Monday, May 3, 2010

Pick a side already!!!

I make it a habit to seek out and comment on Arab/Muslim/Islamic style blogs or posts simply because that is one of my main interests and it also annoys me when I see obviously false statements being made and touted as either part of Islam...or not etc. Obvious to me anyhow. LOL
Funny enough Ive gotten too many to count emails and comments asking me "am I Muslim"...or better yet..."do I still consider myself one" for those that know my history.
Here's my take on that whole question...of which I will not give a direct answer because I find it irrelevant to my point.
With Muslims you cannot win the comment game for the most part.
Why???? Good question. Here's my answer.
1. If I am a Muslim then my answer has authority over any nonMuslim that may have commented and claimed something as well. Even if I'm blatantly wrong.
2. If I'm not a Muslim then my comment is not accepted when it concerns something about Islam, the prophet, scholars, imams, women etc. You are not Muslim, you know nothing and have no right to comment.
3. If I am Muslim but make a comment that is not commonly held or doesn't make another Muslim happy...then Ive either been brainwashed by the evil west or I'm not a "real" Muslim and my comments and thoughts don't count.
4. And lastly, if I use to be a Muslim but now I'm not. I should be killed...and thus my comments don't count cause I should already be dead anyhow. *sigh*
SO, for those sending me emails and comments asking me whether I am a Muslim or do I still consider myself answer would be. Its none of your business and shouldn't be used to decide whether or not my comments merit authority or consideration as being right or even possibly right. I can be Muslim and disagree with you. I can be a non Muslim and still be right. I can leave Islam and still have insights to make about it or shed light on it etc. I can...and I do.
Final thoughts...
The prophet was told one day that a man was good because he could be seen going up and down in the mosque (performing his prayers)...the prophet said...don't judge a man by what he does but by who he spends his time with. (paraphrasing)
Another time, some information came to him that the sahaba were not happy with because the information came from someone they didn't regard in a good light. The prophet told them, do not judge WHO is saying it (passing on the information) but ONLY in what they are saying (the message). (paraphrasing).
Whether you, I or anyone is a Muslim, nonMuslim, kafir or atheist..that right there is some sound advice.


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I feel this pressure in the blog world lot too. If you don't necessarily fit into a category neatly, your opinion is considered worthless. If you're not a Muslim, or not the right kind of Muslim, you will get attacked for questioning the status quo of Islamic practice.

Usman said...

Good Post!!

To me, your faith doesn't matter. What matters to me that you have spent decades among Muslims. Hence, you certainly have some authority when it comes to give opinion on Muslim matters.Though I will argue that despite being in Bahrain for so many years, you still can't speak the language of the land. Imagine I have lived in US for 20 yrs, but all I could come up in English is "Yes" and "NO". Could I claim that I understand US, it's people, it's culture?

Sarah said...

Some people want to slot everyone into a box for some reason. As you say, your beliefs which you choose not to discuss shouldn't make any difference at all in relation to the things you're saying. Unless people don't believe in treating everyone equally.

Susanne said...

For what it's worth, I always enjoy your comments on the blogs. You think for yourself and don't back down when people challenge you. I wish I had your edge. :)

Angel Darling said...

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, thought,or comment... Muslim, Christian, or other. So long as you have goodness in your heart for your fellow wo/man, you're A OK in my book! :-0)

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum sister,
I think your life experience with Muslims made u think Islam may be good but not Muslims...or u wanted to be a Muslim with those who practice Islam like sahabas and prophet himself..
Or you are still waiting a humble and polite Muslim who can understand your feelings and share your thoughts and life peacefully.
Whatever your thinking, your every post had a great impact on me, specially your journey to UMRAH., your experience in kaba enjoying Allah's presence even though having troublesome physical pain you were experiencing that time.
You are in USA now, but still facing trouble some life…may Allah grant you peace and happy life here and jannah here after sister.
This is my honest and humble prayer with Allah.
Jazakallah khairan.

Suroor said...

I'm going through the same thing right now:

Why did I stop writing about Islam? Am I not Muslim? If I'm not Muslim I can't talk about Arabs!

I hate such people and their lowly thoughts. I value your opinion highly Coolred and I appreciate whatever you have to say because your comments are always intelligent and thought provoking.

coolred38 said...

Stacey...thats exactly right. The status quo must NOT be upset. Period.

Usman, thank you for the comment but I wonder why you have assumed I cannot speak the language?

Sarah, Ive never liked being placed in a box...and even when I was forced into one...I didnt accept it willingly or quietly.

Susanne, well thank you. You will find your edge...just have patience. LOL

Angel, very true.

Anon, thank you very much for the lovely comment and welcome.

Suroor, I highly enjoy your posts. They always have great insights and get the thought processes going. Dont stop now...keep on keeping on and let the haters bang their heads.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum sister..
YOU SAID: 1) If I am a Muslim then my answer has authority over any nonMuslim that may have commented and claimed something as well. Even if I'm blatantly wrong.

ME: with Islam, you are there, but you don't want to be there and don't want anybody ask you where you wanted to be.
You know you are where in Islam and what you know about Islam, no need others to know where you stand for. Belief in Islam is your own business and you also know what you want with Islam and with its believers whether they are true or false in belief.
For time being ( I mean your present situation) You still don’t know where you are in Islam due to bead experience with a (bad) Muslim and trying to know where you wanted to be in Islam,…whether to stay where you are now or not to stay where you are now in Islam….you are not hiding what you are now with Islam, but surely you want something good in Islam and with those who try to have a contact with you to be honest ,caring ,loving and understanding to know where you wanted to be with Islam…
We both are not straight forward with the answer and sure I don’t want anybody understand what I am talking about..

Anonymous said...

bead = Bad

Usman said...


"...I wonder why you have assumed I cannot speak the language?"

Well, in some of your past posts you expressed the discomfort for being unable to communicate in some Arabic speaking gathering. Once you also mentioned that your children had to translate their report cards and that they helped you to communicate with your Syrian neighbors. It is all up there in your blog. So, I assumed you are not good enough in Arabic despite being in ME for quarter of a centuary.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, you seem to be right on. The main problem is you can never win, unless your view point is exactly the same as the other people commenting or posting (I'm referring to the ones where it's Muslims posting, as I don't go around to Christian blogs so I don't know about those).
I enjoy reading your comments and they usually make me snicker ... or I'm (for the most part) totally agreeing with you. ;)

Ayesha said...

Coolred, your blog is one of my regular reads.I love your honesty that shows in whatever you write.

Only God knows whats in our hearts. And none of us have the right to point a finger at anyone else.

Terri's Space said...

Good post.

I think whenever you put anything out there, you're always going to have a few assholes. I will put out a video about a particular experience I'm having in Saudi Arabia, and I will get 9 comments (from someone claiming to be Saudi or Arab) telling me they love my video, and then I will get that 1 asshole who calls me racist because I don't know any traditional Saudi's.

With the everyone has an opinion and think that they have the right to spew it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

I guess you're busy with finals coming up, hope all goes well. I'll check back next week


Jaz said...

Good post and I totally agree with you. If I ever comment on any of those conventional, 'perfect', Islam-only type blogs like Quran Club (not a dig at the blog, rather than a few of their readers) with my opinion or view on something, sometimes people reply to my comment with statements such as;

"And this is coming from someone who likes Christmas";


"You don't even wear hijab"

etc. So I understand where you're coming from. All of us are entitled to an opinion, no matter who we are or how different our views are. If not, then a fair and representative decision or discussion can never occur.