Thursday, January 31, 2008

A real rib splitter...chucklelicious

Today in the GDN, Manama Municipal Council vice-chairman Tariq Al Shaikh, got fairly pissed that the Danish football team were allowed to come play the Bahrain national team. It seems this esteemed MP figures the football team are indirectly at fault for being Danish and therefore in cahoots(love that word) with the Danish newspaper that printed the "offensive" cartoons of our Prophet Mohammed a few years back. He says, "We can't accept anyone who makes a mockery of our Prophet."...I find this particular phrase absolutely hilarious considering the very mockery the Arabs themselves have done to the Prophet by ignoring his teachings in favour of their own culture based "religious" law. If that aint the epitome of hypocrisy I dont know what is.

We must ask ourselves as Muslims, would our Prophet be more ashamed at what some nonMuslims who dont believe in him or his message from God do to show their intolerance and idiocy...or would he be more ashamed to see the state of Islam today as perpetrated by his very own followers? Im thinking the second choice. I just find it so damned hilarious when Mr Muslim Anyone stands on his or her soapbox and manufactures outrage at what nonMuslims get up to...and then sit back down and suddenly become unable to garner the same amount of outrage when faced with honor killings, corruption, forced marriages, forced divorces, oppression of women...rapes etc...all in the name of "Islam"...hypocrisy thy name is Arab. You just sound like a horses ass Mr climb down off your soap box before you get a nose bleed.

I might also point out that one Mr Mohammed responded to my Bike Beef letter in todays GDN as well....he made the astounding statement that while Hidd people were kind and generous(no argument here) that they pretty much minded their own business and left people alone. Now if my ribs werent all ready split from the fall down on the floor laugh fest I had over Mr Tariq's comment...I would definitely give Mr Mohammed a few gigles as thats just plain rediculous. I have lived in Hidd for over 10 years...Hidd people do not leave people alone...they do not mind their own business...and they do let you know it when your own business puts a bee in their bonnet about what they consider the "real" Islamic practice...and what you might have the nerve to do in front of them...therefore tread on their sensitive "Muslim" sensibilities. These are the same Muslims who, while minding their business and not mine, deemed it proper Islamic behavoir to destroy the name and self esteem of my 13 year old daughter because she was taken by force by some grown men into their car...and yet everyone assumed she was a slut out for some fun. Those men are in jail now...where they belong...yet the Hidd people have not "forgiven" my daughter...and she was a victim...once by the men...and then by her own community...that loves to mind their own business. Mr Mohammed, I say to you...unless you walked in my Nike's keep you two cents(fils) in your hasala...riding my bike down the main street of Hidd is looking more and more enticing...I will keep you posted.

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