Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Lesson in Speech Giving....

I signed up for speech class simply because I'm horrible at speaking in front of more than say...two...people. I figured I needed to expand my abilities and get use to socializing with others a little more. Did I mention I don't always play nice with others...just the way I am. That has boiled down to me not being able to socialize beyond formalities etc. Hard to believe I know...but Coolred has had a very lonely isolating life for the most part..she does what she can to accommodate that previous life by trying new things now...so speech class it was.
Anyhow, I started out really enjoying this class. I even liked my instructor, who looked like a hippie version of Jesus. No lie. He was pithy and humorous and made class enjoyable with some of his insights etc. He had us stand up and speak in front of the class several times leading up to our first speech..which was to inform the audience about a certain subject.
I chose Arabs. Go figure.
Anyhow, of course I was terrified to give my first real live 8 min speech with visuals and cue cards and everyone looking at ME for those uninterrupted 8 min. I pretty knew I was going to either pass out from lack of oxygen..I tend to not inhale when put on the spot...or act like a deer in headlights once all eyes were on me.
50/50 chance..which would it be..faint dead away..or become roadkill?
Roadkill it is.
I stood there all tongue tied and unable to find my spot and blushing furiously. It was 8 min of pure hell on earth. *sigh* I rambled and got lost and never found my way back to my point...which was...Arabs are family oriented, generous, and horrible at time management. Those are the only 3 things I discussed..nothing else....soooooo when I got my paper back...I knew I had blown the speech so wasn't expecting stellar marks or anything...but I also didn't expect my speech teacher to leave a completely generalized and racist remark on my paper that had nothing to do with my subject. I did not mention religion at all...did not mention Islam...didn't mention anything other than those 3 things up there..and barely those truth be told....so when he commented this...
While I do not mind people following whatever religious belief they choose, when that religion condones the mass killing of women and puts my life as an atheist in danger and tries to force its ideology down my throat...a line must be drawn. (paraphrasing...cant find the speech now..damn!!)
I was so ticked off. He KNEW my kids are half Arab...Knew they were Muslims...Knew Arabs are important to me as a people...and had instructed us many many times NOT to make generalizations in our statements...so what was that exactly? Sounded like a huge generalization in my opinion...not to mention he was basically calling my children "women killers".
I was livid.
After that I just couldn't enjoy his class anymore. Didn't even really like speaking to him or giving feedback in the class. Don't get me wrong..he has the right to his opinion...but I'm pretty damn sure it didn't belong anywhere on my paper.
My next two speeches were about women being perceived as the weaker sex. I put up a pretty good speech about how men are, from the moment of conception until death, are at a constant disadvantage to women...everything from more likely to be born premature and die from it...to having learning difficulties; such as autism or ADD etc...as well as developmental problems and emotional insecurities etc. All in all...women come out on top in a lot of areas...but are deemed weaker simply because we SAY they are...nothing else. The first speech I had to argue it...the second one I had to give solutions for it etc.
I did pretty good on those two and got A's on them. I prepared more for them and felt more comfortable. Still didn't like the class tho. He actually gave us a final exam...of which I entered class on the day of the exam with absolutely NO idea we were having an exam that day. I swear people, completely clueless. My only excuse is that it had been a hectic week...and I had missed his previous class for some reason..and hadn't really been paying attention to him *oops*..so just didn't have a clue about it. The exam was on the class book we were supposed to read...teaching us about speech giving etc. I never read that book. Just looked at a few areas here and there. I managed to get a B on that exam. LOL Imagine if I had actually read the damn book. Oh well...water and bridges.
Anyhow, that was speech class. Done and dusted. Started out well enough but went down hill once my enjoyment was tainted.


Chiara said...

As I recall the only one you were more angry at than Herr Professor was me, for telling you to hold your fire until the marks were in, and then hold it some more! LOL :) :P

Usman said...

Well, you must have reminded Mr. atheist that when ignorant and perverted minds like him start teaching in schools and colleges,..."a line must be drawn" for the better sake of the community.

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Wow, I can't believe he said that!! You know it's bad when teachers are saying crap like that!

Susanne said...

Wow, so much for tolerance. Ugh! What an awful thing to say about a speech that had *nothing* to do with Muslims. Weird! I guess he associates all Arabs with Muslims??? Please tell us you confronted him about this.

Glad you made As on the other speeches. Sounds like a great topic for you to argue! :)

oby said...

I agree he is entitled to his opinion but for the life of me I can't figure out why he chose you to kick in this regard. Your speech had nothing to do with ANYTHING he wrote on your paper. what the heck did he expect to accomplish? That must've hurt. I'm glad the class is behind you.

AlabasterMuslim said...

Now that your class if over with him, you should say something! Or you could be nice and forgive him LOL but since he was a jerk I don't think that'll be happening.
Good job for taking the class, impressive :D

Sarah said...

Congrats on the good marks!
I am shocked at the attitude of your teacher. Ellen in Australia posted about a similar attitude from a teacher. In Britain oddly enough you are more likely to hear anti-Christian attitudes than anti-Muslim. We are so politically correct... except about Christianity.

misschatterbox said...

wow that was mega-unprofessional! The class is about giving speeches - they are not meant disagree or argue with you about your topic only on the speech itself, in structure, delivery etc. He can give advice and criticism on how you discuss your topic, but not the topic itself.
And you should tell him that! *fumes*
Some of the things I read on your blog that people say really really amaze me! I know there are racist, ignorant people in Australia, but I have to say the things I read from my fellow bloggers in the states is on a whole other level? May I ask what state you live in? It seems certain areas/states are worse than others?

Kirrus said...

You should go to the college or school with the paper and his comment. That is a totally unacceptable, unprofessional response.

Your grades affect the way you view your work, and to insult you that way is not on. No college or organisation would accept that, unless they're institutionally racist/sexist/ageist/etc.

If he's done it to you, he can do it to someone else who can't handle it as well.

Angel Darling said...

As an educator, I am not happy with your professor's remarks on your work... totally uncool... and not helpful, hello?

Anonymous said...

HE COMMENTED THIS....when that religion condones the mass killing of women ....

I don't think he is a teacher.

coolred38 said...

Thanks everyone...I was torn about facing him at the time...I had different opinions telling me to either face him and give him an earful or ignore his racist attitude.

I decided that sometimes you cant change peoples hearts and minds when they are so entrenched in their beliefs. I learned that with some Muslims...and apparently its true for some atheists as well.

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