Friday, May 2, 2008

Anyone Know Exactly What the Minister of Healths Job Is?

I was under the impression that ministers are there to aid people...and that certain people are appointed the position because they are qualified for the job. Add to that the King himself going on about everyone working together to encourage small businesses in Bahrain to get a foothold and a hand out when they need it to prosper etc. So imagine when my partner approached the Minister of Health this past week to ask him for his patronage of a Health and Beauty exhibition we are planning for June. The whole point of the exhibition is to encourage citizens of Bahrain and specifically Bahrainis, to get moving and become interested more in their over all health through exercise and other forms of health issues. We were assuming we wouldnt have to ask very hard...he is he Minister of Health after all...and we see him patroning this and that that had less to do with health before...and yet imagine our surprise when he turned us down. Well, not him personally....his people. The ones that decide whether you get an audience with him or not...they usually make this decision based on who you are or who you know....and not on what idea or purpose brings you there.

So suddenly the one area we thought we didnt need to worry about...getting a patron for our suddenly the most important thing to stress about. Anyone in this business can tell you that without a good patron for your event....sponsors are reluctant to jump on if they need someone "importants" permission or acceptance of your idea before they are willing to accept and help you out. So these little people who wield the "power" at the Ministers office have shot us in the foot basically...without the Minister of Health being our patron for a health related event...what are the chances any would be sponsor would be willing to give their name and financial support to it? Im wondering if the Minister of Health and the King had any heart to hearts lately about just what his job is...and what he can and should be doing for the people of Bahrain to encourage business and help improve the economy in some small way and whether or not he has related all that to his "ass kissers"...oops I mean office staff? Anyone? Its not like we asked him to demonstrate how to do crunches at the exhibition or anything...all we asked for was his name on the advertising banners....was that asking too much?

How can the average Bahraini make a living here through her own sweat and hard work...when all her fellow Bahrainis...the ones with the power....or who think they have power...just want to know who sent her...who her family is...or what she can do for them in return? What happened to just doing something cause its your job?


DA said...

Politicians, I think, are politicians, no matter where you go. It's always more about connections than ideas.

BTW, this is Dave/parallelsidewalk

coolred38 said...

Thanks Dave for stopping by...and your right...and the "connections" thing is never more truer than in the gulf.