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