Saturday, April 18, 2009

Back in Your Birdcage Little Bird!!

Hey little girl

I know you were free

You tasted how sweet living your life can be

Without judgement and fingers pointing out your "shame"

In daring to be different and ignoring the blame

That girls are for cages and being free is for boys

That boys are meant to live and girls are just toys

Back in your cage sweet daughter of mine

The neighbors are pointing and their lips are as bitter wine

They cant believe a girl has gone "bad" in such a short time

They blame the West, the freedom...but most of all the

How dare I let you be

Girls are not meant to be free

Back in the cage little girl

And throw away the key


janice said...

Oh CoolRed, that's such a sad poem. I'm so sorry you, your girls and whole family are having to go thru this.

Chiara said...

Oh no! The gossips are out it full force? She was sexually abused by a Bahraini, but the West has made her go "bad"? How so? Her mother is to blame? Oh yeah, I forgot it is always the mother's fault--but what possible freedoms are you allowing her to have provoked this? hair colour? clothes? makeup? Is she looking people in the eye and speaking up for herself? (my SIL did this after 3 months in North America but fortunately family and friends were happy for her)

Other than this puzzlement, I am reduced to my Proustian:
Zut! Zut! Zut!

Aynur said...


tanya said...

So sorry. Stay strong, and tell your daughter to ignore those morons. She will make it out of there one day and then she'll have the last laugh! In the meantime, if she really is creative, why not encourage her to start her own blog?

coolred38 said...

Janice...thank you...not sure if its a poem...just got on here frustrated and thats what

Chiara...well she has decided she likes the Dark Look...all black clothes and lots of necklaces and bracelets hanging on her with a few chains etc (playing at being Gothic I believe...just not sure how)...people are actually asking her if she has turned into a Devil Worshipper...based on what Im not sure. Her black clothes? Well 80% of the women around here are wearing black clothes...dont get that. Cause she likes lots of jewlery? Do people worshipping the devil really go in for the height of fashion? Not sure but Im thinking not...just things like that...but she now has the rep of being a Devil Worshipper based solely on her exterior....nobody interested in whats going on with her on the inside...sigh. too.

Tanya...funny you should mention that...just last night she was asking me how to start a blog...and was busy at the computer for quite awhile. She writes lovely poems so maybe we will get some of those eventually.

Yasemin said...

I'm so glad she is starting a blog and I'll be an avid reader! Oh Coolred, I wish those people would grow up and start realizing that it's not because of a Western mother. Look at their own princess who married a Mormon for goodness sakes! What was the problem with her BAHRAINI mom?

Love you!

Chiara said...

Oh dear! Guilty of being a teenager it seems! I guess the black Goth look and the black Bahraini look are rather dissimilar.

I once stumbled onto a street full of Goth convention participants, and thought everyone was from a seasonally very late (or very early) Halloween party, but an adolescent psychiatrist set me straight. Good thing, before I revealed too much of my popular culture naivete!

I hope her reputation as a "Devil Worshipper" will not result in harm greater than the usual tongue wagging!

coolred38 said...

Lisa...I know..right? thanks

Chiara...she isnt your traditional white faced 'scary" type Goth...she just into the dark clothes and many jewled accesories which might depict skulls etc. No strange piercings or anything...

I guess you could refer to her as

Susanne said...

What jerks! Ugh!

I visited your daughter's blog. I wish her well. It seems she likes chocolate like her mom does. ;-)

I like your new profile picture.

Chiara said...

Oh good. Gothlite seems to be the best, and judging by her lovely picture she is using the black to her advantage. She is also clear she still believes in God, another plus. She seems to be on a positive trajectory.

coolred38 said...

Susanne...thank you. A good hair day depicted for all

Chiara...people seem to be offended by her love of all things black (in clothing) completely missing the fact that women are covered all in black here...I dont see the difference....but there must be one or else people would be nuts to be this upset....then again..Im thinking people are nuts....sigh.