Monday, May 18, 2009

Higher Pay for Continued Incompetence...Only in Bahrain!

In todays GDN we find what can only be a late April Fool's joke being played out to the masses...MP's might possibly be getting yet ANOTHER pay rise!!!

Shock!!! Horror!!! Didnt see that one coming...did you?

These MP's have been one chucklefest after another...and I have yet to open a newspaper and not want to slap my forehead in complete and utter dismay at yet another "law" these bafoons are trying to pass off on the masses.

Everything from banning pork and alcohol, mannequins, preventing bachelors from hanging underwear in view of any passerbys and also wanting to corral them all up in little towns etc so they dont harrass the locals (huh)...wanting to force same sex doctors on us...not to mention keeping a keen lookout for the gays that are trying to sneak in the country (how come lesbians are not treated with a similar amount of discrimination)...among other things. It seems the MP's became our religious leaders almost overnight...who appointed them the moral lawmakers of society?

Are there any restrictions on what this Court of Jesters can pass to build up their own personal fortunes? Is anyone paying attention to this craziness? And more importanly...

How can I become an MP ????

The only thing these MP's have manged to give future MP's the green light and knowledge that they will soon have the same opportunity to make themselves rich while making the masses even more miserable then we already are...nice!!


San Antonio Cicily said...

There go's your freedom~slowly disappearing!

Jennifer Kabir, "The Creative Muslimah" said...

This is screwed up and a pefect example of why I would never want to live under "Sharia" Law despite being Muslim. This is what happens when people get too much power.

coolred38 said...

San the rate they are moving...nothing slow about it.

Hijabwoes...Im not sure I would classify this as Sharia Law...more like..every man for himself.

Susanne said...

Must be nice to give yourself raises all the while controlling the life of the masses.

Wait, Congress does this as well!

And I hate it here also.

I guess I just hate powerful people who have lost touch with us ordinary folks.

Yasemin said...

In order to get into this club, you'd need to change your blood to pure-Arab and dye your skin (the opposite extreme of Michael Jackson).

Funny thing is, many of these MP's are probably gay, kind of like those rogue Taliban extremists who were cross-dressing even as they carried around kalashnikovs.

What's the problem with mannequins? It's not like these guys are a lot different than a mannequin. Aren't they pretty much just standing there looking pretty, and getting paid?....

Can't wait til' you get the heck out of dodge sweetie. It may not be much better here, but I dream of seeing you at Six Flags over Texas or a Ranger's Game. Love you lots and visit when you come. You and San Antonio Cicily!

coolred38 said...

Susanne...I thought it all sounded a bit familiar...maybe they learned from some of those CEO's that have been in the headlines recently?

Lisa...mannequins were deemed sexually alluring and they wanted to have them banned from storefront window. That should tell you the level of brain power these men are using if a doll gets them going...should we even have them in office after that proposed ban came out?

Anonymous said...

The Prime Minister of United Kingdom Gordon Brown earns £10,916 a month which works out to around BD 6,366.

The Bahraini PM's "official" pay is more than DOUBLE that of Gordon Brown.

Jennifer Kabir, "The Creative Muslimah" said...

Meanwhile they are building a new Western themed resort on the skyline over Mecca. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

Is there a cover up??

According to GulfNews, the Prime Minister will earn BD 7,500/month and NOT BD17,500/month as printed in the GDN.

What's going on?