Monday, October 19, 2009

When Did Americans Get So Lazy?

So...been 2 weeks at work now and I cant help notice how many people come into the store wearing sleep pants...or pj's. Granted they could basically be considered an appropriate form of attire to go for a quick run to the shop etc...but seriously...we all KNOW they are for sleeping...and thus are just and indicator of how lazy you were in not changing out of them before heading out the door.

Last night an entire family came in with not only sleep pants...but full pj's...tops and bottoms....with house slippers as well. Mom and dad were in tshirts and sport team sleep pants...3 little kids were in assorted sleep wear with bunny slippers, tigger slippers and what looked like bear claw (?) slippers. It was ONLY 8 pm and its not like they were making an emergency run to get some milk for breakfast or something(and the WHOLE family wouldn't need to do that anyhow...right?) whats up with that?

When did Americans start wearing their sleeping clothes for errands...and does anyone else find that a little strange...or is that just me and something I need to get use too?


Angel Darling said...

I find it a little annoying too, but, yes, many folks do it. I see many parents in their PJs dropping off their kids at school. What an example to set, huh?

Ordinary Housewife said...

To answer your question, about four years ago.

Pajama pants came into style as a regular item of clothing for young girls and I let my daughter wear them all the time. Our pictures from a trip to Boston look like she jumped out of bed and ran into camera range.

But I think they're very cute. I wore them myself. I'm probably the subject of someone's blog!

The Queen said...

Just get used to it and go out and get yourself some 'lounge' pants LOL

Also, maybe they didn't sleep in them. But I am guessing that their regular pants are probably too tight.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

lol! I could never do it. I feel too embarrassed to go out in something like that. I might wear them all day at home, but if I'm out I always dress decently.

Terri's Space said...

Maybe it's not "Americans" since let's face it America is a huge country. Being from Southern California, all of the people I know care about how they look (from head to toe). And, the same from Seattle. So....maybe it's because you're in Wyoming and let's face it...they're not indicative of 1/10th of the American population....

Achelois said...

Yeah but if you were on Bahrain they would have come to the store in Pjs with abaya over it :)

AlabasterMuslim said...

I've done this ONCE lol. And only to sit behind a desk, where no one could see it. (plus my husband owns the biz so w/e). But your right. it was because i was lazy. lol.
and it is super annoying when people do it!!

Helene said...

These are some pretty interesting responses. I've never been to the middle East, but I have heard that some people wear some rather risque or slovenly dress under their abaya. Maybe Coolred can correct that story for me.

And Terri's Space, all I can say it, my only contact with southern California is what I see online, and what I see coming out of southern California is hardly representative of "Americans", at least I hope and pray not.

Chiara said...

I visited Monticello (George Washington's) in my pjs--blended right in with the American tourists! I hadn't planned on the heat wave, so my husband convinced me to wear my mauve cotton boxer short pyjama bottoms, and wanted me to wear the tank top that went with it, but I demeured. Instead I world by jogging T shirt with the Monet water lilies and the mauve accents, white jogging socks and trainers. I was very well dressed compared to many, and ready to run if necessary!

Anonymous said...

Alot of us Americans are lazy. I have to admit that I have been lazy about getting dressed a few time. My husband and I use to live in the middle east, and he has called me before on his way home from work to tell me we are going to his moms to eat and I just slip on a prayer dress because I was too lazy to put my Pants, undershirt, abaya, hijab and shoes on. So I just wore my prayer dress and some flip flops out. He was so surprised because a prayer dress is only for home purposes and not to go out in. He said it is like wearing pajamas out. lol.. But he finally got use to it and so did his family. I don't do it all the time but sometimes I do.

And now that I am here in America, I have enjoyed this laziness. I went down to the convenient store the other day with my long night gown on. You couldn't see through it, and it wasn't provocative and a slip over scarf (hijab). And I was happy that I wasn't the only one there wearing night clothes getting last minute stuff before they closed for the night.

I think many of us Americans are all about comfort once we get home from a hard days work. After working all day, I can't wait to get home and slip into my night clothes. And if I have to run some where real quick I sometimes leave in my night clothes.

Anonymous said...

It's Wyoming in part. At UW students were ALWAYS coming to class in pajamas. I never quite understood it but it is what it is.

angie nader said...

i have to admit i did it this weekend. my son was volunteering saturday and sunday with his high school ROTC. he had to meet the other guys in downtown campbell at 6am...i was sooo tired that early, that i drive him in my pajamas..loool

in my defense...i didnt get out of the car, and it was still dark :)

coolred38 said...

Angel...well if everyone is doing it then I guess its

O.H....they are cute for the most part...the newer ones that are in good shape etc...but some of these people are wearing thread bare with a few holes in them and maybe the elastic or seams about to other words...definitely house pj's and to the store pj'

Queen...was looking at the wide selection in Walmart yesterday...wasnt sure which team I should support while sleeping or what cartoon character best represented me...then again...I could pick which brand of beer got me into a sleeping frame of mind. lol...left with nothing...wasnt ready to commit just yet.

Stacy...I would be embarrassed to wear some of the ones some of these shoppers have been wearing. Definitely should have left them at home (while wearing something

Terri...not sure if its just Wyo residents...I do recall seeing the same style in Texas..just never really thought much of it at the time as I was merely visiting and not paying much attention. which would I know?

Alabaster...confessions are good for the

Helene...nope..your right. Under that abaya can be anything...or virtually nothing depending on the style of it and how much is revealing (as in has a slit up the leg etc or not)

Chiara...that was YOU? lol are probably right...we love to be comfortable after a hard day in uniform or whatever passed for our uniform of the day.

Anon #2...I can almost imagine running to the store for a needed item...but attending college courses? That one stumps me.

Angie...then you are forgiven...what happens in the dark...stays in the

Chiara said...

'Twas I!

Oh no, do you have pj commitment phobia? Let me help. It must be haram to sleep in beery pjs--ruled out! Any team that is not a Wyoming one would be offside! Female cartoon characters only (don't want any gender identity confusion), and only pretty ones (for better beauty sleep). Are you a red-head who suits or defiantly wears pink? If so pink is still an option. If not--well you have just substantial reduced the number of available choices. Are these for home wear only, or are you intending to "go native" and be seen in stores, outside schools (kiddy run), and in the bleachers (cheering on the next NBA star) with said pj's? If so, go for a classic look pj suit: solid colour, matching pants and jacket, optional shorts for summer.

I hope that helps, even though pj commitment phobia is relatively rare, and I haven't treated many cases.

Helene said...

If you don't mind my asking, what was your own style of dress when you were in the midEast? Did you cover? How do you dress now? Thanks, and again, I hope you don't mind my asking.

coolred38 said...

Chiara...thanks for the advice...I might need more couch time on this one. So many choices just cant be taken lightly.

Helene...I covered for 18 years, but completely against my personal wishes. After divorced from Bahraini husband...I was back in my tshirt and jeans.

San Antonio Cicily said...

I check the mail in my husbands underwear you know the boxer kind but they fit tight like bike shorts! Who cares what people wear to Walmart or the convenience store its the american way lol. Who wants to put clothes on just to check the mail or vacuum out your car, my neighbor cleaned out his car with nothing but a towel around his yoohoo the other day lol. None of us care. I think there are more important things to worry about than pajamas at Walmart or 7 eleven! I drive my kids to school in pajamas everyday so do all the other moms! They have pajama parties at school for fun! Life is stressful enough I say JUST RELAX when you can!

San Antonio Cicily said...

Its about comfort when I get home I rip off my clothes and put on an old tshirt with holes in it lol and my husbands underwear. Our whole family does lol and my sisters family too!

Ana said...

Hi Coolred,

I'm glad you're here and getting settled in.

The only time I wear my sleepwear out in public is in the winter. I throw a pair of jeans underneath and off to the store or post office I go. Since I have my coat on, nobody knows. That's one reason I love the winter; throw on a coat and no one knows what's underneath. It's a whole lot easier than dressing during the other seasons. One of my non-Muslim sisters wears her husband's boxer short out in public in the Summer. It's a bit weird, but soon you'll be used to seeing weird.

Slyde said...

i almost left the house last night, heading for 7-11, in my slippers..

does that count?

Anonymous said...

While it does show a lowering of standards to see people wearing their sleep gear in public in the US, it's not the only place this happens. Perhaps the parents were busy. Perhaps it was close to bedtime and they couldn't leave the children on their own.

Having lived in the Gulf for almost 30 years, I see this on a daily basis. Many Gulf women just throw an abaya over their sleep jelabiya and go out. Sometmes my students come to class with their sleep jelabiya under the abaya. Some men, most notably Egyptian, also wear their sleep thobes outside.

In many countries, such as Indonesia, Asia, etc. they don't have separate sleep wear. They may go to bed wearing the same clothes they wore in the daytime and change the next day. Pyjamas, nighties, sleep suits, etc. are luxury clothing items for most people in the world.

Yes people are merging day and night wear, casual and work, and it does seem to indicate a lowering of standards. But as you pointed out those beer-bellied rednecks probably think they are 'cool' in their slovenly kit.

Thank goodness the president and his wife are people of taste; hopefully some of this sense of style and manners will rub off on some people.

a supporter said...

One more thing, coolred,
your story truly touched me; I was one of your donors while you were in Bahrain. I was sorry to hear about the loss of your money.

Thank goodness you are back in America and your children have a chance to reorganise their lives. Please make sure, however, that they do not retain any bitterness to their Bahraini culture and family. What your husband did is immoral and contrary to Islam; he should have been locked away. If he'd been in KSA, he'd have faced the chopping block.

I've met several women in your situation during my years in the Gulf but never anyone with your particular family tragedies. I hope your girls will be able to live normal lives and have normal relationships.

Allah Karim, God bless.

coolred38 said...

San Antonio...wasnt really "worried" about it...just found it a bit strange. I dont particularly care what people wear outside as long as they arent exposing parts of themselves I have no desire to see. I did that once or twice...the big fuzzy kind of house slippers...didnt even realize until people were smiling at me and looking down.

Anon...I agree with your comment and I also love that the Pres and his wife certainly show some refinement and style.

Supporter...I thank you for whatever donation you were able to give. It was much appreciated.

My children have bitterness for their culture and family only because both let them down horribly when they needed it most. Its something they will have to work out on their own as they grow older and come to terms with what happened. I myself hold quite a lot of bitterness towards both of those entities...but I try hard not to taint my kids views about it...not easy but I do what I can.

Thank you for your concern.

Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

I hope your son got his job. Having a second paycheck should help. I don't envy you walking to work, I'm thinking in the near term it's only going to get worse with winter almost there in Wyoming.

I suppose life, for all the frustrations, was easier in Bahrain. I hope you won't get discouraged, I'm confident that in the longer run coming home is going to turn out to have been a wise decision but this transition sounds like quite an ordeal.

Is the donate button on this blog still active? I was wanting to send a little towards your Thanks Giving. I think you've all earned a celebration,

Betty (Fat Too but not quite as fat as formerly)

coolred38 said...

Betty...thank you but life was NOT better in Bahrain...simply because mentally I wasnt happy with created great inner turmoil in me which tainted everything I did...thus...a vicious circle of discontent...*sigh*

Thank you for your well wishes...things are getting better day by day..and even the bad days arent so bad.

And yes...the button is still active for anyone interested in donating...I much appreciate whatever is given. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

What was the title of the article published about your woes in Bahrain? Which newspaper? I think other Gulf papers should pick it up. Your tragedy is one of the unexposed taboos. While it is rare, it does happen and more Gulf women ought to know that they have rights to fight this if they only have the right information and the right contacts. Secrets and lies --- need exposure!

khloe said...

Thanfully in Australia this trend for wearing ones nite attire has not caught on yet!!.... I think it is so lazy and slack and it should be discouraged !!!!

Anthrogeek10 said...


I agree it is not stylish or whatever. I do it all the time though. I have even been on excavations in my PJ's. lol They dont last as PJ's that way though.

Basically, I have no one to impress at the local Publix! I remember once I saw my ex Sea World bosses at the local grocery store (we live across the street frm Sea World) and I was totally in my sleep wear complete with uni-boob sports bra. Now, I have upgraded to workout wear at Publix. My husband rolls his eyes when I dress outside like that.

anthrogeek10 (who is allowed to be excentric as a future anthropologist)

Immaturely Mature said...

I wonder why the obesity epidemic is on the rise in the good old US of A ;p
girl I understand! When I was in high school, wearing pajama pants was actually considered cool. It quickly lost its popularity and skinny jeans took its place, but still people have accustomed to it because it is comfortable and socially accepted, so they didn't care to change their ways. America is one laaaaazy country, why do you think we have frozen meals? ;)

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Anonymous said...

Confestion I used Abaya offer my PJ when I go to the mall and it feel so damn relaxing ha ha ha