Sunday, March 30, 2008

Have you ever been blocked in a carpark....?

My friend and I had just spent a good couple hours in Seef...a little shopping...a trip to the cinema...and we came out into the carpark only to discover our car was blocked in by some idiot who wasnt thinking much beyond his need for whatever took him into Seef in the first place.

Initially we were pretty ticked off cause we were done and wanted to go and inconsiderate people sure have a way of popping up just when you least want to deal with them(always the case) we let ourselves fume for a good 5 minutes...I imagine his ears were ringing from the color blue in the air around us....but then, as I was leaning against the car...thinking evil thoughts about Mr My Time is More Important then Mere Mortals...I realized the sun was shining...insects were buzzing...the weather was pretty it all added up to a fairly peaceful 25 minutes that we might have missed if we had just got in the car and went on our way.

By the time he arrived...not looking the least bit apologetic I might add...we had calmed down and were just passing the time enjoying ourselves and chatting about life he didnt get his ass kicked like he deserved...which is maybe why he wasnt in a hurry to apologize...and we had slowed down and let ourselves "see" the day for what it was...a pretty fine one for sure.

So thank you Mr Im Not Sorry For My Inconsideration...your action resulted in us being stuck for 25 minutes...25 minutes that we actually enjoyed...but before you get to self satified...dont be surprised when you receive a parking ticket in the mail...yeah..we called them! Maybe you got that ass kicking after


ammaro said...

disregarding the issue of inconsiderate bastards all over the place (which are more common than we would like), taking the time to just look around, enjoy your day is something we do too little. seriously. the world is rushing, and we're running from place to place, but when do you ever stop to catch your breath and watch the world go round?

beautiful. and yeah, he deserves the ticket (and maybe a dent in his bumper if you could have arranged for that too).

coolred38 said...

Ty ammar...dont think for a second we didnt consider that option. nice gene kicked in at the most inopportune of has an irritating habit of doing that...damn!