Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Immorality of a Red Rose

For centuries the rose has been a symbol of beauty and love...especially the red rose. In every love story out there it seems at some point a red rose...or a whole room full...will be given as a declaration of devoted love....and they turn the hardest heart to mush....unless of course you hail from Saudi Arabia...in which case your heart...if you have one...is apparently incased in stone.

On the front page of the GDN today there is short little blurb about the Saudi authorities banning the red rose on the lead up to Valentines Day....apparently they dont want to encourage the spread of...OMG! .....love! on that most evil of all days....how do you come to the conclusion that giving someone a rose is an immoral act or could lead to immorality...why give the beautiful red rose such a bad rap? If we were to ban eveything that "could" lead to immorality...well hell....we would all end up in caves living in total darkness...cause when the lights on you can see all sorts of immoral things...in this case...electricity is evil and should be banned from Saudi from this very moment....lets bow our heads(oops sorry...lets do sujud) and pray that Saudi will see the path to immorality is being encouraged by the wanton spread of electricity through out the kingdom...it must be stopped now since Saudi is home to the Two Holy Mosques and has an Islamic image to uphold(lots of giggles from me on that one)...are you with me...lets all pray to save Saudi.

I remember a few years back a fatwa was released from Saudi clerics that forbid giving flowers to sick patients in the hospitals...it was a western idea and had nothin to do with Islam or Muslims...geez...hoping someone will forget their health troubles for a moment and enjoy looking at some beautiful flowers is such a haram thing to do...Im surprised they even let flowers grow in Saudi...anybody could just....pick them for Gods sake and take them home to their sick mother....whats the world coming to when you deem it a good deed to present flowers(oh those evil little buggers) to a hear and dear one....I think more prayers are in order....away with flowers i say...they lead to all sorts of "good feelings"...and Muslims are forbidden to feel good...

if your feeling good...your probably doing something haram...you sicko!


Ana said...

"...well hell....if your feeling good...your probably doing something haram...you sicko!"

I popped over to see how you're doing. I'm doing so well now after reading this post. I can't stop laughing. You're killing me (smile). You don't know how too totally funny you were. OK...enough...I have to go workout. Good visiting with you coolred38. I'll be back soon.

coolred38 said...

hey Ana

Lol forgot about this post...thanks for the flashback. Come on over anytime...Im sure you will find something else you like...ha ha.