Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sometimes You Just Gotta Go With the Punch!!! 1

Most of my life Ive been a rather patient and nonviolent person...nonviolent in that I dont generally shout and get all worked up unless seriously antagonized for a prolonged period of time....and I abhor violence since I was victim of it for most of my life as well. I figure if you cant either talk it out...or walk away until you can talk it out...then you need to do some growing up...violence doesnt solve anything.

Having said that...there have been a few occasions in my life when I have just wanted to haul off and smack someone...9 times out of 10 I havent of course...the moment you hit someone you are no longer in control...of yourself or what the other person might do as a not hitting is usually the better option...but now and then...that 10th forget all self control and let her fly!! Oh the fun that happens after that!

Im thinking of a particular incident in my life that happened during the Gulf War...remember the first Gulf War with Georgie #1? I was here in Bahrain for that...and I might add some of the things that went on in Bahrain during that time is worthy of a post all by itself...anyhow I digress...

At the time of the Gulf War I was still fairly young and still quite naive about the goings on among the Muslims I was surrounded by. In the 23 years Ive been here of course I have learned that Arab/Muslims get up to all sorts of sin just like us in the "immoral West"...they just tend to hide it better. I get irritated when Muslims point fingers from their high horses about how sinful the West is...meanwhile I personally know they are just as happy to engage in sex and all its forms of debauchery as nonMuslims are. However, at this point in my life over here I was still in awe over the fact that Muslim girls were such modest and shy creatures...and would never EVER engage in premarital sex (I of course new that Muslim boys were doing do boys all over the right...I was seriously in need to have my blinders removed...and removed they were...picture this....

One night I found myself out with my SIL, my little girl, and SIL's teen daughter. We had been to the shops and were back in our neighborhood headed home. Imagine my surprise when we came across SIL's oldest teen daughter out in the street...and with a boy no less. Shock!! Horror!! She hung out with boys? No way!! Anyhow, upon seeing her mother she came running to the car and sobbed out a story of eye opening and blinder removing proportions...I was sitting there with my mouth seriously hanging open and my eyes bugged out. Remember, I was still under the greenhorn assumption that Muslim girls did not engage in any sort of contact with boys...much less have boyfriends...funny now when I think of it.

Her story was thus...she was with her current boyfriend...and her ex-boyfriend was being a shit by following them around shouting out "lies" about how she had slept with him...and his friends...and thus was a slut and everyone should know...especially new boyfriend. Now I was sitting there assuming SIL was going to kick the ass of her daughter for messing with boys in the first place...get her ass in the car and take us home and then commence kicking her slutty ass...oh how wrong I was. Daughters ass was never in danger...but ex-boyfriends ass was definitely in her sights.

It was at this specific moment that ex-boyfriend decided to drive by in his car...and teen daughter pointed him out with a shriek heard round the world...without even a moments hesitation my SIL was after him...and it was one of those moments when you just know that the night is not going to end well...but really cant do anything about it. The rest of us in the car were just along for the ride...or so I thought.

She chased him up and down streets for nearly half an hour...flashing her lights and honking her horn...shouting at him to pull over. At one point she even flew down a one way street...the wrong way...and it was here I seriously started thinking about grabbing my infant daughter and jumping out at the next stop...the lady had lost her mind. (something she seemed happy to prove again and again over the years)

At some point...I dont recall how...we all ended up in the airport parking lot. This was back in the day before paid parking was in effect so we could just drive right in. Lets set the scene here...there was our car with SIL, me, little girl, and teen daughter...there was oldest teen daughter with current boyfriend in another car...and troublemaker ex-boyfriend in his car...I do believe he had a friend with him or maybe it was just someone that showed up later. Oh yes...there were the strangers walking in and out that decided to stop and see what all the scandal was about.

Long story short here...oldest teen daughter immediately went into her soon to be famous hysterical mode...this entailed mindless screaming and shouting of which nobody could understand a word of...which eventually resulted in her throwing herself (or rather affecting a movie start swoon) to the the parking lot pavement and thus preceded to put on a scene any leading actress would die for...I can be cynical about it now as I came to know oldest teen daughter a bit better over the years and realized she really was rather a slut...but at the time I was falling for it hook line and sinker and was seriously freaking out over the commotion.

During this heroine scene of Oscar proportions SIL was screaming at ex-boyfriend accusing him of slandering her daughter...the same daughter that was out with current boyfriend after leaving ex-boyfriend in the dust...hmmm? New boyfriend was sort of standing by not sure what to do...wondering if he had picked a bad apple or what (eventually new boyfriend and oldest teen daughter would marry...but I cant say its a true love much drama all the time)...and younger teen daughter and I were standing back wondering when the police would show up considering the amount of attention we were drawing.

Now up to this point I wasnt really angry...I was more shocked than anything. Remember at the time I was pretty naive to the actual activities some girls got up too...and so couldnt really allow myself to believe at this point that oldest teen daughter was in fact deserving of the slur she was so adamantly causing a scene over. Not that I believe girls deserve the title "slut" merely for engaging in sex...but you have to understand the mindset of this culture...and how it can influence you fairly quickly when you are dumped into it headfirst and with no "normal" people to keep your open that make sense?

So at this point I was standing back observing all the commotion...taking it all in...and this is when my anger slowly started building...picture this...

Oldest teen daughter was stretched out on the cement flailing her arms and legs...tearing at her clothes and declaring her reputation ruined because of ex-boyfriends jealousy and lying tongue...SIL was bending over her trying to get her up off the ground and screaming at others to mind their own business. New boyfriend was standing by not doing anything...not even engaging ex-boyfriend in a show of loyalty by at least verbally kicking his ass...what a wuss!! And the thing that sent my low grade anger into full blown pissed off was the reaction of ex-boyfriend to all this scandal he had started...

He was standing back...away from the melee...hands crossed over his chest...superior air about him...and a very VERY smug look on his face...almost as if he was telling everyone around him...look at what I did...I did this!!! That smug look is what sent me over the edge. Maybe oldest teen daughter deserved what he was saying about her...I dont know...but the fact that he was standing there acting like Cock of the Rock or something just blew me away. Sorry to say folks that at this point in time I sort of went off manual and straight into auto pilot...and this is where the fun really began.

I sort of meandered on over to I wasnt really paying attention to him but wanted a different point of view of the circus show going on. When I managed to get right up near him I realized at 5'3" he pretty much towered over me. Had to be at least 6' tall. I considered that for about a second before I did a roundhouse swing and punched him full force in the nose...gave it everything I had..and then some.

He immediately grabbed his nose while blood started pouring out between his fingers. Suddenly everyone stopped focusing on the drama queen and gave us their undivided attention. At this point ex-boyfriend decided retreat was the better option and made for his car. For some reason...dont ask me...Im on auto pilot remember...I decided his car could so with some serious remodeling...and started banging it with my shoe...which I dont remember taking off. Teen daughter joined me and we actually managed to break one of his lights before he sped off into the night....screaming the whole time.

SIL decided things had gotten rather out of hand and a preemptive strike was required to get things back on track...she ordered us all in the car and with a squeal of tires headed for the police station. It was decided (by her) that teen daughter and I should stay in the car while older teen daughter and her went inside and lodged a complaint. Everyone knows that creating a situation that causes the local police's eyes to fall upon you is never a good thing in the best of circumstances...I had assaulted a bet your ass I was staying in the car.

Now teen daughter and I stayed in the car for about 2 hours before I started thinking about getting out of it. I had no idea what was going on inside but kept expecting at least 3 or 4 cops to come charging out and dragging me from the car at any moment. When 2 hours had passed without so much as an update from SIL...I started focusing on other the fact that I had to pee...and now that I realized I had to...I could think of nothing else. Before too long I was seriously looking out the window in hopes of seeing a nice stand of bushes or something similar...who cares I was in a Muslim country...when you gotta go you gotta go!!! When I absolutely could not help myself any longer I made the decision to go inside the police station on the hunt for a toilet. I had no choice...there wasnt another building around that offered a potential bathroom for passer byes.

I walked into the police station trying to look like the poster child for female innocence. I was directed to a bathroom and spent a bit of time refreshing myself before exiting and making my way back to the front door trying not to cause too many heads to turn...unfortunately all eyes were on me when I came out...and one cop stepped up and directed me towards an office that had SIL and older teen daughter sitting in chairs...along with the Chief of Police...surprisingly nobody looked happy to see me.

*to be continued (sorry this ran on....I love details)


Chiara said...

Ohhhh!! The mistress of the cliffhanger--you should publish these as serialized stories in a woman's magazine and make a fortune!

The smug look--yeah, well, I'd bet you'd seen that before. And in continued praise of the military (odd for a pacifist like myself), sometimes knowing how to throw a good punch is a useful thing.

Susanne said...

LOL @ the visual of you hauling off and giving that guy a bloody nose! AND pertying up his car! Ha!! That's funny! :-)

Aynur said...

You're making us wait for the rest of the story again?! :p

Megan said...

Good for you for punching him! He deserved it, regardless of the older teen girl's behaviour. Sounds like it got you in trouble though...I want to know what happens next!

coolred38 said...

Chiara...actually I would post the whole adventure at once...but I feel like its a long post...not sure everyone would be happy to read all that at once...but cliffhangars are good...keep ya coming back for

Susanne...wish I could adequately describe the absolute look of shock and surprise on his face when I did it...priceless...but theres more to

Aynur...that I am...just a few

Megan...cant say Im proud I punched him...but I dont regret it either...even with the trouble that resulted...sometimes you just gotta punch as I

Suroor said...

Hey you hit him! Way to go, girl!

I lose my temper very badly and I have hit people (usually men) a lot in my life. I was no longer in control but I loved it :D

Chiara said...

A good cliffhanger is part of a writer's rhetorical toolkit!

Anonymous said...

You not only punched the guy but his car as well! You're one fierce woman,coolred! It's good that he took off the way he did,otherwise....:P

Yeah some men like to think as the 'cock of the rock',don't they?
I like this term!Can't wait to read more!

janice said...

Oh CoolRed, don't apologise for the details, that's what makes a great story even better.

What I don't care for is having to wait for the rest of the story, LOL.

And, a "tip-jar" should be on your sidebar. Especially with all these mini-story installments.

coolred38 said...

Suroor....funny you dont "sound" like the type of girl to just wade in

Chiara...never considered the cliffhangar as a viable option for me...but what works...ha ha.

Lat...yeah I dont know why I decided to bang on the car...didnt conciously make the decision...just was suddenly there doing it...not real sorry tho.... wasnt purposedly done to antagonize you...just felt like the post are too long...and I dont know how to hide the rest of the story like I see on some blogs...but it seems to work.

Aafke said...

What I don't understand is why that mega-cool action didn't endear you to that worthless bunch of porcine bastards for life!
You do that for me and I will worship you for the rest of my life!

I think violence isn't an option usually, but our world isn't evolved enough yet for us not to have to use it from time to time.
I never loose it when I switch the button and go into warrior mode.

But then although I would love to kick some ass from time to time, I can't... I have had 10 years of martial arts training, and although I don't consider myself a great talent, I still consider it beneath my honour and unethical to beat anybody up... :(

Om Lujain© said...

WOW... I am in AWE I tell you... If I were in that girls situation.. you better bet I would have had my ass kicked around the world and back by different family members.. lool

The story was amazing... and I would have had a hard time believing it happened back then!

(Good thing I just noticed it.. I can skip right onto part 2 and read... no waiting for me :D :D :D )

coolred38 said...

Aafke...Ive sometimes wondered why I didnt get even a thank you for the action...stupid that it was. A little recognition for bravery never hurt...right? scare really surprised me she didnt get her ass hung out to dry...but then I was still fairly new to this family and thier odd ways (for a "Muslim" family and just plain old family) was just one of many...sigh.

coolred38 said...

btw Aafke...I dont really think of it as beating him "up" as much as a beat "down"....BOOYAH!! hahaha

Aafke said...

Coolred, scare you why???
You're the scary one!

It's too weird! the little slut gets off scot-free, even gets protected, and they are angry with you??? They're insane!

''beat down'' LOL!!!!

Naseem said...

lol. maybe you were channeling all your built up rage into that one punch.

coolred38 said...


Sorry to say...all my pent up anger was channeled into a far more worthy cause then an asshole exboyfriend....and it was 20 years in the making...that will be in a future post...and Im sure you will be impressed on just what this old girl can do given the right (or wrong) stimulus.

stay tuned