Thursday, August 16, 2007

Excuse me but I dont hate Arabs!

I guess it could seem possible viewing my posts that I hate I sound a little antiArab here and there? I suppose I do but in fact I dont hate Arabs as a people...some of the finest people I have met are Arab, my very best friend in the world is Arab, and my beautiful children are half Arab so how could I hate something that is a part of my own flesh and blood...? I do not hate them....but I do hate how they have taken control of Islam and made it into an Arab religion rather than a religion from God. As I said before....many Arabs believe deep down that if your not a pure blooded Arab then there is no way your a pure blooded Muslim(is there such a thing as that or did I just make it up...?).

I constantly have been asked over these 20 years if I am in fact a "real Muslim"...what does that mean I wonder? If I believe in God, the prophet, and the 5 pillars does that make me real or must I also prescribe to the Arab thought proccess and traditional customs to be seen as legit? Most of these people who asked me that question could very well see the hijab on my head at the time but still felt inclined to ask...whats up with that? Isnt the hijab supposed to be a Muslim womans identifying trademark as a Muslim? Would I be wearing hijab just cause I was having a bad hair day....for 17 years in a row? I could imagine if someone asked me that question today as I do not wear the hijab anymore...but shouldnt my actions speak louder than my clothing when it comes to identifying me as Muslim...? Unfortunately when it comes to the general Muslim masses that isnt always the matter that our prophet advised us not to judge someone purely based on seeing them go up and down in the mosque...but by how they spent their time and with hijab or lack there of shouldnt be my sole source of judgement...but it is...for me and for millions of other Muslim women out there. I dont hate Arabs but I also want to kick some Arab butt now and again for letting this rediculous notion that women are only pious if they are covered and not so pious if they are not be the soul source of determining her level of taqwa....Muslim men have no such on the spot judgement made about them based on clothing alone...all though having a beard down to your ankles and a shorter than average thobe does sometimes make you jump to the conclusion that he is Mr HajibeardedMan and oh so pious...I for one have discovered that is far far from the truth...but thats another story.

Anyhow, for those that read this and assume Ive got a bone to pick with Muslim Arabs then you are right...I do, because even though they are not the worst offenders when it comes to antiMuslim behavoir around the globe...much of what we determine to be Islamic was enforced on us and made Holy by the Arabs that came before us...Arab culture and tradition equals Islamic theology and practice...and that is what I hate and thats the bone I want to pick...more on that later.

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