Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dejavu' in the worst way!

I find it absolutely horrifying that I only just mentioned our house burning down when I was a teenager in a previous postwhen lightening struck mothers house burned down yesterday. Thank God she was over here at my sisters house when it happened as Im not sure she would have been able to get out...apparently neighbors said it went up like a torch and was completely gone in no time. She has lost everything for the second time in her life...I cant imagine what she is going through. She was more upset that her cat got caught inside when normally he prefers to be outside...she feels guilty for not shooing him out as she usually does when she leaves. She is shell shocked...and I dont have a clue what to say that will penetrate her fog and make even the slightest difference to her.

On top of this horrible event I was even more disgusted at the way the whole area was full of people sitting down and chatting, smoking etc watching a womans life reduced to cinders...I even heard a few cold hearted jokes about there being a burn ban in Texas...really people!...I just dont understand the human tendency to revel in other peoples tragedies...I realize these people could most likely have doen nothing to save her house...but why sit around like it was a day at the park cracking jokes such as that...for what purpose? To lighten the mood? I just wanted to scream at them all to go away and come back when they had a bit more compassion rather than jokes...!

So here we are...Im newly arrived in Texas trying to start over from car, no job (till my SSN comes in) and no place to live (cant rent or anything without a job or down payment etc) Im staying with my sis in a crowded little house...7 of us....and now my mom is homeless and for sure she could stay with us but the house is bursting at the seams as it is...I feel alot of resentment is already brewing at the forced crowding etc...adding one more could be the straw on the camels back so to speak. We are making calls fast and furious trying to find arrangements for her...for us...but there seems to be nothing. Everything is for sale...nothing for rent. I feel my head is about to explode from all of this...I feel bad in so many ways...I cant help but think..."whats gonna happen next to us"....damn!

And for sure in the back of my head...always always playing over and over...did I do the right thing by moving far it doesnt look good.


Susanne said...

Oh, I am soooooo sorry! That's awful. Your poor mom and you! :-S

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Sis:

OMG; I will keep you and your family in my dua.

Sis, I'm sure you "did the right thing" by moving there. No one could have predicted what happened. Hang in there.

The Queen said...


Don't worry. It's all going to be just fine.

Bobby said...

feeling sorry for your mom!
She is very lucky! though
Do keep posting the developments!

always in the kitchen said...

Nothing is selling now any way.Ask if they'll rent to own.You're all in my prayers.Thank God your mom wasn't in the house!It'll get better.

Monica said...

OMG I am SO sorry to hear about your mom's house... and the kitty (sorry, cat lover here). I am glad she was not home though, at least she is safe.

It will be ok, you seem to have gotten through so much in your life, I am sure you will get through this, and your family.

coolred38 said...

Thanks everyone...the fire dept cleared the investigation as well as the insurance so at least she doesnt have to worry about that...but no telling when things will settle down. We are still looking for a place to stay...she is at a friends house for a few days as they left for the holidays.

We are worried about her meds as she had to pay a fortune for them this month as she is between coverage this month...or something...not sure how that works we have to figure out how to buy them again. You cant afford to be sick in this country...for real!

Achelois said...

Living in the Gulf we don't realise how expensive medical facilities are in the USA. So sorry to hear what happened to your mother.

It is really awful and unbelievable.

Sous said...

God, that is so sad :(. I am really sorry to hear this. Please be calm and be sure that it will soon be sorted out. You are in my thoughts and prayers. said...

Coolred - perhaps this is part of the reason why you were meant to be back in the States by this time so your Mom has another anchor (YOU) available to give her that support she is needing now.

Stay strong and know that you are not alone.

All the best to you and your extended family,

Susie of Arabia said...

CoolRed - I am so sorry to hear about the tragedy of your mom's home burning down for the 2nd time in her life.
Somehow, you need to get this story on the local/state NEWS - it is the holiday season, and people are more generous this time of year than any other. I'm sure you will be flooded with donations of money and usable items. Call someone yourself or if you have connections with connections, have them make the call. TV stations love to do a good human interest story, especially this time of year. Good luck with everything. And again, I am so sorry.

coolred38 said...

Carol...I was thinking along those same lines...silver lining and all.

Susie...we did get on the radio and got some good responses.

Achelois and Sous...and ladies...thank you for your well wishes.