Friday, January 25, 2008

So Much For Freedom of the Press

If anyone cares to they can check out todays Gulf Daily has the very same letter I posted below...I sent it to them...however they have cut much of it out...the really angry parts. Sort of leaves my letter just sounding whiny and mediocre...not really what I was going for. When I called my contact at the GDN she said they have to edit to keep the govt happy...and I thought there was freedom of the press...just the other day Les Horton was talking about his daughter hearing him "fart" and seeing him "pee" ...sort of a shocker for the GDN I thought but was actually happy thinking they would have no problem putting my full letter such luck...apparently reading about farting and peeing is not as shocking as reading about a culture that keeps girls from being physical in public for fear of giving the male population whose in charge of what gets printed anyway....George you need to grow a bit of a back bone if you want the GDN to be something to be proud of...right now its hardly more than a rag for what the Indian population are up to...with a few token pieces on helping the poor labour force or who salamed who among Bahrains "elite"...pardon me while I yawn. How about you guys go to those elite while they are busying salaming each other and congratulating each other for a another new car purchase....some land bought(stolen) from some unlucky fool that happened to own land that was soon to be very valuable because of the land shortage in Bahrain...or attended some conference or another that affected nothing but the amount of bullshit that gets spouted on a daily basis by those same elite....and let them hand out some salams and backslaps to the poor labour force that never gets either....just a thought.

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ammaro said...

thats sucky...

by the way, freedom of press is just an illusion.