Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fun for all or Free for All?

There are lots of ways to have fun in Bahrain...you dont have to look hard or dig deep...as long as your willing to pay for it. Not much in life is fun...especially if its free...fun things are not usually free...which means that free things are not usually all that fun. So when I looked in the GDN today and saw this....

The BD15 million revamped Adhari Park threw open its gates with an offer of free rides for the next three days starting tonight. Visitors will just have to pay a minimal entrance fee of 500 fils, before having access to all rides in the park, which was officially opened last night.

The first thing that sprang to mind was not Fun for all but Free For All...as in chaos and mayhem. We all like free stuff...so no doubt there will be plenty of families descending over the next 3 days on Adhari in order to avail themselves of the free ride offer...but heres the little drawback to such an offer...a majority of Bahrainis that I know...hell! a majority of Arabs I know...do not understand the concept of standing in a line. Have you ever been standing in the line at the bank, Batelco, or name any establishment...waiting patiently for your turn behind others...when along comes one or more Bahrains(Arabs) that dont even hestitate when marching to the front of the line demanding service. Hostile looks from those standing quietly in the line seem to affect them not at all...or if they notice they give you the ..."Im Bahraini so like it or go home"...look. We've all been given that look at one time or another ...right? Have you ever been waiting patiently at a red light only for a Bahraini to skip the mile long line and cruise to the front and edge himself into the front of the line...even if it means sticking the nose of his car halfway out into traffic....raise your hand if its happened to you(two hands up here). If you protest at all with maybe a toot of the horn or just throw a dirty look their way...they reward you with a raised finger and a colorful burst of what I assume would not be invitations to dinner. Eventually you get tired of complaining as brainless objects usually do not respond to sarcasm or lectures on manners and how to stand in line and wait your turn.

So...all though my kids are clamoring to go...and I will take them eventually...I will not avail myself of the "free ride" offer as, without a doubt, the headache gained by trying to find a park...negotiating the throng of people...and then wait patiently for your turn only to be pushed back further and further in the line while "other" jump the queue, is just not my idea of a good time.

Come to think of it...maybe the next 3 days would be a good time to go to Seef...avoid the crowds that will be amassed at Adhari...woohoo.


Freddie said...

And that sadly cascades down to their damn kids who pick up on that, they don't wear seatbelts when they grow up and do exactly as their miserable parents did cuz they are all-knowing and all powerful and uber cool. upbringing has a lot to deal with that and even the "well educated" family has the tendency to neglect others' basic rights in waiting in line or at the traffic light. Not all are like that but there definitely are. Well said and don't worry, we good Bahrainis get the same treatment from such low-class people.

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Maryam said...

thats rite girl .hhhhhh