Monday, March 24, 2008

How accurate is the government in determining the needy?

Lately there has been the news that the govt will be giving needy families BD50 a month to help with the rising cost of living. I seen the list of names recently in the arabic press...and here is my question. Just how does the government determine who is needy and deserves that BD50?

I ask this question for purely personal reasons actually....and the reason I ask is because while going down the list of names I came across my ex husbands name. Now, from what I understand this money is meant for families that are in need. Considering my ex no longer has his family with him...and is only giving his 5 children the court ordered BD150 a month and claims he cant afford more than that...which I also know is not true...I wonder exactly what he had to do to apply for the BD50 under the label of family man? Obviously he misrepresented himself and his position in his childrens which case he broke the law...right? I also know that he has his name down for a government house...also meant for families and he didnt bother to inform them that he is in fact divorced now and does not have his family with him...and yet he still is on the list. I know this cause I got some paperwork in the mail the other day...some of his mail still comes to my house.

So lets break this down a little shall we....and so who is the needy one here.

His salary is roughly BD470 the last time I might have gone up...but we will consider it the same. He gives me BD150 each month for the children. So now he's got BD 320. He lives with his new wife in her he does not pay for rent or anything...all though he might contribute towards it. He uses a company car so does not pay a car loan. Its just him and the wife so I dont imagine his food bill is all that high either. This of course is not counting whatever monies she makes as well.

Now lets see my situation. I make BD300 plus his I have BD450 to work with each month. I pay the rent the electric BD30 or so...the phone BD25....the car loan BD110(I might mention that I had a car before the divorce...he took it with him which forced me to get another one)...and a monthly food bill for 6 people...3 of which are boys that seem to have a bottomless pit when it comes to eating. So all of that is roughly BD400...give or take...this is not taking into account the day to day gas for the car...medical for the family...clothes etc that the children might basically my money is gone within a few days of receiving it. All of this without for fun...and doing without some much needed things. Yet...he is the one getting the bd50 extra to tackle the high cost of living.

Something doesnt add up. What did he show them to prove he needs the money cause I can show them those same things and more? Does the government investigate these "needy" families or just sign them up cause they say they are needy? And when my ex gets his government house...are my children entitled to it considering their names are listed on his application form...all though he seems to have forgotten they exist since then?

I realize everything in Bahrain is done by wasta and that by and large non Bahrainis cant really partake of that particular bartering tool...but my children are considered do they fall under the umbrella of help....everyone I have brought this subject up with has basically two differing opinions.

1. You cant do anything about it cause you arent a Bahraini...and your children arent old enough to speak for what can you do but complain?

2. You need to complain to the right authorities and get your rights from him.

Ok, the first sucks cause whether or not Im Bahraini or not shouldnt matter when it comes to getting my children what they are entitled too...whether they are old enough to go get it themselves or not.

And number two sucks cause Ive been to the courts...did the whole legal crap dance...and both judges didnt want to know...they couldnt be bothered with my petition for my childrens then what? Who are the right authorities to complain to?

I prefer choice number 3...hire a bunch of cowboys to go and kick the ever living shit out of him...and then let him enjoy his BD50...while I enjoy the memory of that vey enjoyable moment.

The laws in Bahrain are archaic when it comes to women and children...these government handouts are shit when they dont reach the ones who deserve it the most....and this whole wasta thing bites the big one...unless your someone that has some...does anyone on here know someone that knows someone that can help me....when my underage Bahraini children are old enough...Im sure they will thank you for it.

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Susanne said...

I am so sorry for this! How DREADFUL and unfair!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR! I also read your post recently -- I think it was yours..hmm -- about Arabs and how the mom's side is of little value. Wow, did that boil my blood. Well, I guess it's not strictly an Arab thing, but since you used them as your example that is why I said that. It's really sad when the women (moms!) are seen as not as valuable. Like when I read of countries that abort or give up their little girls because they want boys. Ugh!!!

Anyway, I'm so sorry you have to go through this!