Friday, March 14, 2008

Pedophiles are our friends!

Yet once again a headline in the GDN proclaims that one more pedophile is free to re-offend. I cant for the life of me understand the mentality of these judges that are letting these monsters go free! What are they thinking...that he's a good guy in general and most likely wasnt thinking straight when he attacked and molested or raped a small child? Or how about the father that forgave his sons attacker and so the sentence was is it the father has authority to do this...the guy didnt crash his car or steal from him so that the father can be lenient and drop the charges etc...this man molested his son...HIS SON for Gods sake...and he forgives him and let him go free? WTF! This means one of two things in my book...either the father doesnt give a rats ass about his son...or the father himself has sympathy and maybe some sort of perverse understanding and affinity for the pedophile...and so forgave him and set him free...which boggles the mind...because it also says that the judge who agreed to the whole thing also has some kind of sympathy and affinity for the monster that molests little else would he agree to such an unbelievable agreement?

Monsters are roaming the streets of Bahrain and when they get caught, convicted and put in jail...they are not treated like monsters but like common criminals that dont deserve the harshest punishment there is.

Bahraini's, you are out there every weekend protesting some thing or another...housing, jobs, Israel, America...cartoons, and hijab and whatever other fucked up nonsense you feel is worth your Friday afternoon to protest and yet the continued predation of your children does not stir you enough to devote even one single protest towards the so called Sharia Court system in your county that is allowing these monsters to walk free? Cartoons can drive you to anger and protest but raping of your children does not? Do they mean so little to you...are you assuming they will grow up and forget all about it...or are you just worried about the scandal that will result from your family name being linked with pedophilia or rape...if this is the case...then dont protest...dont concern yourself...your children will thank you when they grow up and raise their own children the same way....the "We love you son/daughter...but if you get set upon by a monster...dont come crying to us...we cant be bothered" way...I want to weep...

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