Friday, October 3, 2008

To Dream a Little Dream...2

Continuing on from the first dream...I come to the second one that made such and impact on me. This one was several months after the first one and once again was very religious in nature but had a more positive feel to it...and it left me quite breathless and amazed when I woke up from

In this dream I am at the beginning of a very long hallway type thing. This hallway is not meters long but centuries long...its long. I know this without knowing how I know. Dreams are like that. I also know that at the end of this very long hallway something spectacular is happening...but Im not aware yet of what exactly it is. As I start floating down this hallway (yes Im flying of sorts and yes...its cool) I can see along the sides of the hallway different periods of human evolution and cultures etc are presented. I mean actual people are little communities...each acting out a period of time in history....(did I mention the hallway was huge...and long) and as I pass each community I can hear first it seems like babbling but then somewhere along the way I realize they are speaking languages...I just didnt realize it of course...but heres an amazing thing...I could understand what they were saying. Dont ask me how I know that but I do...and most of the languages I heard in my dream I have no idea what they were but I coud understand them non the less...the further down the hall I got the more familiar some of the languages became...such as eventually I realized I was hearing French or German etc...but the earlier languages remind me of the language that was in the movie about Jesus that Mel Gibson made...Aramaic I I know that I dont just felt right in the dream the way things often do.

It was at this point that I realized every now and then I would hear a tremendous crashing loud and emmense that everything seem to shudder ready to fall apart. I had no idea what was making the sound at first but eventually I realized that the hallway was partitioned off into large sections...centuries large remember...and as I passed a certain point massive doors would close behind me (not directly behind me...but centuries past that I had passed all ready...understand). I also realized that I was speeding up...where as before I was rather coasting I was almost whizzing by...barely able to take in what was going on along the sides of the hallway...but I could still see clearly and still hear the different languages...without really looking or listening (dont ask me...its a dream).

Suddenly my vision speeded up so that I could see way way down the hallway...but I was still centuries back (sorry for the confusion) and what I saw was a light shining down on a pedestal...and on the pedestal was a golden Quran...and pages were slowly turning on the Quran and I could hear massive amounts of languages all jumbled up together...but all saying the same the thing...recitation of the Quran. Each time a page was read...and as it turned...I could see that the lettering was disappearing off the that empty pages were being left behind. It was at this point that I realized there were angels in the room. Mind you this was an enormous room....without deminisions...infinite so to there were an amazing number of angels...all doing the same thing....writing furiously in books...writing so fast that it seemed impossible that they could be writing anything legible. I also noticed that they each had two pen had ink...the other had blood (dont ask me how I know...just dont).

So now I return to my body and Im zooming at top speed down this huge was then that I know (the way you know things in dreams) that when I reach the end of the hall way...Judgement Day has arrived. I can hear the massive doors crashing closed behind me...closer and closer...I can hear the cacophony of languages but each one an individual as well...and I can hear the Quran being recited and each page being turned...and the light shining down on it getting brighter and brighter.

It was here that I finally reached the end of the hallway...the angels all put down their pens and turned to look at me. Its impossible to believe that millions of beings could be that quiet...but you could hear the proverbial pin drop...the last page of the Quran was turned, recited, and emptied of lettering...and then the empty book that was the Quran no more...rose up off the pedestal up into the light...the angels all looked at it go...and they all had fearful looks on their faces...then all of them...all together...closed their books....even though they closed the books fairly reverently...and Im sure silently...the noise was non the less defeaning...and it was this noise that woke me from my sleep. The amazement I awoke with...still lives with me today...

So what do you think dear Readers...Im interested to hear what you think. The colors and sounds and the images I seen in this dream are like nothing Ive ever seen in Hollywoods best production. Everything was crystal clear and absolutely beautiful...the colors beyond technicolor and the sound effect....damn...dont get me started on the sound was surreal. Sometimes you just dont wanna wake up...sigh!


Suroor said...

It is a beautiful dream! My sister has a book on dream interpretation according to Islam and I can get her to find something in it for you. What I think is that you are given the hint that you will Inshallah be enjoying the fruit we all want to eat. What a happy and colourful dream. Mashallah! I can only say mabrook :)

The Queen said...

'the last page of the Quran was turned, recited, and emptied of lettering...and then the empty book that was the Quran no more...rose up off the pedestal up into the light...the angels all looked at it go...and they all had fearful looks on their faces...then all of them...all together...closed their books'

You say you didn't want to wake up. Was this because you wanted to know what was going to happen next or was there some overpowering sense of peace or something? You didn't mention anything about what you felt emotionally during this dream like you felt the fear in the last dream. But the angels had fear on their faces. Why do you think that was? Did the angels having fear on their faces concern you? It was your judgement day wasn't it? Did you feel guilty about something? Where do you think the letters from the pages were going? Was that odd to you or were they just going down to be written in the book on Earth? Was the books the angels were writing in the books of all the humans that will be read on judgement day? Must have been THE final day then and the angels were afraid?

Did you say this is a recurring dream or no?

coolred38 said...

Hey Queen....I didnt feel like this was my personal Judgement Day during the dream...I felt like it was a prelude to it or something like that. And the angels were fearful cause they had run out of time to write the good things people do...its what I felt anyhow. And yes...I didnt want to wake up cause this dream was amazing with the colors and sound etc...and I felt peaceful and happy in it...more than happy...whats the word for more than Also...I felt like since it was Judgement Day or whatever it was...that the words were emptying off the page because they would no longer be read from a book...cause there wouldnt be a need for the Quran in book form anymore.

My over all impression was that it was similar to Judgement Day...but something was different than what I would have expected...there werent masses of humanity lined up wailing or getting in those last minute prayers or anything...all the people I seen were along the sides acting out periods in watching live photos in a history book...u know. Judgement Day always makes me feel like the end of something...this felt more like a beginning...I dont know why.

marahm said...

Such a wonderful dream! Perhaps suroor's sister will supply a meaning from the religious perspective.

Dreams of this magnitude do have messages for dreamers, and they do come from somewhere beyond ordinary knowledge. They often have several levels of meaning. When you return to the US, you might be interested in attending a Progoff's Intensive Journal workshop (

One section of the Journal is devoted to dreams. We work with our dreams to discover meanings for ourselves. I am studying to become a workshop leader, and I've learned how to pay attention to my dream messages, for the enhancement of not only my spiritual connections but my functioning in the world.

coolred38 said...


I would really love to take some form of writing workshop...not available here far as Im aware. Im interested in dream meanings as well as "signs" know...when you ask for a sign from God to answer your question whether the choice your about to make is right or wrong....and then something out of the ordinary that a sign...or a coincidence? hmmm?