Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Root of All Evil? – The God Delusion Pt 1/2

The Root of All Evil? – The God Delusion Pt 1/2

The Root of All Evil? – The God Delusion PT 2/2

This is well worth viewing...I suggest others watch it closely. One has to wonder why god would allow the 3 main religions of the world to create such a divide in the world...to habor such hate for each other. Didnt god see this coming? If he did...why did he allow it? To claim that people have free choice is bullshit...where is the free choice when each one believes he is folling the One True Faith....the one True God? There is no free choice when there is no thinking going on and just mindless and blind following on faith alone.


Anonymous said...

I saw the video on youtube but I do not see the upload here.
Another is Bill Maher in Religilous (sp) Quite good

Elisa said...

I used to think this as well until I started to read the Qur'an more. Allah says that all those who believe in Him and the Last Day will have their place in heaven. Also, Allah tells us the reason he has separated us is to test us and see who is best in following His words of love and peace. I will look up the verses I am talking about and come back to share them with you, insha'allah.

Angel Darling said...

I am faithful because I've been raised to believe in God. But, I also have faith because of what I have experienced and felt. It's difficult to describe when you've not gone through it. Feel a presence cannot be scientifically quantified, but I KNOW what I've felt and experiened and no on can tell me different.

I do believe that extremism isn't good for anyone (in any religion or lack there of) and thinking and asking questions isn't bad.

As I've commented in the past... so long as you are not causing harm to yourself or others, I will respect whatever you believe. Once again, I try to live and let live.

Interesting video, interesting views.

coolred38 said...

Anon...there are two links there...I hope they are working. Bill Maher is good but he also uses racist and hateful language while trying to prove his points. Others manage to say the same thing without going down that route so he tends to sound like nails on a chalkboard to me sometimes...even if I agree with some of his thoughts.

Elisa...he is testing to see who follows his words and advice? Well from the 3 holy books...which has the words and advice that are true and need to be followed? Each follower of each faith believe THEY and they alone have that book...hence the hate we have today for others not like you (any you).

Angel...I agree with your comment about living and let live...more people should have this philosophy...but as for your comment about being raised to believe in god. Do you think you would believe in god if the concept of god hadn't been part of your childhood education? Would you have come to that belief anyways at some point?

Jerry Mc Kenna said...

I prefer Bill Maher to Dawkins. Dawkins is much too self-righteous for me. He is also making arguments that are as silly as he theist enemies. The slippery slope argument against any religion is just wrong. If it were true any idea that can be taken to extremes should be condemned for the same reason. Should we condemn physics because of the atomic bomb? What annoys me about Dawkins is that he spends mountains of time on easy targets (Harun Yayah from the Muslim world and the Pope from Christianity) but will not attack Islam head on.

Jerry Mc Kenna said...

How is the belief that our country is somehow sacred and good any different than a belief in a god? (Given the state of permanent war that the US has created why should Dawkins rant about god when the US is killing without the need of a god to bless the killing?)

coolred38 said...

Jerry....if you recall...Bush started those wars with Gods blessing...he claimed god was on his side and approved and sanctioned the choice to go save them brown people from themselves.

As for Dawkins...he no more self righteous than religious folk who claim they and they alone have all the answers to all the questions and everyone else's answers are wrong. None of us are perfect.

Suroor said...

Very interesting videos! I had never seen them before. Thanks for sharing :)