Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You Dont Know Me....!!!

You dont know me
You think you know me
Cause I choose to let you in
The words I write are but a dent
To the real me and who Ive been
You dont know me
You think you know me
Cause you've read a book or two
You watched Oprah or Dr Phil
And that gives you a license or two
Your advice might well be good
If a kind word was used...maybe a few
You dont know me
You think you know me
Cause you've "been there done that"
Let me tell you
You havent "been here or done this"
So dont give me your crap
You dont know me
You think you know me
Cause you aunt, sister mother
Suffered without blame
Im sorry they suffered, truly I am
But our suffering is not the same
You dont know me
You think you know me
Well walk in my shoes for a day
Then come back and tell me Ive lost my mind
And that my kids are fucked in all ways
You dont know me
You think you know me
Cause the words I write and you read
Its only a portion of the torment Ive known
And theyve known...and still we live and breath
Life is easy from the outside looking in
Choices are easy when you know where to begin
Mistakes are not forgiven...when its someone else mistake
Dont tell me that you know me and that its just fucking too late
Its not to late
Its never too late
Things broken can be mended
Things started can be ended
Whats wrong today
Can be right tomorrow
Why come and add
Your poison, add to the sorrow
You think you know me
You dont know me...
But heres a thought or two
As much as you dont know me
I know exactly who are you
*Ive turned on moderation of comments because some people have an unhealthy idea of "helpful" advice...and others are just sick.
This isnt a reflection on any poster that I allowed their comment to be posted.


Chiara said...

An existential statement?
An invitation to write our own posts?
An invitation to be silent?
An incomplete post?
A computer malfunction?

Chiara said...

I left a previous comment, which now looks as though it was written when this post seemed complete but wasn't. If you haven't deleted it yet, feel free!

San Antonio Cicily said...

Well I hope I wasn't one offering bad or unhealthy advice. I was simply trying to come up with ideas for you. You are right no one will ever know what you have been through in your particular situation, I do know and forgive me for saying this, you should not have had to go through that. No human being deserves that. I do think that most people are just trying to give you some ideas, ultimately this is your decision though. It does anger me to know that your husband and your family have to be such asses to you guys. Do they know love at all?

coolred38 said...

Dont worry ladies...if your comment is shown...Im happy with what you say and how you say it...even negative advice or comments are accepted...if they are written with a civil tongue and manners.

Chiara...consider it a hot response without much thought or

Chiara said...

LOL my initial comment was written when the only thing showing was the photo! Very expressive! :)

Nawal said...

You are right, its never to late to try and mend a relationship and right the wrongs. Thanks for the reminder.

Safiyyah said...

I'm sorry for the awful commenters; no one deserves to be abused on their own blog.

coolred38 said... wondering about your was more interesting than my post seemed to warrant...ha ha thank you.

Nawal...thank you.

Saffiyah...thank you and I agree.

Suroor said...

I am so sorry that you got nasty comments. Why can't people be civil and understand that there is a bleeding heart :(

You are much loved, CoolRed!

coolred38 said...

Suroor...thanks for the cool breeze of friendship in the morning after a hectic night.

Yasemin said...

I know what you speak of and was so sorry to see it. I wanted to reach out through my screen and simultaneously hug you and swat him/her. Love you dearly, we are always with you.

Anonymous said...

Ouch....I felt that thought

so, who bit your tail? Your post did say it was ok to rant. But I'm glad not all posts go online. When topics are about sex it's all on, throw in a kid and her photo and things get personal. But I do get so scared for you. Things can get worse. Btw, read your stars, you're on the accident prone planet...and stay away from electric saws planet. I'm on the shut up more often planet.

I don't have any advice. Not that scorpios take advice, including my best friend...who gives great advice, but never takes it, but, ya've been on the planet since the dinosaurs so obviously you're survivors....with lots of experience on the subject. That will get you through this. People like you, they all want you to suceed, me too.

I'll check in with you after awhile.

coolred38 said...

Lisa...thank you...your a sweetheart.

Anon...ranting is fine...I rant myself quite alot...but words mean something...and how you use them to get your point across can be the difference between someone taking notice and listening...and someone just closing their ears cause the words used are condemning and accusing rather than helpful...just saying.

btw...I know your a scorpio...

Susie of Arabia said...

Most of the time when I read your posts, you really get to me, in the pit of my stomach. You are such a powerful writer...

coolred38 said...

Susie...thank you...just writing what I feel.

Terri's Space said...

I don't know what happened...but I feel for you. I've had a few crazies at my sight...and/or those who feel that they know everything about everything...offering unsolicited advice again and's boring.

And, the tricky part is...these freaks keep changing aliases. One pain in the ass leaves...then another magically pops up. I know of one who has changed her alias at least 3 times!!

As you know...I've had similar problems...the only thing I could think of was to put my blog on lock down (meaning you have to be invited to read my blog).

coolred38 said...

Terri...for the most part I ignore crazy comments etc but for those that get way too personal and insulting or disgusting...hell no.

Mines on moderation until they find someone else to play games with.

Terri's Space said...

Yea...I understand. I'm sorry they came for your person. It's amzing how people can read a few paragraphs and think they know you. It's like the ignoramuses who think they can read books, pass a test...and consider themselves educated. Even a monkey can memorize. My blog wasn't up one week before I had to moderate the comments. I don't get it...why some people would just want to attach themselves to someone's blog online and then mess with that person. It's like their an angry little powerless troll, out to get their jollies.

coolred38 said...

Terri...couldnt agree more.

MaryAnn said...

Loved what you wrote and how you got your point across. MashaAllah you have a way with words and I love your writing style.

I had to close my original blog down because of ugly comments about me as a mother. I couldn't take ugly things like that.

Sorry that you had to go through something ugly too.

coolred38 said...

Maryann,..thanks for the compliment...Im sorry you had to close down...I feel blogs are an emotional outlet for some that they need to hang on to no matter the Anon's out there ready and willing to upset the whole experience.