Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Beyond Hysterical

I make it a habit to not jump to conclusions about a person before I have met them....and I generally can make up my mind within a relatively short amount of time in their presence whether this is a person I want to continue knowing or not. Most people are at their best behavoir when you first if their "best" behavoir comes off as racist....ignorant....rude....or just plain unintelligent...then I graciously give my salams and go on my way...without doing the usual make plans for future meet ups etc. My friends find this irritating...but I figure life is too short to spend it in the company of people you really just dont like or cant tolerate....better for them and definitely better for me.

However, people in the spot lite....people in govt jobs etc are there for the whole world to see...and judge...based pretty much on the comments they make in an "official capacity"....I figure they cant say much of anything without some ok from the "higher ups"...whoever they may be...otherwise they make what is commonly referred to as occupational or political suicide...this is when you will see your once former comrads and fellow backslappers jump ship and pretend they never really liked you anyways. Your on your own baby.

Now the MP's of Bahrain are generally a laugh a minute...the shit they come up with is just to hilarious for words sometimes...I can just picture all the wives of these MP's(poor them) sitting at home trying not to cringe everytime a friend calls up and says...."your husband really came up with that idea"...giggles galore. I guess you could excuse them just a bit for their ignorance as they are still fairly new at the whole 'serve the people" process and so we can give them just enough rope to catch them when they fall...or should I say hang themselves

When your a Minister of some office or another...I cant imagine you attained that spot because you are stupid or empty headed...there must be something taking up the space between your ears....right?...hmmm Im starting to wonder.

Todays GDN has the article about ...

A NATIONWIDE crackdown on homosexuals could be launched in Bahrain, including tougher immigration checks to stop foreign gays entering the country. It would include a study to determine how widespread homosexuality is in Bahrain.

Ok...sounds somewhat paranoid but what they hey...its not my country...I dont make the rules or laws(God help us though against the ones that do)...however this particular comment by committee secretary Jalal Fairooz MP's of the Menbar bloc tickled my funny bone in referring to catching the gays at the airport....

However, he said many homosexuals were slipping through the net because the ministry was having problems determining if they were gay or not.

What immediately came to mind was a group of potential gays being lined up against the wall at the airport....and a naked guy paraded around in front of them....whoever "reacted" was automatically deported....hysterical....Im chuckling just thinking about it....its a cheap and effective alternative to anything Im sure Mr Jalal can come up with...which would proabably involve lots of money and maybe even some body cavity probing....hee hee.

However...lets not leave out the Ministry of Education who are mentioned in this article as well....the comment seems to be irrelevant to the actual subject of gays coming into the country for illicit activities...but its printed in the paper so I am free to comment on it....

He said the study was being carried out despite the fact that the Education Ministry claims there are no homosexuals in schools.

By Education Ministry I assume he means Dr. Majid Al Nuaimi the current Minister? Now, I find that fact that Dr Nuaimi at some point in the past made the claim that there are no homosexuals in schools was referring to the govt schools of course....I would seriously like to know how our esteemed Dr came to that conclusion...did he personally ask all members of the student bodies of all govt schools....several thousand I believe? Did he assume that just because most of these students are considered Muslims so would naturally never engage in the homosexual lifestyle ...or did he assume that homosexuality is not an issue that Bahrainis themselves have a problem with...either with the young or the older group? In other words...there are no gay Bahrainis period...sounds like Ive heard that statement before somewhere...does Iran ring a bell to anyone?

Now heres my problem with that.... other than the obvious generalization....its just a rediculous statement to make by a man in his official position...just makes him look stupid. If this were America and he made that type of statement...boy would he be leaving work with his head beneath his coat to avoid all the paparazzi camera flashes...more giggles.

Lets do the math shall we....several thousand students divided into girls only and boys only schools.....times the number of times one of these said students hits puberty and realizes the capacity to be attracted to and "fall in love" extends beyond regular family know that feeling you get when you realize you are capable of loving(liking) someone not directly related to you....its heady and powerful feeling and usually knocks you off your socks....but here's the kicker...once you come to this realization you take a look around you and what do you see....lots of other girls just like you...or other what are the chances that the first person you "fall in love with" is another girl or another boy? Does that make you a homosexual...who knows...hitting puberty and discovering you have a sexual identity are not always easy times for teens(dont we all know it)....who are still figuring themselves out as individuals...much less as one of a possible pair....but we cannot claim they are gay just because they are attracted to the same sex...they really have no choice in the matter....if your only choice of potential mates(and our inate nature to procreate means we are always on the lookout for potential partners) are members of the same gender...then we really cant blame them for engaging in homosexual behavoir when given the chance....neither can we claim that it does not exist...that is just beyond hysterical.

Many teens will experiment with gay and straight behavoir....until they figure themselves out...just because you are Arab/Muslims doesnt mean it cant happen to you...or your youth. It happens...ask any staff member of any govt school(of which my best friend is a guidance councellor at the infamous Estakalal Girls School in Muharraq...boy does she have some stories to tell)...engaging in gay behavoir at some point does not mean you are gay...unless you realize that you in fact just means your want to know...experiment....find your identity in the great scheme of it halal or haram behavoir? I will let others decide that....does it happen...yes it does...of course it does....hands down it for the good Dr to make such a rediculous statement such as that...just makes him look like a homophobe...which I gather most Muslims are....very sad for you....some of the nicest people I know are gay.

ive nevr understood this desire to know what people are doing in the privacy of their bedrooms...yes of course adultery is forbidden and against the law...but unless you actually catch them at it red handed so to speak...what can you do? Same goes for homosexual behavoir...forbidden...against the law...but you cant prevent it from can only prosecute if you catch them red handed...thats the Sharia Law anyhow...4 eye witnesses to the deed and to just assume people are engaging in this type of behavoir is not good deport undesirables because they are if being gay is a contagious disease and needs to be quarantined before eveyones affected by it...this is just disgusting....and inhumane. As far as I know gay people generally just have sex with other gay if your dont have much to worry about. They wont hit on you...they wont infect you with their cooties...they wont TURN you for heavens sake!!! I know thats what your really afraid of oh esteemed MP's and isnt catching....sooner you realize that the sooner you might just let people be....if these homosexuals are coming to Bahrain to engage in illicit activity....I dare say that means there is a market for it here...and we all know that market includes Bahrainis themselves....just a thought.


NicoleB said...

I like the first part of your statement a lot "I make up my mind and go away if I don't like them"
I love that.
I can't and never will get used to people telling me "we gotta stay in touch" and never ever contact me again.
I'm not your piece of cake? Fine.
But don't bother in niceties then ;)

Will be back to read more tomorrow, am literally falling asleep at the keyboard right now ;)

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coolred38 said...

lol..thanks for the comments Nicole...hope u will drop by again real soon.