Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anti-Bullying Flashmob January 2011

Sometimes mobs are a good thing and have an important message to spread. Now why don't we do things like this here in Wyo? Oh yeah, I forgot, we are working more in the direction of making sure our children know that if your different (as in gay etc) then you're not equal under the law. Wyoming legislature is working very hard to pass an anti-gay bill which means that homosexual marriages (or any sort of marriage not sanctioned by the state of Wyo, in other words, one man and one woman) is not legally binding in the state of Wyoming. Of course this also means that if you got married to your same sex spouse in a state that DID recognize such unions...then upon taking up residence in our state of "Equality", your marriage now becomes illegal under this proposed legislation.

Why our legislatures have such a vested interest in the married lives(or lack there of) of those that are not JUST LIKE THEM is beyond me. Considering WYO has the highest teen pregnancy rate, highest gun ownership numbers, highest teen suicides AND highest using a gun as a weapon to commit suicide, not to mention our educational system is getting a kick in the ass lately....I'm wondering why our elected officials are putting so much effort into legislating who can marry who? Or making illegal what other states have saw fit to be fair and equitable and make law.

As politicians, is THAT the most important issue that keeps you up at night?

Bullying is an epidemic the entire world has to deal with...and the bullies are not age specific...they can be school ground kids, corrupt leaders of nations...or elected officials in government.

We need more flash mobs like these children...but then again...who is paying attention to them beyond smiling and clapping when they are done?

Being very ignorant of the law here in the states (learning but slowly) I'm trying to understand what others do to take part in being active in government law in protest rallies, petitions etc. I take great strength in what has and is transpiring in the middle east right now. However, being the United States our right to protest is generally not with the knowledge that a bullet might just be the only answer we get. All the more to be impressed and awestruck by the people in the middle east's desire to change their own lives. I sit here feeling rather inept wondering what I can do to facilitate change in my neck of the woods.

These children did something about it...maybe it's not a huge thing given the scale that bullying affects their lives...but I would harbor a guess that it has made them feel useful, empowered, and likely to continue on in their lives being pro-active towards issues they feel emotional about. More schools should get their students involved in just such activities for exactly this reason.

Get them while they are young and you have them hooked for the rest of their lives.

Question: what have any of you done to be pro-active towards political (or any) issues you felt compelled to act upon? I need some ideas and guidance on this matter. Anyone?


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Becky said...

Absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sharing, that video put a big smile on my face and brought tears to my eyes.

You are right, bullying has no age, religion or status and needs to be fought wherever it happens. It truly is sad that instead of focusing on the REAL problems, politicians waste their time and the tax-payers money, bullying people who are different from themselves.

janice said...

CoolRed, you can try going to your town meetings where budget and legislation proposals are debated. Look for townhall meetings with your state reps and senators when they're near your city.

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Hey CR- just catching up (again) on some reading and running thru your archives - great stuff! It would seem you have answered your own question here - this blog has been evolving into a great voice of protest and political insight - even more so since you've moved to the States!

Political action comes in many forms and functions, but the most effective political action is that which plays to our individual strengths. Some people are great organizers, others are best at bringing diverse groups of people together or digging thru law books for that one amazing case that will change the future. You, my friend, are best at sharing thoughts and ideas and opinions with others thru the magic of words. Keep up the good work!