Monday, July 30, 2007

Rant revisited

I was cruising the blog highway last nite and was amazed at how many diverse blogs people had come up with....but basically nothing of substance. All play and no sex sex every third blog and now and then something in Japanese that looked interesting but complete Swahili...or rather Japanese. Before I knew it an hour had passed and I hadnt come across a single other Muslim, at least not by obvious reference, in all those blogs. Where are you my fellow sisters and brothers? No time for the net, too busy praying and fasting and worshipping God to get on here and air your personal thoughts and feelings concerning life as a Muslim? I would actually mean that if I ...well actually meant that...but I know who you are and I know what your doing....and most likely its not praying, fasting, and worshipping the One Supreme Being....unless of course that One Supreme Being is the big screen tv that shows the latest Hollywood blockbusters or strangest addition to the Reality TV family....that we have time for.

Non muslims claim we are the silent majority when it comes to Islamic issues and troubles...the few fundamentalists are running around the globe blowing up this and that ....shouting Allahu Akbar and claiming God is on their side....while the nightly news gets close ups of carnage and grief these radicals leave behind...and Islam gets kicked in the ass again as being the least peaceful religion on the planet today...same ol same ol and life goes on. All the while the vast majority of Muslims will shake their heads in sympathy for the latest victims of terrorism...silently thank God they didnt live anywhere near there and then loudly proclaim.."well those are not Muslims and they are going to Hell" with a self satisfied smile and superior air of inner Muslim Holiness. Completely forgetting that our Jihad...the correct Jihad and not the screaming headlines of newspapers everywhere associating Jihad with Holy War and giving religious backing to terrorist everywhere....our Jihad my fellow sisters and to stand up, clear our throats, make sure we got a good feed on the microphone not to mention a good tv station promoting us...and LOUDLY claim that that is not Islam....those are not Muslims....we got to do it publicly and with a larger than large audience cause the terrorist got the whole globe as an audience and we got squat...nobody is interested in moderate muslims and talks about peace and coexisting with the rest of the is business and blood and carnage equals viewers equals money money money......wish I had a dollar for every time the word terrorism and muslim or Islam was used in the same sentence...ahh the rich life...oops I digress....silence means I correct? Terrorists go and blow up some building....scores of people dead....national security alert goes up to yellow, red orange...some damn color of the rainbow....and muslims the world over are all labeled either terrorists or terrorists supporters in one fail swoop. And what do the majority of us peaceful living minding our own business Muslims do about it?.....some us duck our heads in shame and loathe to claim that we are Muslim...others proclaim terrorists not really Muslims and wash their hands of the whole sorry deal while others blame american policy concerning Middle East affairs and give a hint that the terrorists do have a legitimate gripe and could possibly be right...just "a little" extreme in how they express themselves...others are just silent about it all hoping someone else will take charge and set the record straight. Dont hold your breath on that....the people "in charge" of Islam today...the Muslims in authority of Islam today do not have your best interest at not have Islams best interest at not give a squiggly fig about Gods "real message of peace" as prescribed in the Quran...once again its all money money money to the sound of oil barrels being loaded on to the nearest tanker in the Gulf...Ka ching! Lets all bow our heads and pray to the almighty dollar that has more devout worshippers and followers than any other single diety in the history of man...can you say Amen? I knew that you could!!!

Islam is peace...peace is Islam. We've heard it all before....we Muslims say it several times a day no doubt when talking about the world and the trouble its in....peace peace peace....comes out of the mouth rather nicely doesnt it? Islam means alot of things....but it doesnt mean squat without followers willing to walk the walk and talk the talk....who cares if it "means" peace when daily we are seeing bloodshed across the globe in which Islam is used as the excuse....Islam makes the bombs...Islam drives the cars loaded with bombs....Islam carries the backpacks that hide the bombs....and Islam pulls the trigger....the rest you can figure out for yourselves....Islam Islam that does indeed roll of the tongue ever so sweetly...makes me shiver just saying it....but it also makes me angry...makes my blood boil....makes me want to seek out and do a one on one with the nearest long bearded. short thobed, wild eyed, Allahu Akbar chanting, hadith hurling murderer that dares call himself a Muslim, dares considers himself a servant of God, dares considers himself a voice of the Muslim population and a defender of Islam moral principles ....I want to find one of these men and thump him upside the head with my beloved copy of the Holy Quran.....the one book he probably hasnt spent much time with other then to memorize for prayer....memorize does not equal understanding...nuff said!.....until tomorrow...salams.

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