Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Desert 1 Bright Sparks 0

This is my first attempt at adding a pic to my blog...lets hope Ive figured out the small print.
For my first pic post Im using these two bright sparks and the result of their "lets take a short cut"....Bahrainis love short cuts.
This is out in Arad towards Amwaj I dont know much about driving in the desert but I do know, after watching these guys for a good 20 minutes, a few things I didnt know before...
1. Gunning the engine when your trapped in sand may send out and impressive spray reminicent of a brown rainbow...but the result is that you just dig yourself in deeper. I find it interesting that these two got out and surveyed the result of gunning the engine 3 times before giving up on it...hard to see from this angle but the jeep is quite deep...up to the floor boards on the far side.
2. Accusing each other of not watching out for soft spots doesnt do the situation any more good in Bahrain then it does in America...end result...still stuck.
3. The 4 men sitting off to the side out of the photo shot...were certainly enjoying the free show while they sipped tea and apparently were quite content not to lend a hand and sort out these two troubled souls.
4. About 30 secs after I took this photo...they gave up and started off across the apparently some men know when their beat...Desert 1...2 Bright Sparks 0.


Elizabeth said...

This reminds me of when I was in Costa Rica and our van got stuck. Some locals behind us stopped their car and got out and I thought, great! they're going to help us push. Instead they started snapping photos. They were highly amused.

coolred38 said...

Well Elizabeth...theres nothing more entertaining then other peoples hard luck!