Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Go Ahead and Prove It!!

I find it difficult to debate(argue) with my fellow Muslims on occasion as many of them just dont know a damn thing about their religion....other than to spout out some pertinent hadeeth when it suits their purpose. If you bring up a subject, any subject, and point out that the Quran, and thereby God, either had something to say about it....or didnt....they will turn around and tell you to "go ahead and prove it". Prove it by showing them exactly where it is or isnt written...Im wondering if these Muslims have even read the Quran...if they did did they read it in the same manner as you would a telephone book or about read it like similar to the reading you do when completely bored and so browse topics on a real interest unless something pops up to perk your noggin. How can you believe in and practice a religion that you know very little about I want to know? Now I realize I am not perfect in my deen....far from it....there are many things I do not know and it kills me really that I dont know those what do I do...? I get my hands on a book. open the cover, and hopefully come out the other side with some new knowledge planted in my head....Im pretty sure thats how learning works. I read the Quran over and over and over and I would be willing to swear to the fact that each time I read it something new comes up that I pretty sure I never read before...happens time and again...each reading of the Quran is somewhat like my first ideas, new comprehension of old ideas.

Muslims in general are fairly ignorant about their religion...ok I said but I wont apologize for it because I do believe its true. Sad state of affairs when nonMuslims can debate Muslims and spin them in circles using their own hadeeth or tafsir etc. Muslims seem to have a huge fear in being proven wrong about something and so you cant argue them into just argue until they get so mad they either get up and leave or declare your "western" in your thinking and therefore a borederline kafir(gasp). If I debate(argue) with a Muslim I will quote vereses from the Quran....they will counter with did it come to this point that the Quran is debated against using hadeeth I want to know? How did hadeeth gain such a prominent position that hadeeth are more generally known and quoted then ayat from the Quran? When did this shifting of power from the Quran to hadeeth happen and why were those Muslims that were standing by watching it happen...standing by and watching it happen? Where was the outcry...where was the riots and Holy War against the Muslims who came to believe that hadeeth should hold sway over the Quran...that the Quran should back up hadeeth and not the other way around? That to quote an ayat in the Quran means little unless theres a corresponding hadeeth to explain and legitimize it?

Very sad state of affairs when our Holy Book from God gets replaced with a conglomerate montage of basically the chinese whisper game....completely man made and having no protection or sanction from God....but God Himself reminds us that He "does not change the condition of a people until they first change themselves". I imagine He's been patiently waiting for us to get busy with the "changing" part...we've had enough time thats for sure. More on that later.

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