Monday, February 25, 2008

Protesters...thy name is hypocrite!

Yesterday in the GDN yet one more reason to scream my frustration at the Muslim thought process...or lack there of.

HUNDREDS of people took to the streets yesterday in protest against the reprinting of blasphemous cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammed in the Danish media.

Once again the "evil" Danes have blasphemied our religion and must be sent to hell through the dedicated works of the "hundreds' that seemingly had nothing better to do that afternoon. Now dont get me wrong...its not the fact that they protested that has me heated up...people who feel a wrong has been done should protest to get the point across that some actions will not be tolerated..... so no, Im not mad cause they protested....Im totally pissed off because these protesters...and I use that term to cover any and all protesters that raise a banner...scream Allhu Akhbar....or in anyway show disapproval for some "anti-Islamic' action taken by a non-Muslim anywhere in the world...are so damn selective about what they protest.

1. A non-Muslim draws a cartoon of our Prophet Mohammed....protest and destroy property...hurt people if at all possible....completely forgetting that our prophet...who they are supposedly defending, had more patience and endured more harmful actions taken against him then some silly drawings...and forgave his enemies when all was said and done.

2. A non-Muslim destroys or in anyway disrespects the Quran....protest and destroy property....hurt people if at all possible...and issue a fatwa condemning that person to death....completely forgetting that the Quran itself is just a book...the words of which mean absolutely nothing if its followers dont follow the message contained there in...the message of peace...duh!

3. A non-Muslim makes some kind of film, documentary or commercial even that depicts Islam in less than a favourable light...protest and destroy property....hurt people it at all possible...issue a fatwa condemning that person to death...and then sit silently by while a lone Muslim murders that individual.....muttering that he "isnt really a Muslim".

4. A non-Muslim country bans hijab or some such thing....protest and destroy property...hurt people if at all possible and demand freedom to practice your religion as you choose....all the while forbidding Muslim women...heck even Muslim men...from practicing their religion the way they choose in so called Islamic protesting by these Muslims allowed.

5. A non-Muslim country detains Muslims and tortures them...protest and riot...destroy property if possible...and declare that country evil doers that are not following Human Rights Laws etc...and yet sit quietly by while your own "Islamic" country detains your Muslim brother or sister, torures them and sometimes they are never seen again....hmmmm?

Ok ok...not all protests lead to violence...but a fair share of them do...but here's the thing...we are Muslims are we not? Shouldnt we hold ourselves to a higher standard then" kafirs and mushikroons"...shouldnt we rise above it and show them through peaceful demonstrations and protests that we disapprove of their actions and uphold the idea that Islam is a peaceful religion....shouldnt we?

It was organised by the Islamic Scholars Council and spearheaded by organising committee head Sayed Mohammed.
"The citizens of Bahrain expressed their anger and disapproval of the westerner's uncivilised behaviour towards the continuous insult of Prophet Mohammed," he said.

The "uncivilized" remark just made me laugh...what exactly do you call it when "defenders of Islam"....riot and burn...destroy property...and sometimes even kill over some perceived blasphemy? Islam is a peaceful religion dammit...and we'll kill you if you say otherwise...what a laugh...and those laughing the hardest are non-Muslims no doubt...they see Islam as a joke...and I would have to guess some Muslims do too if their actions are anything to judge them by.

"We are also expressing our disapproval to the careless Islamic governments, who allow such atrocities and do not defend their prophet."

So let me see if I get this right....drawing a cartoon of our prophet by a non-Muslim is considered an "atrocity'...destroying the Quran...a book of pen and ink is an "atrocity"....but honor killings, beheadings, suicide bombers and stoning assumed adulterers to death etc are not? Why are there no protests and riots over those actions above....cartoons of the prophet need severe action and reprisals are forthcoming...but murder keeps us all quiet and in our seats watching the Friday afternoon movie?

"We are shocked to see that these Islamic countries are ignoring these continuous oppressions and that is why today we are calling upon all Islamic countries to stand up and defend their religion."

I think what he meant to say was...."we as Muslims should be shocked at the oppression that these Islamic countries are submitting their own Muslim populations too and we are calling for all Muslims to stand up and defend their religion against these oppressors"....yeah, that sound better?

In the end they did both, pledging to do all they could to fight those who mock Islam.

You got to be kidding me right? Like I said....Protesters...thy name is hypocrite!

Might I remind these protesters of an ayat in the Quran taught to us by our prophet...both of which they defend so staunchily....

"Oh you who believe! Stand out firmly for Allah and be just witnesses and let not the enmity of others make you avoid justice. Be just, that is nearer to piety, and fear Allah. Verily Allah is well aquanited with what you do. 5:8

I would rather befriend a "kafir" that destroys my Quran or draws a cartoon of my prophet then a Muslim that raises his or her hand or voice in violence against the one that did those two deeds....deeds of which have no bearing on my belief nor harm it or change it in anyway. All I have to say to end this with is....what would our prophet think of all this "holy righteous defense of Islam" crap...he would probably utter something similar to what Jesus cried out to God at a particularly wretched moment in his life...."Oh Muslims....why have thou forsaken me?"


Gardens of Sand said...

nice post Cool Red. Your post pretty much sums up how I feel about Arabs and Muslims society. We continuely moan and groan about what the west is doing to us yet turn the other way to the horrible atrocities we commit on eachother. SIGH....

As I said once, the west says we are uncivilized, etc etc etc and what do we do to prove them wrong? We pretty much act uncivilized.

coolred38 said...

Ty Gardens of Sand

Muslims get upset when I complain about such if complaining about each other is anti-Islamic itself...but as Muslims...if we see something wrong we have to stand up and say so...but do it in the right way and for the right reasons.

Susanne said...

GREAT post! Wow, you make soooo much sense! The world needs more like you! :-)