Monday, July 30, 2007

Feel like venting without

Having been a muslim now for 17 years I am deeply and soul weeping upset over the state of Islam today. It makes me cry inside and out when I watch the paper...listen to other muslims apologize and make excuses for what the "not really muslims" are doing around the globe. Reality check my fellow muslims....those "not really muslims" are who we are all being judged by....the paintbrush that coats us all is plunged daily into a deep bucket of Crimson Red Terrorism or Placid Green Indifference.....while the bucket of Not in My Name Electric Blue is gathering dust at the back of the shelf.

I want to scream and stamp my feet and shout at the nearest Mrs Muslim Shopping Diva whose only quest for spiritual enlightment can be found at a good sale at Marks and Spencers or Mr. Bearded Hajiman who will fight for his right to wed many tender young morsels but becomes bored when asked about the state of Islam today....if either one bothers to answer at all you get the same tired reply...."the western world is to blame for all our troubles"....or some variation there hoo and pass the kleenex....this does not explain the fact that the "western world" that we like to blame so easily has only been around a few hundred years while Islam/Muslims/Arabs have been around a little longer than that.....ok ok...I know what your thinking....why the Islam/Muslims/Arab thingy up there...its a hidden(not very well i might add) fact that unless you walk talk eat sleep dress pray chew call yourself Mohammed or Aisha sleep please your wife(s) and use the toilet just like the arabs do then, my fellow brothers and sisters, just aint a true God fearing are Arab lite and will never be a full fledged member of the Ummah no matter how pious you matter the mark of prayer on your matter that you give to charity and help those less fortunate so much that Mother Theresa sent you a "Wish I Was You" hallmark card....if your not Arab your not shit...just a Muslim Wannabe never a Muslim!

I know what does this have to do with the price of gahwa in Saudi...well not a whole lot...unless you live there and like gahwa...but it just irks me that incidentals mean alot more to muslims these days then the deeper more complex issues that make up the heart and soul of our religion. We protest our right to wear hijab(or rather our right to have it forced on us by our male members of our ummah in order for THEM to appear to be pious and God fearing...dont get me started on that) or we protest(with destruction and sometimes death) about cartoons or books that depict us or the prophet as less than God fearing(Islam is peaceful and I'll kill you if you claim otherwise) ...and yet where are the protest against terrorism in the Muslim world...where are the riots and bloodshed over Mullahs giving the thumbs up to carnage(albeit secretly or maybe with just a quick comment or excuse from the minbar at Friday prayer).....where where where are the peaceful rallies that spread rather than hinder the idea that Islam is peace and terrorist are just that ....terrorist...with no religious backing other than those that pray at the Alter of Male Ego, Pride, and Unlimited Excuses for Jihad?

Anyhow, this is just a start to my is unlimited and will remain so until peace in the Islamic world is a reality and not just a faded bumber sticker claiming so....salams to all

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Sous said...

Really good post :). I agree with you. Do you still live here in Bahrain by the way?