Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hitchens at his best. Such a loss to the world.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting Coolred. What a loss to the world indeed. I don't think you realise how much you have progressed in your written thought. A future female Hitchens; food for thought.

Jerry Mc Kenna said...

He was certainly right about religion. The 'God' of the Bible is a tyrant and someone who micro manages things. If God created both the Jew and the Hittites, for example, why did he play favorites? As a teenager I wondered why God only showed himself in the middle east and had his ideas recorded imprecisely and languages few would be able to read in the future.

bigstick said...

It was a sad day when he past. We need more like him.

Hope all is well. Happy New Year.

bigstick said...


You know you didn't have to leave Carol's blog because of the censorship. I know it upset you but you have been on her blog for a while. People tend to get attached to others even over the internet. What I am saying is this is not the time to leave her. She is facing a difficult and frightening time in her life. You have been on her blog for a long time. I think that she will feel as if a friend has left her. I am asking you to reconsider your decision. She has little invested in me but she has a lot invested in you. I think your departure will sadden her and this is not the time. I know you and I have had our difference on her blog as well. I am asking you to put that aside and maybe give me a little more weight on this subject. Reconsider Coolred if not for yourself for Carol.

Bigstick - Wishing the best to a fiesty spirited proud individual.

You don't have to publish this one. Just think about what I said, okay.

Angel Darling said...

I am not an athiest, but I do believe that being religious and being spiritual or not always one in the same.

I've met some very religous people who do not have a spiritual bone in their body and I've met extremely spiritual people who are not religious at all.

I agree that some people in organized religion are evil, but religions are made up of people. I blame those individuals for hiding behind the spiritual aspect of religion.

coolred38 said...

Thanks everyone for the comments.

Bigstick...I fail to see the purpose of commenting when Aafke the reside Danish Dictator, is in control of who can say what. She deleted two of my comments for no reason other than personal feelings (she and I have gone rounds in the past..I tend to ignore her very long regurgitated rants now..they are unproductive, uninformed and ignorant)...however, she obviously does not know how to be a fair and balanced moderator and Carol made a serious judgment of character when allowing Aafke such control. Hence...my departure.

I'm sure the years I spent on her blog are but a blip in her (Carol's) radar..she has a few other "lifers"..my absence will not affect her blog at all.

btw...you are not the first person to ask me to return...I'm quite surprised actually at the warm words of encouragement I have received from so many people. Had no idea people took much notice of what I wrote. LOL...just goes to show..you never know whose reading what on the net. Take care.


Anonymous said...

this post and video is a big joke of this century.
it is very clear that your personal life is related to your love with hithens.
read history or atleast the following, before blindly believing writings of a drunkard called christopher hitchens:
Lenin an atheist
The Cheka, the Russian acronym for the Extraordinary Commission for the Struggle against Counter-Revolution and Sabotage, was established on December 7, 1917, as the government's instrument of terror in its fight against political enemies. When Lenin was badly injured in a failed assassination attempt on August 30, 1918, his government quickly responded with the September 5, 1918, announcement of a policy of Red Terror that would take the form of arrests, imprisonments, and murders, triggering a civil war. Historian Richard Pipes has estimated that the Russian Civil War claimed two million combat deaths, two million deaths from epidemics, and five million deaths from famine. Another two million or more, mostly drawn from the bettereducated classes, fled in the face of the violence. Their departure drained the country of its already small pool of experienced leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs. The final death toll of the Russian Civil War exceeded the eight million deaths of World War I......

Stalin Mao tse tsung atheists :
DECEMBER 21, 1879–MARCH 5, 1953] Russian revolutionary and politician; successor to Lenin as ruler of the Soviet Union and head of the Communist Party (1929 to 1953)One of the bloodiest despots in modern history, Joseph Stalin helped transform the Soviet Union into a military and industrial superpower, but at a staggering cost in human lives and suffering. In the words of scholar Stephen Cohen, Stalin's rule was a "holocaust by terror" that "victimized tens of millions of people for twenty-five years."
The arrest of Pinochet in 2000 brings up the issue of which other leaders should be or should have been tried for atrocities committed during their rule. Here is a tentative list of modern mass murderers and the estimated number of people killed by their orders (excluding armies they were formally at war with). In Stalin's and Mao's cases, one has to decide how to consider the millions who died indirectly because of their political decisions. The Chinese cultural revolution caused the death of 30 million people (source: the current Chinese government), but many died of hunger. Stalin is responsible for the death of 17 million Russians, but only half a million were killed by his order. ….

Adolf hitler 12 to 45 million deaths

Hiroshima Nagasaki (American) millions dead cities destroyed

Vietnam by Americans: : millions of deaths destruction of poor country

Pol pot Cambodia 1,700,000

The Catastrophes brought about by the Darwinist-Fascist Mussolini & Franco was also not religious person

Note: 99% of majot holocaust have occurred by non religious atheist .many dictators are never religious people ….they misused it to cover up their atrocities.

The above is only few atrocities of non religious tyrants..They are in hundreds, but I have no time to mention their names right now……..

Coolred38 said...

Anonymous...a drunk Hitchens has more intelligent conversation to offer than a stone cold sober religous fanatic any day of the week.

And people kill whether religious or atheist or nothing at all. Now why didn't you list all the murder that has taken place because someone said their god told them too?

Anonymous said...

By reading comment of anon above, I came to a conclusion that hitchens was an asshole.


Coolred38 said...

Anony #2...Funny...I came to the same conclusion after reading your comment.

Anonymous said...

yes dear cool,
more funny was your this : Hitchens at his best. Such a loss to the world.


Coolred38 said...

Are you laughing at my comment..or your very bad grammar? hard to tell. ;)

Anonymous said...

You laugh at my bad grammar.Let people laugh at your funny title :
Hitchen at his best.Such a loss to the world.
I am serious now.no more grammer mistakes cool.

SS said...

The New York Times led Friday morning's paper with a headline over eight years in the making: "U.S. Marks End to a Long War for an Uncertain Iraq."
Further down the front page, below the fold, was the obituary for Christopher Hitchens, a diehard atheist unwavering supporter of a war he considered effectively over in his June 2003 collection, "A Long Short War."

For more:

Christopher Hitchens was one of the “GANG members of weapons of mass deception's " which massacred and destroyed a rich and prosperous country called Iraq.
The death toll is about 1.2 million innocents, over half of them CHILDREN. Civil war still continues in Iraq.
I don’t see any difference between all other mass murderers (“atheist”) with evil minded Hitchens.
Luckily your family was not in Iraq.Unfortunately we are watching this video on your blog.

Coolred38 said...

Hitchens hated how the Kurdish were treated by Saddam etc..so he supported the war to rid Iraq and the Kurdish from that genocidal tyrant...he wasn't perfect and I never said he was.

Shias and Sunnis have been slaughtering each other for 1500 years..why is this any different?