Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A long walk home from Juffair...!

Have you ever wondered how long it would take to walk from inner Juffair to Hidd? Well wonder no more...yours truly embarked on an epic trek last nite that started at 6 pm and ended just after 9. I suppose someone with a little less weight to carry and a lot more fitness under their belt might have done it a bit quicker...you think?...but it took me just over 3 hours. Why might you ask did I take on such a foot aching walk? Well for two reasons really...first off I was seriously ticked off by the person I was with and rather then sit in the car with her and further our argument(which could lead to more disaster) I got out and stomped off claiming I was walking home. The little stubbon goat in me insisted I do what I angrily claimed I was going to do....whats a few blisters when your trying to prove a point? Secondly, I use to go for walks nearly every day for many years...but for the past two years I havent gone and I miss those walks alot...so I took it as a chance to prove a point(I forgot what the point was 4 kms into the walk) and to reaquaint myself with the joys of walking.

Walking is really under rated as a form of meditation and soul searching. Just cruising along...maybe counting your footsteps or breaths...or the many black beetles that line the path like tiny tanks(ewww!)...sends you into a sort of trance like state that really lets you think clearly...or not so clearly(random thoughts tend to come and go during trance like states)...and you can get a lot of that back log of problem solving and critical thinking done that you just havent found time for in this chaotic and constantly busy life we live now. If you have headphones on(which I did) everything around you is practically cut off...so your in effect in a world of your own. I might add this can be dangerous if your alone somewhere as anyone could sneak up behind you and you wouldnt hear them coming...but as the footpath over the bridge is quite busy I felt safe to use them.

I started out on my journey quite angry and upset so was stomping along grumbling about "seeking justice" the next time my best friend had the nerve to come near me(I imagine her ears were buring something awful) but somewhere along the line I slowed down and settled into an easy stroll...I had a long way to go and I wasnt in a hurry. With each step taken some of the anger was left behind with it until at some point I realized I wasnt angry any more and seeking justice was left somewhere back in the dust. There were a few times I wanted to call her to come get me...but then stubborn goat bleated that that would be the worst thing I could do...she was probably waiting just for that call so she could gloat and drown out the bleat...so I didnt call. Step after step after step...getting farther from my starting point...and closer to my goal.

During this 3 hour marathon trek...I came to the conclusion about a few things...you might all ready know these things and dont need a blister inducing safari to teach them to you...but bear with me.

1. First and foremost...never stomp off on a cross country(lol) trek if your not physically ready or dressed for it...makes it a whole lot tougher on you to wear snug jeans and a heavy backpack for such a walk and no such marathon walk should be undertaken if you havent been doing some sort of exercise before hand. Believe me, your feet, and everything between that and your hairline, will remind you of the fact every step of the way. (if you manage to complete the walk...it aint over yet...try getting out of bed the next morning)

2. Stomping off for a walk is actually a good way to prevent an argument from spiraling out of control which can lead to things being said that woud cause pain and regret later. I recommend going for a walk when things start to get heated between you and someone you care about...no sense in staying and feeding the fire with hurtful words that you cant take back and are never forgotten(even if they are forgiven). Also, its safer for you and those around you not to storm off in your car and drive while angry....nuff said on that.

3. Walking gives you the opportunity to look at things you pass by in a blur in your car everyday a little more closer. Reminds us that we should slow down and enjoy the scenery...such as it is. The most scenery you get from a car is the tail end of other cars...or the angry faces of irate drivers...walking is positively serene and no lane changers(all though that guy on the bike needs a few lessons on sidewalk ettiquette...grrr)...tailgaters....or people breaking in front of you for absolutely no reason. There are never traffic jams on footpaths.

4. Last but not least...dont consider the whole trip from start to finish...you might find it too monumental and chicken out or give up....see it as a series of mini walks. Set a point in the distance and vow that you will walk that far...like to the next km sign..or traffic lights etc. Once you pass that..spot your next goal and head for it. Its much easier to break down a long walk into little walks...then to consider the journey in one big bite. If someone had told me yesterday morning that I could walk from Juffair to my house in Hidd...I would have laughed at them...but Im not laughing now. I might have blisters but I now know that I can walk around 9 kms and not need medical attention and heart bypass surgery...its a great sense of acheivement for me...so now Im looking forward to my next walk...but maybe not quite so far...lol.

lets just hope it doesnt take an argument to get me started...sigh!

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