Thursday, June 18, 2009

Out of the Pan...into the Fire!!! 2

*sorry for the late suddenly requires me to be on the GOOO constantly this past week...hate when that happens. Also I searched for an adequate pic for this post but didnt find what I no pic...get over it already.

So there I was...tooling down the highway way after dark on my BMX bike not caring in the least that my immediate safety was in potential danger...but knowing full well that my safety back home was in serious doubt. Better the devil we know as they on I rode...until suddenly out of the dark a police whoop whoop!! and flashing lights lit up the sky.

My adrenalin, which had waned somewhat with each mile that I thrust behind me...suddenly was on high octane once again. Nobody likes to see the police under ordinary circumstances...obviously this wasnt in the least ordinary.

I couldnt help but notice when they approached me that both had their hands situated in such a way that gunning me down should I prove to be a pain wouldnt be a problem (gulp!). I decided it would be prudent not to make any sudden moves...not easy to do when my heart was pounding literally out of my chest. Ouch!

At this point I might point out that my brain was full speed ahead searching for a reason which would require me to be out on the highway at night. To just breezily say I was out for a ride didnt quite sound legit to my ears...the ears of cops I figure are even a little more picky. Funny never occurred to me that just being out for a ride at night wasnt against the law in and of itself...but what did I know...I was a kid.

My mind was racing even while I considered running off into the dark...I was already mentally doing the zig zag run in order to make myself a harder target to hit...funny how cops make you feel guilty even when you havent done anything. Of course theres always the possibility that I DID do is the cops mind you...I watch the news like everyone else. Innocent "suspects" get shot full of holes as often as hardened criminals right? Better just to stand there and keep my hands in plain sight...sigh.

Anyhow, one cop talked to me while the other cop searched the surrounding dark for my accomplices (bike gang?) or possibly for contraband I might have thrown out there when they arrived. About the only thing he was likely to find out there was my wayward heart that was violently shoved from my chest at the sound of the whoop whoop!!

It seems my appearance surprised them for several reasons. The report they received stated that a MAN was seen riding a bike...I was hardly a man and barely 17. Now they were even more interested to know why I was out on the highway at night...I had to come up with something fast...*think think*....aha!!! I had it.

"Im going to visit my sister. She lives in town," I stated sincerely. (if not slightly wobbly).

My sis did live in town but obviously had no idea I was on the way....on my bike no less.

The cop asked for her name and number and went back to the car. The other cop just kept looking at me then scanning the highway and roadside. Im guessing he was thinking NOBODY rides a bike on the highway at night unless they are up to no good...or running to something..or from something. He seemed like the sort that would find out one way or the other. I made sure I kept my bike between me and Officer Monk.

Other cop came back and said nobody was answering the phone at my sis's house. Thank God! I was rather happy for a change that my sis wasnt there to answer her phone...her all night party behavior sometimes paid off. Go Sis!!!

The cops must have decided I was the mythical "innocent until proven guilty" party and decided the best thing to do was take me the rest of the way into town. One of them lifted my bike into the trunk and the other bundled me into the back seat. The sound of the squad car door banging shut...and the fact that there was no handles and plenty of wire mesh etc made me cognizant of the fact that I might be innocent...but I was still "caught".

So I made small talk in an effort to convince them that I was as in no way smart enough to commit a crime...then stupid enough to make my get away on a bike on a major highway at night...wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt no less.

I babbled and tripped over my tongue on the most inane of topics...but I couldnt seem to shut up. I felt compelled to fill the silence with idiotic banter. I figured by the end of the car ride they might lock me up for causing them audio pain listening to my prattle. I still couldnt stop.

Suddenly I remembered I was going into the military I threw that out there in hopes that some camaraderie might be established. See Boys...Im almost one of you!!! More babbling and prattling...sigh. They didnt appear to be impressed. I had that affect on people back then.

It only took about 10 minutes to reach my sisters house. Apparently I rode my bike around 14 miles that night. Not bad considering it was a BMX with a very uncomfortable seat. I had a serious case of BMX rash by that time...owie!!!

Thankfully still when we arrived sis wasnt there. One of her stoner boyfriends came tripping out of the house before we were even completely stopped. I figured he was doing something illegal in there because he was never one eager to dash out and meet the cops..they usually had the opportunity to make his acquaintance after a lengthy "jog" through neighborhoods and parking lots.

It was a tense few moments while the boyfriend considered the fact that his girlfriends sis had arrived out of the blue with cops no less and was he about to go to jail (for whatever he was doing at that moment in the house of course)? and I figure the cops could read his situation and were considering whether what he was doing in the house was worth their time to investigate...or should they just take my word for it that all was kosher and be on their way....and I was wondering if I was literally going to see a shoot out up live and personal because I happened to know exactly what stoner boyfriend did with his spare time...and could guess what was going on in the house.

Things could get even more interesting before the night was done...however...the cops brought all that creative thinking to a halt when they called it a night and with one more warning to stay off the highways PERIOD while on my bike...they left....but with a few thoughtful looks thrown back over their shoulders before reaching their car...1 or 2 for me...5 or 10 for stoner boyfriend.

Realizing he wasnt in the clear just yet he was doing his best impression of complete innocence...but the hazy look in his eyes and slight swaying back and forth sort of ruined the whole effect.

With one final look back at the both of us...they slammed their doors and were gone.

Both of us gave simultaneous sighs of relief...for different reasons Im sure.

Boyfriend looked at me and said..."your sister isnt here".

Hey gee thanks...nice to see you too stoner-in-law...whatever.

Without answering him I was on my bike and headed out again...I had a destination in mind for real this time...cops or no cops I was back on the move.

*to be continued


Anonymous said...

Hey Red,

You have me hooked. However I'm not sure I want to let you off the hook about a picture. We the readers do enjoy an illustration or two.

Fat Too

Chiara said...

Well I'm trying to decide how much to forgive you for:

1) the delay in posting
2) the no picture
3) the TWO pop culture references I had to, well you know, invoke the g... thing for
4) making me laugh aloud in the library AGAIN
5) the *to be continued

I'll just say, lucky for you that you are such an excellent writer....


coolred38 said...

Im sorry ladies...will strive to do better next time.

janice said...

Oh CoolRed! I love the stories, but I hate the wait.

It's sort of like the old time serials one would see at the theater or in weekly magazines.

Maryam said...

i feel lucky to have you as my friend,,, you are a great wirter>>>

rebellious said...

Janice...sorry for the wait but I feel the post would run on too long if I put the whole thing. the lucky one.

Eastern Reflections said...

You are such a good storyteller. Even with how sad the story is, I am sitting here eating up every word.

You know, maybe I am jaded. But I would have been frightened being in a cop car alone with two cops and no one knowing where I was. I've read a couple cases where women were raped by policemen. Of course, not every cop is like this and the chances of that happening are low. But I am the paranoid type.

Update right away!!!!!

coolred38 said...

E.R....I was worried about being falsely accused of something...whatever reason I had to be on the road etc...but once in the car I wasnt really afraid of them themselves...dont ask me why. Maybe because when I had something back home a hell of a lot more scarier then the police..they didnt worry me in the least.

Yasemin said...

I was surprised they didn't try to call your parents! Can't wait for the next part dear. Love you lots.