Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Evil thoughts...we've all got them!

Sorry to any of my regular readers(all 4 of you) for not posting something sooner. Ive had a very hectic week getting ready for my annual holiday(yay me) and preparing for my sis to come visit for the first time in the 21 years Ive lived here(yay me again). This is going to just be a brief rundown of things that bugged me to no end recently that I felt merited a mention. Complaining about something doesnt really help the situation...but its better then going out and doing bodily damage to the offender...right?
Well lets see...where to start...well there are the ever constant smokers in Seef Mall who never fail in managing to stand right next to a prominently displayed No Smoking sign...while smoking. They have one of two facial expressions Ive noticed. If your a smoker in Seef Mall then this is you.
1. Im smoking...what you gonna do about it?
2. Im stupid...what you gonna do about it?
It would be nice if the security that pretend to work there would actually confront these law breakers and advise them to take it outside....wishful thinking I know. Im wondering if smokers would object to walking around with a bubble on their head...that way they can enjoy all the smoking they want...and I can enjoy not hating them.
I know that the standard of driving in Bahrain is an ongoing rant on this blog...but just when I think Ive seen it all...stupidity makes a new and impressive showing. In fear of always having a my jaw hanging open...Ive decided to wear an elastic band around my head to keep my mouth shut...helps keep the flies out....
I realize the running a red light cannot be helped sometimes...just when you get too close to slow down properly the light turns so you speed through to make it...ok ok you could slow down ahead of time but whose willing to do that...right Anyhow, the number of drivers making it seem like normal driving now to run a red light seems to be increasing by the minute...and these are people that had plenty of time to slow down...just chose not to. The constant squeal of brakes followed by a sigh of relief when everyone makes it through safely is wearing me out. I do not wish to be a witness to a horrific traffic accident...but I know its only a matter of time. Having said that...some people just seem to have a death wish...and wish to be generous and include others in it. Take the Idiot Shmuck from two nights ago....he was weaving in and out of traffic like he had a hot girl waiting at home for him...and then ended up third in line at the traffic light. What did Idiot Shmuck do....instead of waiting for the 2 or 3 minutes for the light to change...apparently mindful that hot girl might cool down if he delayed too long...he pulled out of the queue and roared across the say my jaw was hanging open is and understatement...can people be that completely obnoxious and selfish to pull such a dangerous stunt just because their patience is measured in nanseconds? I swear that Im starting to think twice about even leaving my house these days for fear of crossing the path of some driver who in his haste to reach the coffeeshop to meet up with mates...forgot to include his brain among things to take with him.
I have to make a confession here human we cannot always control the thoughts that ping around in our brains...we can be quite evil at times and its pretty fair assessment to say that its a good thing that some of these thoughts remain just that...thoughts....for if the evil little whisper that sneaked through my mind the other night ever manifested itself solely because I thought it...I dare say there would be a fair number of Idiot Shmucks out there seriously in need of a clean pair of underwear. My thought went something like this...wouldnt it be nice(relatively speaking) if these brainless idiots experienced a close know... to sort of enlighten them as to the dangerous life they are leading and taking others along with them? What I was thinking is that maybe a fender bender (preferrably with something stationary...not another car of course)or something equally fairly harmless was to least there is a chance it would scare them into slowing down and spending a few minutes deliberating over the rash manuever they are about to think? Nah! me either. True stupidity never learns.
Ive been cruising around the blogosphere of late...keeping tabs on several Muslim sites I like. Generally speaking while there are some good ones out there...most of them seem content to focus on Muslim women and their place in Islam and society...which boils down to...assuming Muslim women have no place in society outside the home as they should focus primarily on submitting to God and their husband...not necessarily in that order. I also noticed that when any other Muslim contradicted that belief with wisdom from the Quran or other of two things happened. Either that person is verbally(is it verbal when its harrassed and words such as kafir, murtad...and the always favorite....Western Influence...get slung around. Soon as all thats done...then that poster is usually blocked from further comment. I know this because Ive been blocked too many times to count. Havent yet figured out why so many Muslims cant stand an opinion contrary to their own...and seem unable to discuss anything without resorting to harrasment and then child like shunning....says quite a lot about the state of the Ummah today...either you believe just like us...or confess that your a Zionist spy trying to split the Caliphate right down the middle with your kafir talk and ideas...sheesh. Id laugh if it didnt hurt so much. I could go on as thats a book by itself...but if your a Muslim you know what Im talking about...nuff said. My evil thought regarding this is...wouldnt it be nice if the proverbial Hand of God came down from the clouds and flicked em upside the head...maybe that would get their attention...mind your Muslim manners and all....sigh!

My 4 regular readers can tell you that I have little love and even less patience for my fellow Hidd residents at the best of times...I liken this little blip on the map to a melting pot of hot heads, empty heads, and just plain pain in the asses. I find that this little town is full of Holier Than Thous that generally have nothing better to do then spy on their neighbors and critisize with every other word spoken. Its like a demented game of Neighborhood Watch for Extremists. I feel that the level of manure that gets spread around here can be rather life threatening at times...suffocation is a real danger...self preservation is a constant worry. So I found it rather justified and somewhat poetic the other day when upon returning to Hidd I was greeted with a foot of sewage water filling the streets. We are talking about the chunky sort of sewage water that makes you gag and wonder just what everyones been eating other words disgusting and stomach churning. One of those evil little thoughts flitted through my mind again...hey I cant help brain has a mind of its Anyhow, heres the thought....Hidd is full of shit! Figuratively....and now literally. Pardon me while I chuckle over that one...sometimes evil thoughts are just too delicious to keep to yourself.


Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Hey-I am one of your 4 readers! You're very succint and hold your own in the face of those who are tow the religious party line. Keep writing!

AUHgal (formerly known as Cairogal)

Aafke said...

Such a funny post!
Count me in as your fifth regular reader!
(swich to wordpress, so much easier for me to keep tabs on your blog)

Susanne said...

Ha, ha! You are so funny. :-)

petertparker said...

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