Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Sexual Abuse Crime Wave?

It seems there is a hot topic for discussion or argument everywhere you turn now in bahrain...everywhere except the newspapers that is. Sexual abuse seems to be on the rise...or maybe its just getting reported more, i dont know, but you cant open the local paper anymore without seeing that some monster has creeped among our children, among our daughters, wives, sister..sometimes even our sons...this monster is having his way and the sharia courts in Bahrain dont seem all that interested in stopping them.

Punisment here is laughable...hardly a few years in jail if even that. What the hell is the matter with the judges in this contry...why arent they sending these animals down a dark hole where they belong for a very long time....for forever seems even better? Why such lenient punishments for such a heinous crime? I just dont get it.

Along with that of course there is the always present stigma of sexual abuse. i mentioned that before. For those brave souls willing to come forward...they are playthings in the hands of society that sees them as co conspirators or deserving in some way of what they got. it sickens me that they must suffer the worst of abuse the hands of a monster and then again by their own community that should offer support and sympathy and a shoulder to cry on rather than turn their backs but keep their tongues wagging.

I happened to notice there was an article in Bahrains GDN on Friday that encouraged some exposure of this issue. A conference on Womens Rights and how to make a distinction between culture and Islam. i wish i had been at that sounds like just what I have been saying all along....those are two different things and yet "laws" here are based on culture more than islam..and thats a damn shame. Women are abused here and treated much the same way as sexual abuse voice to complain...and a slap in the mouth if they dare too. The outrage should be huge...and yet it barely stirs up a ripple in the community. Protests for everything from boycotting Israel to demanding apologies for cartoons drawn of the prophet....and yet not one protest against the lenient punishments given to pedophiles and rapists on almost a daily basis here. WTF!

Silence means we accept monsters roaming the dark alleys and deserted areas of our we accept them living in our homes under our roofs....we call them father, husband, brother.....but in real life we should call them monsters...predators. Are we so much afraid of what our neighbor will say about us...about our daughter...our child, the victim of that abuse..that we prefer to remain silent when it means allowing the monster to go free?

I told myself I would change my ways this year...would change the way i think...act etc....that means I must put my fear aside and do what I need to do ....what i should have done from the very start.

Life isnt easy...most of the time it really sucks...but its the only life we have...we dont get a redo. If I dont make a difference in this life...this one life I get....then what the hell is my purpose...why was i chosen to be the mother of my children...if not to protect them against every danger....every evil in the world....and when, despite my vigilant eye, evil slithers in right under my it not my duty to seek seek at the very least, vengeance?

Sometimes I think my kids hate the things I do...or maybe just sigh and hope none of their friends realize Im their mother(I have a mother too so I know what that feels like) I try to keep my embarrasing moments to a minimum...I try not to call attention to them unless absolutely necessary....but I feel by doing the right thing now...I will turn their world upside down...more than the usual....more than all ready turned.....but I cant change what has all ready happened...I can only affect what will happen in the future.

For once, my future is in my hand...relitively speaking. More on that later.

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Zhu said...

Just read a few posts and it was pretty interesting. I'm quite curious about life in Middle-East and this part of the world in general, so I'll be back to learn more.