Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another man's junk...?

There is a radio program every morning in which people can call in and advertise things they have for sale..or things they are looking for but cant find etc. It's called the Trading Post and has been a long standing tradition with wide spread appeal. You just never know what your going to hear on that program...everything from vehicles for sale to guns or horses etc...and one infamous program in which a lady was in urgent need of some 'sex toys"...she was adamant that they be "used" sex toys as she couldnt afford new ones...can anyone say 'eeeewwww"?

Anyhow...we've gotten on that program twice in the past week for personal was to advertise and see if there were any places for rent available as we are having no luck finding a place...everything is for sale...nothing much for rent. The second reason was to ask for free items for my mother as her house burned down and she lost everything...and we cant really afford to replace those things at this time. Now here's my beef...

I realize that most people will give something to someone they know is in need for purely good reasons...we donate items all the time whether it be just our lend a hand up to someone that could use one. Maybe even sometimes that thing you donate has some wear and tear...used old tv etc...but theres still some life and its still usable and the person receiving is thankful and grateful for the offering....and everything is good.

But why donate things that have really no shoes with holes in them...or a broken tv...or a torn up and stained mattress etc? It would seem that some people have taken the opportunity to unload some junk...and junk is what it is(the messages left on our phone about items that people want to donate just boggles the mind...not to mention the things that have actually been left for her in her yard)...onto my mother without a second thought as to how she will feel receiving all this "crap"...somethings should just go straight to the dump...and if your just too damn lazy to take it there yourself than call someone up to haul it away...but stop unloading on her. Her emotions are all over the place now and she doesnt need to feel responsible to get rid of other peoples trash...she is still cleaning up her own burned up life...she doesnt need to clean up someone else's too...sheesh!

Anyhow...there have been quite a few good people that have helped her in the kindest of ways so that all the lousy people that have "contributed" can be safely ignored as "exceptions" to the normal human condition to truly help those that need it. Most people are still good...thank God.


Ordinary Housewife said...

Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about your poor mom! Sometimes a tragedy brings out the best in people and other times it just shines a spotlight on how selfish we all are. In addition to having to deal with all the useless and broken "donations," they probably make your mom feel pretty bad, having to start over with that to choose from.
You're right though, people are still generally good, but it sounds like you have a few losers there, too.

Monica said...

Have you tried Craig's List? I am not sure where you are, but they have them for most major cities and you just pick the one you are in/closest too. Anyway, there are all kinds of things on there to buy, sell, rent, etc Even a Free section. I've used this site for all KINDS of things (including dates a few times many years ago... haha). Anyway, you do want to be vigilant, there are some kookoos out there, but for the most part you can get some really good deals on CL. Here is a link to the page listing all the cities in case you want to check it out.

I hope this helps and I am truly sorry to hear about everything that has happened, and sorry to hear about all the jerks leaving trash as "donations". People can be so ignorant.