Friday, July 25, 2008

Paradise Lost?

I havent had the pleasure of visiting the new Dilmun Lost Paradise Water Park...but Ive heard it is a blast. Lots of fun...lots of water...lots of opportunities to finally enjoy something other than shopping in the malls or braving the littered beaches(when you can find them) in order to reach the sea. Cost a bit high considering most families have numerous members...but so is everything else these days.
However, lately there have been some rumors running around that the Wahabi's have their sights set on Dilmun...and their agenda is to make if forbidden...or haram...for women. The women they can control anyhow...I doubt very much a "fatwa" of sorts issued by the Court of Jesters masquerading as our Virtue Watchers would hold much water(lol) with us Western bred women.
Anyhow, I digress. It would seem that people are having fun there...too much fun. All that laughing...running about...wet bodies for Gods sake can only lead to wild wanton sexual orgies...or so the thinking goes. Bluetooth has been blamed for this latest moral dare our women go out half naked when there is a chance they will be bluetoothed and their image sent to who knows where!!! Never mind that the men there are fairly half naked themselves and the women that view them are managing to behave themselves reasonably well, Wahabis seem to think men are incapable of behaving in any sort of moral way when in the company of women...remove a bit of clothing and all bets are off.

I cant remember the number of times something new and interesting has been opened here and within a few weeks or less the unspoken word is that women(Bahraini women particularly) are forbidden to go there...the potential for fitna is without question when women are allowed to participate in fun...or anything else for that matter that holds even a mediocum of interest or entertainment. If any woman does dare cross the "unspoken ban" their reps are quickly destroyed and they are deemed unworthy of respect or friendship or even marriage for some. Do these men assume that women should be quite pleased just to sit at home cleaning or raising babies while the men go out and partake of lifes pleasures or what?
One would assume that these Wahabis that deem it within their power to make such proclamations never get up to any sort of mischief...I mean fun...themselves...that would explain the often dour look on their faces at all times. Apparently even smiling is considered haram among many of them...all though I do recall reading that the Prophet would laugh so that his back teeth showed...sounds like a man that enjoyed life....why dont these Wahabis do the same...better yet...why dont they go get one and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy a bit of splash about in some water during the long hot days of Summer.
Having said that...I would seriously urge any Bahraini woman or teen girl that hasnt all ready visited and enjoyed Dilmun to hurry on down and partake before the "ban" comes into affect. And while I realize that the people in charge at Dilmun have instituted a womans only day every Thursday evening...Im sure the Wahabis will still have their excuses as to why women cant participate. It would seem the whole point of Islam(in the eyes of Wahabis) is to make sure women do not get any enjoyment out of life...I say Islam but you know I really mean culture...dont ya?


rebellious said...

i think that every single word u said is wright, i hope a lot of people and specialy closed mind can read it >

Aafke said...

Well, you already said it: anything fun is haraam. especially for women.

Nzingha said...

I'll be in Lost paradise this week w/ my kiddos enjoying life. The wahhabis are free to not go, or bring their wives and children around on thursday nights for ladies night.

I'm no fan of women displaying all their glory for all to see. And for goodness sakes just because they make a bikini in that size doesn't mean a woman should wear it. But I'm also no fan of the guys wearing underwear or lusting behind the chikas that shake their ta tas there.

But have the wahhabis missed the entire country of bahrain? The only addition to lost paradise is the water. I see the same dress and behavior in seef mall.