Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bahrain Needs Missle Defense?

Bahrain-US hold talks on air defence system was a top story in the GDN today...it left me scratching my head...for several reasons.

"Our defence co-operation with the US goes back over 60 years. It has consistently proved its value in maintaining peace and security in the Gulf and we believe that the region will continue to need such co-operation now and in the future," His Majesty said.... would this be the peace and security currently maintained in Bahrain...in which rioters are weekly headline makers and pedophiles and rapists are on the rise...not to mention bodily assaults on just about everyone these days...whose peace and security is he talking about? Bahrain is still considered part of the gulf right?

"Today, we discussed our readiness to confront any possible threat to the stability and security of the Arabian Gulf and, in this respect, we will increase our joint exercises to adapt to the new defence systems? does the Arabian Gulf include Iraq...does this little war going on in Iraq not fall under the "possible threat to the stability and security of the Arabian Gulf"? it must since Arabs in Bahrain are demonstrating all the time about it and the headlines are always going on about it as doing just that.

"Our talks on defence co-operation is consistent with Bahrain's status as a major non-Nato ally of the US. ...which means what exactly...a "major non-Nato ally of the US translates into...we are your servants...ask of us anything oh mighty American Masters.

"We appreciate the support of President George W Bush in all fields, including his support during the current visit to Washington." ....puhleeeeze!!

The first paragraph of the article will be the last mentioned.....

MANAMA: Bahrain is hoping to set up an air defence system in co-operation with the US and acquire the Patriot system to counter missile threats. This was revealed by His Majesty King Hamad after a visit to the Pentagon last night, where he held talks with Defence Secretary Robert Gates and senior officials.....just how many missle threats has Bahrain received recently that the cost of such an extravagance would be warranted? Not to mention...Bahrain is in the middle of an economic crisis for its citizens...if you have the money to spend on war toys for a country that is not in a war and most likely will not be anytime soon...why cant you find the money to help your citizens survive this crisis?....oh yeah I forgot...BD50 is on the way...my bad.

Why is it so many Arab countries are so quick to snap up all these war gadgets...when most of them have a lot of problems at home that will not be solved nor helped by spending small fortunes on needless killing machines?

I have a suggestion for those with deep pockets and not so deep thinking skills...if you got some spare change left over after buying your war toys...how about buy a clue?

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