Friday, April 18, 2014

I am a published writer...of sorts. Woohoo!!

Hey, everyone. A local newspaper here, The Weekender, started a new thing in which writers' can send in stories and have them printed if the staff likes them. As soon as I heard about it I sent in one of mine (it's on this blog somewhere) and I quickly got a call from them about it. Apparently they really liked it and asked me about myself and why I wrote it etc.. At first the editor wanted me to change a few things, give the character a name and other things and then said he would print the story after the changes were made. I said OK even though I like it the way it is but it's not a big deal. He hung up but called back ten minutes later and said we decided we love the story just as it is, don't change anything. We will print it this week and we would like you to send in more stories if you have them. 

If I have them? I may have a few here and there. Ha ha. 

The cool thing (more coolness) is that they made my story into a competition by asking readers to come up with an ending for it. Actually, the story is complete as it is but he wanted to make it interactive. No matter, I am a published writer (an unpaid one but who cares). This could be a stepping stone for me, never know. 

Check it out. I'm famous for a min. 


Chiara said...

Congratulations! A beginning!! :)

Susanne said...

I'm happy for you! And I'm glad I knew you before you were famous. :)

Coolred38 said...

Thanks, ladies. I have been all over this frickin island and can't find a copy of this newspaper. I know it exists, it is a real thing...but apparently in stealth mode at the moment. At least the on line version is available.