Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Why the Resistance?

I've actually came across some Islamic style blogs after doing some late night cruising on the highway of info...I would venture to hazard a guess and say nearly all of the ones I came across were very anti Moderate Muslim thinking....they make being a Moderate Muslim sound similar to being a kafir....God forgive them....I dont understand this thinking as Islam is considered the "Middle Way" according to our prophet and moderate by definition means not too extreme and not too lenient...exactly what our prophet preached and what we should be following if we know whats good for us....right? Wrong! Muslims are the "either your with us or against us" sort of people....either you agree with us 100% without doubt or argument or even the teeniest bit doubt....or you might as well call yourself a Christian since they are so wishy washy when it comes to practice anyway....or so Ive been told.

Whats wrong with reforming Islam? Seriously I want to know? Is it written in stone...or is it flexible? I do realize that some rules just cant be changed...dont kill anyone...thats a good one and should stay of course...we do enough killing without permission from God...I can only imagine the horrors if we suddenly decided that to "kill was better than not to kill"....no to stealing as well...whats mine is mine unless I give it to you willingly...but enough with the handchopping business...I cant imagine chopping off a bodypart is going to make someone suddenly become Gods little angel on earth...it would only hamper more what was probably a fairly messed up situation to start with. If we can do away with slavery, which is actually allowed in Islam, then why cant we do away with hand chopping? Just a thought. Also, whats with the black sack that many Muslim women are required to wear to be deemed and seen as pious? Why black and why a sack? I can agree that black is a slimming color when worn properly but most countries that seem to forcefully require women to wear it are countries that suffer daily temps of the 150 degree type...I dare a Muslim Man to wear a black thobe rather than his oh so cool white one while out and about some time and see if he doesnt feel like a baked potato after only 2 minutes in the blazing sun. Only then might he have a bit of mercy on the women in his family that suffer this everyday of their lives....walk in their shoes and all that. If anyone has ever read a piece about safety in clothing...especially when it comes to toddlers then they will know that extremely loose clothing can be a hazard. How many times have I seen a Muslim woman trying to hold her shopping and keep her abaya wrapped around her only to see her lose her grip on one or the other in the end....why should she have to juggle like that...throw in a 2 year old that needs his hand held and you got a 3 ring circus with a front row seat...the part that gets your sympathies moving is usually when we see her doing her juggling act all the while her hubby is cruising along unemcumbered hardly aware of her difficulties...now thats justice. Ive also seen women who get their abayas caught in car doors or revolving doors...with the expected result... a quick whipping off of the one thing between her and her "modesty and reputation"...or a near strangulation...please tell me how thats something God wants from women...to place their very lives in danger just to keep the male population from ooglying...what happened to "lower your gaze" and all that? I think the entire male Muslim population should be made to wear the black sack for at least one full day during the hottest time of the year....they must shop, drive, keep kids in line, and constantly check to make sure no part of their body is being shown to the always leering hormone driven hordes of female pervs lining the streets...just one day...and I can bet those same Muslim men might not be so demanding on us poor women folk that seem to always get burdened with the harder part of every religious deal known to man...of course if we dare to complain about the heat we get the same stern warning..."how much hotter are the fires of Hell(cue the sinister music score)......more on that later.

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