Thursday, April 3, 2008

Pedophiles are our friends...part 2

In todays GDN there is mention of a lecture given by Microsoft director of legal and corporate affairs for the Middle East and Africa Dina Founes> According to her lecture there are no laws in favour of children that fall victim to sexual abusers that entice them over the net.

"Bahrain should introduce laws to protect children from online predators," said Ms Founes.

Which is all well and good and should be done immediately...but is she aware that the punishment meted out to actual sexual predators right here in Bahrain arent all that tough I cant imagine these cyber laws having much affect...if any.

"Children are really vulnerable, especially over the Internet and it is very important for us to be able to track the offenders.

Im curious if sex offenders in Bahrain are tracked and if anyone in the court system actually cares that children are indeed vunerable....and once abused can be set on a course of self-destruction for life.

"Predators are really sophisticated in targeting children and they know how to get to them psychologically.

That pretty much holds true for all predators...cyber or otherwise...anyone care to inform the Bahrain authorities about this revelation.

"It is becoming a major issue and we have to be aware that there are not sufficient regulations to tackle these types of offences, especially towards children."

All the regulations in the world dont mean a damn thing unless those in charge enforce them and punish the offenders in a manner that discourages reoffending...and others from taking that first step towards a child in the first place.

Ms Founes said only Saudi Arabia and Dubai had cyber crime laws and urged more countries to sign up to a Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime, which has laws specifically to handle the abuse of children.

So as good as that sounds...the laws "protecting" women arent enforced(those derived from the Quran) with much enthusiam in those signing up for some council or another hardly seems worth the bother.

"The Internet is a gift that we have but we need to get the proper regulation to deal with it," she said. "It helps to have these laws because it helps in dissuading people.

Children are a gift from God...but we need to give them the proper protection...and when that fails we need to punish the offenders with diligence and enforcement. Anything less is criminal by the court system itself.

"If nobody introduces these laws people feel they might get away with it."

Sounds like the pedophiles and rapists in Bahrain pretty much feel like they can get away with it considering the light sentences handed down.. then most likely cut in half....and then they walk...without even having to be registered as a pedophile or rapists as in America and other places.

Bahrain use to be a fairly safe haven for children to play...letting your child out of your sight was never as fearful a choice made as it is today. By the look of the number of children still playing without an adult presence and by the very young age of some of these children...I would have to assume that Bahraini's have not yet realized the enormity of the danger they have placed their children in. I blame this on the little attention these pedophile cases are given in the media and then the light sentences handed down...its almost like an afterthought in the news....

Parliment squabbled again today....traffic accidents tied up traffic as usual...and, oh yeah, a pedophile was released from jail after serving less then half of his sentence...which wasnt that much to begin with.

Unless and until this country...this supposed Sharia Court the proper amount of attention this situation deserves...our children will continue to be the playthings of pedophiles and rapists from one side of Bahrain to the many children have to suffer the loss of their innocense before people wake up and pay attention?

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Sous said...

Maybe we should start a name and shame site and publish who the convicted are. You are right. The law is lousy when it comes to these things here. I heard a story yesterday abt a man that approached kids at the Book Fair the other day only to turn up at their school the day after trying to talk to the kids. If everyone helped out we could soon weed out these creeps.