Sunday, May 23, 2010

The saga continues...with English Comp.

English Comp had to be my favorite class just because of the friends I made there and the fun teacher we had. We had a lot of laughs in that class and everyday was something new. Each day our teacher would take a roll call question...asking us anything from...where would we like to live in the world or who in history we would most like to meet. Some of the answers some of us gave were hilarious...and others were sexual in nature but not meaning to be (or maybe they were..teehee) and the class would explode...teacher included. You just never knew what someone would say next. My teacher told me that she anticipated my answer like someone waiting for the lottery balls to fall down...apparently I have a sharp wit that she enjoyed. Who knew? LOL.
At any rate I have discovered that I really do not like writing about things by force. I love writing itself, but being told to write THIS and to do it like THAT is just a big pain in my...ahem...typing fingers. I had to write 4 essays in her class all together..with research and footnotes and works cited pages and in text quotes etc etc blah blah blah. All very boring. And Time Consuming. With my work schedule and other classes and just life in general getting in the way...I often found myself working almost from scratch a mere day or two before the darn thing was due. I actually finished one entire essay, with all extras included, mere hours before it was due on her desk. I had to quietly pat myself on the back when she admired my ability to get it all done...despite my hectic life.
She wrote awesome comments on my papers which made me feel quite proud of myself. Some of them indicated it was a pleasure to read my level of writing (freshman) compared to her usual fodder. LOL don't be hating. She also commented that I should look to writing in a magazine or something as clearly I had the skills. Unfortunately, I know that ( big head is rather hard to carry around)...and yet have not bothered myself to pursue it. Don't ask me why. Laziness? Fear of failure? Time? I don't know. *sigh*
I managed to get A's on all 4 essays...I say managed because, seriously, I barely had time to devote my full attention to those babies. Always working, working, and needing sleep desperately. Instead I was up at 2 am trying to get things done. I assumed I don't write well under pressure but I guess I proved myself wrong. Seems I write better. Lol. Who would have thought it.
In the end, I enjoyed her class immensely but I didn't really enjoy the essay writing process. Too long and laborious. I just like to sit down and pound something out and be done with it.
Sort of like this post.


Susanne said...

I'm not surprised about the wit comment. I often enjoy yours around the blogosphere. :) I think you need to look into writing for magazines, too. Great job! Your teacher does sound like a blast! Good teachers can make all the difference in school, IMO.

oby said...

I second the motion Susanne. Coolred, I have always enjoyed your comments and found, with the fewest words they are generally searingly a missile to the heart of the matter. LOVE that.

Angel Darling said...

As a fellow procrastinator when it comes to writing (and able to do it well under pressure), I think that sometimes we are fearful of our greatness.

If you can manage to get good grades and great comments writing off the cuff, imagine what you could do if you really put some time into it? Scary, huh? You'd probably be published by now! :-)

Don't fear your own light, don't fear your own potential... you deserve to be even more awesome than you are!

Keep up the good work!

Chiara said...

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Chiara said...

Coolred--Congratulations! I can attest that you write well by prefer to do it "YOUR way" LOL :)

You are definitely in journalism mode--likes short deadlines, minimum research, creative licence, etc!

More power to you and submit things already! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations,you are more than a journalist . i would say scholorly journalist...(smile).

may Allah be with you always.
jazakallah khairan


Suroor said...

CR, You intelligent, witty and an excellent writer!

Your teacher is right!

Wishing you the best of luck in your studies and otherwise also.

coolred38 said...

Thank you stay tuned for the next dramatic installment of....Coolreds College Life...Speech Class...dum de dum dum!!! Lol