Friday, March 22, 2013

Oh mind of mine...

Being alone with my thoughts
What black chaos
What red pain

Filling my head with your sneaky ways
Devious pain filled images
Do you even care...oh mind of mine

Three little words on a screen
Causing doubt...hurt...regrets
Squeezing my heart

Wonder of wonders
It still
Tho each one leaves me breathless

Choking my throat
Filling my eyes so I can't see
Squeezing...always squeezing

Oh mind of mine
You are not really my friend
Will you leave me too?


Anonymous said...

Welcome back to writing , words are powerful and that's the most beautiful thing to express u .. Good luck girl .. Maryam ...

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness, coolred, you are not feeling like your usual witty self. Keep writing-- that mind of yours needs to turn in another direction. Writing will pull it along.

Anonymous said...

Whoa..... Plz say u r baack !!
Missed you- I hope the 3 words on the screen were