Sunday, September 30, 2007

Theres no such thing as a Muslim country!

If you look around the world today you will see quite a few countries out there that claim to be either an Islamic one or a Muslim one depending on who your talking to...I've come to the conclusion that there is not one single country today that can claim such a distinction. I'll tell you why...

God gave us the Quran as a source of guidance...He allows certain things and forbids certain things. Humans that we are we tend to wander back and forth over the line of moral and immoral behavoir now and again...but I would venture to say that most of us usually stick to the side of good behavoir as much as possible. Crossing the line doesnt mean your not a Muslim anymore...despite what many other Muslims will claim...but it does mean you need to get a grip on yourself and drag your sorry butt back over the line before things get out of hand. Most of the time we committ sin in secrecy....but other times our "sins" are there for the world and society to see...this is the area in which a Muslim country would be distinct from a non muslim country.

God forbids us to slander each other...especially when it comes to Muslim woman. Muslims are to guard their tongues against backbiting and slandering other people and yet we do it with such relish it would seem that our tongues have a mind of their own. To trash a woman comes easily and without much thought as to what your doing to her...God requires 4 witnesses to adultery and yet if someone happens to see a lady walking near a man in the mall or talking to a guy by the waterfountain or maybe giggling a little to intimately over her mobile...then in less time than it takes to say astagfirallah...her reputation is destroyed....the whispers start and she is deemed unmarriagable material just because she dared cross the line in public. Im wondering where in our deen does it say that males and females cant speak to each other...cant hang out with completely innocent motives...just friends spending time doing what friends do. Why is everything in the Muslim world about sex and how to prevent it...or if it does happen how to hide it...if it cant be hidden then have fun with it and destroy the parties involved...this usually just means the female side as boys will be boys and secretly expected to sow some oats.

How many times have I heard Muslims say...'our women are like pearls...precious and we should keep them safe and prevent harm coming to them"....these are the same Muslims that will not hesitate to demolish a woman just because she stepped out of the box constructed for her. You know that box...the one in which she cannot smile at, talk to, walk near, call on the phone, or bring up in conversation any person belonging to the male species or she is secretly(or not so secretly) thought of as a slut, promiscuus, easy game....not considered a good Muslim woman. Heaven is at the feet of our mothers right? But how can that be if we are suspicious of our mothers motives..wondering who she's talking to when she's out and about...wondering who she brings into the home when the man of the house is gone...wondering who she said salam to in the market or smiled at at the bank....we love our mothers, sisters, daughters but apparently we dont trust them to behave themselves and this is why we put all the rules for moral behavoir on them....and destroy them if they find they burden too heavy to bear.

Men do not even come close to having to bear such a heavy burden...they can dress as they around in the streets if they want...have a mobile full of girls numbers and who cares...even cheat on their wives and its all accepted and hushed up....they are seen as weak when it comes to self control and so what can we do....God gave them the right to 4 wives for a reason right? They need a lot of sex and can they help it if females are walking all open and asking for it in the street? Woman, good Muslim women should be at home tending the brothers and fathers or husbands....they should not be outside so that other Muslims will have the opportunity to wag their tongues and pick away at their reps with glee and delight.

Show me where are the Muslim countries in which the society cares about each other....helps each other in good deeds and advises against bad but does it with good words and understanding? Wheres the compassion for each other and fear of God for what our own tongues have piled upon our fire and more fire. Is it worth it to judge each other so it worth it to unfairly point fingers when we would hate to have those fingers pointed at us?

Dont we love our mothers, sisters, and daughters enough to trust and respect them and allow them to make their own decisions about their lives and how they live it?

You say your women are precious....I really believe you feel your women are a burden...something to be kept hidden keep from getting pregnant until she's safely married...something to obssess about and worry over about every move she makes.

I love my daughters...even more than my sons I think at times cause I know how living in this so called Muslim country...their lives are sooo much harder because of the other so called Muslims living around us. God forgive us for allowing this culture to rule over us rather than the word of God. More on that later.

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